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    I loved everything about this dang video. Seriously the only assumptions video that I have watched in its entirety. You two are goals <3


    I love your sense of humour! 🙂

    Yasmin Reyhani

    Does Vanessa have a YouTube channel? I cannot find her.

    When Hanna Vlogs

    Enjoyed this! More sit down vids like this. ❤

    Leona Shopaholic

    Loved this – fun video 💕💫 xx

    Anna B

    Is it just me or does Vanessa look like Shailene Woodley?? The smile? The voice???? I'm amazed

    Katie McG

    Please do The Who knows me better video, I live for that shit! 💕

    Lucy Dewane

    Such beautiful ladies x


    "you love carbs more than Dan" I can RELATE! xD

    Odette McCarthy

    Lovely to see Vanessa in a video! You two are so great together 💖💖💖

    Reut Metallisydan

    I laughed so fucking much, holy shit ♥
    Please do more videos with Vanessa and Dejan!

    Ché Lahmert

    Mine ripped in half. Faaaaarked now. But he was worth it. Won’t be doing it again though girl lol.

    Chenni Cheung

    Vanessa has great eyebrows.

    Lisa Lehner

    You watched hot ones I love you even more


    You are just the BEST! You make me happy when I watch you because you radiate joy. And hell, yeah, I’ll buy what you use even tho I’m old enough to be your mom. Dejan vs. Vanessa – YUP!

    Nicoline Jensen

    Love this video 🤣❤️🤣❤️🤣

    Konstantinos Chrysikopoulos

    Boring AF

    jacqui hida

    Need subtitles for Vanessa. Hard to understand …(for us foreigners lol) maybe the sound/ her accent?

    Kookie Flavored Cookie

    When she said bann
    I thought she’d say banana😂

    I K

    It would be so awasome to know you two and hang out, you seem like such cool, positive chicks.


    Oh bless this video & both of u!!! Also I love how I can relate to so many things lol 1) people pleaser yes 2) super sensitive yes 3) grandma at home lol 4) wants to make everyone happy & laugh CHECKKK 5) spreading them positivity HELL YES! Have a goood day ✨


    Yes I would like to see who knows you better?

    Nikki B

    i've only watched 3 seconds but wow you look like a radiant goddess nbd???

    Nora Faye

    Wow Leo is exactly what I would have guessed for your sign 😭

    Pituca Beauty

    I loooved this. The question about the nose made me super laugh.

    Carla Roca

    I just loved the one that said that you would totally marry Dejan right now!!! So cute! Btw, YES to the video battle about you with Vanessa and Dejan <3 And PLEASE, more videos with Vanessa too!

    Janka Czuczerko

    Dang, the audio is not so good. I cant hear it all that well.

    Yiyi Zapata

    You gals made my night!!! It was so cool and YESSSSSS to the vid who knows LAN moreeeeee hahaha can’t wait!!!

    Jen Mooney

    I freaking love the hashtag attached to this video lol 😂

    sabrina garcia

    YESSSSSSSSSS Vanessa vs Dejan

    Ingvild xx

    You are such a sweet and genuine person, Allana❤️ I really wish your the very best! You deserve all the love in the world🌎
    Vanessa is such a angel as well! Seem like a really good friend❤️

    MM T

    Since you're reading your comments, I just want to say that I love your videos – you have such a sweet personality. Also, can you please fold that turtleneck sweater that's hanging on the rack? You're gonna stretch out the shoulders!

    Jay zee

    Is Vanessa Indian????

    Deb White

    I have 6 children including a set of twins I had natural! You won't tear apart from giving birth.

    Michelle Ramirez

    Allana's bday is the same as my dad…

    This means

    Allana= dad.

    Allana is my dad bye

    Linda Raka

    I love both of your voices so much!! You guys laughing makes my heart happy ❤️😂

    Hayley Mohan

    I LOVE THAT YOU WATCH HOT ONES!! Man I would love to get coffee with you and V one day.

    Rebecca Cartier

    Also, I’m confused, I thought you parted ways with your management company, with whom Vanessa worked with. Did she leave them too? Because you two always seem to be together.


    I feel like Vanessa is a Libra 🤔 we're so similar!

    L Mathis

    Battle between Dan and Vanessa, yesss! Hahaha, that'd be so fun! Also, I'm not sure if I'm the only one. I have hard time hearing your videos, like the volume goes up and down but mostly down. It is loud when you laugh but can barely hear when you're just talking normally. 😭😭😭

    Rebecca Cartier

    I think a vlog on the day in the life of Dejan would be cool. Since you all work from home it would be cool to see what he does all the time.

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