Reading Crazy Assumptions About ME ??? 🀨 πŸ˜‚

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      Reading Crazy Assumptions About ME ??? 🀨 πŸ˜‚


      South Paw

        Thank you for sharing your responses. IVY!!! I have been watching your videos since DAY ONE!!! You're a OG in the YouTube stuff!!! Keep focus and stay blessed!!!! #onelove #blackgirlmagic

        Mrs. James

          You are one of my favorite Youtubers hands down. You are the bomb in so many ways! It makes me sick how people are! You are beautiful inside and out. Bottom line. I hope you never totally shy away from us. I enjoy every video you put out!

          Kaylin Adalis

            I love you so much Ivy!! You are such a beautiful and humble soul. Keep doing you, you are perfect!πŸ’•


              Well I think you mad kool been following you since the beginning and we definitely would be friends I’m real life. We got a lot in common

              R Fields

                no diva role, please continue to be you,,,that is one of the reasons i started to follow u.
                peace and blessings

                Mocha Crème

                  Ivy I have been following you since the beginning. Stay blessed and true to yourself and don't change for anybody πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•

                  Monique Jackson

                    Ivy I understand what you’re saying being a plus size woman myself. But do you know how many females secretly wished they had our body. Girl you are bomb AF 😍

                    Butterflies & Unicorns

                      Well I watch you because you are closest to my skin complexion. It's weird to watch lighter skin tones do makeup and learn from it. I watch though because I support but not to learn


                        Ivy is queen πŸ™

                        Nyi Ajaia

                          Where Was She Featured ?

                          irish morris

                            Well friend I've been watching you for years. You haven't changed since day one of me watching you. Now listen, you should always be open for change that's what you want to do. Much love friend

                            Brean The Don

                              Literally the most beautiful woman on YouTube. It’s not even close

                              Ella Boompje

                                Love you ivyyyyy😍😍😍😍😘greetings from the netherlands!!!!


                                  First let me say that I think you are Absolutely beautiful and amazing I have been Subscribe to you for about 6 years now and as long as you Continue to make videos I will continue to watch I think you are so real I think that a women like you would kill it on a Victoria’s Secret runway of on the hottest Magazine they better stop sleeping on my girl keep up the amazing work hun your real day ones will always be here like myself

                                  Denise Walker

                                    Girl there is nothing wrong with you, they tripping! Do you thang, and ur personality. You're the best Ivy that Ivy can be and no one can be Ivy but you. I've been watching u for a long time and I didn't get any of the vibes for m you from what these clowns have described. I think your just right ladyb🐞

                                    T3ati Martique

                                      What eye shadow is that its gorgeous on tha chocolate

                                      T3ati Martique

                                        Gurl thats why everything is So blahhh We need plus size we need more dark women representation is Everything bby Your beautiful keep doing n being you i Dont have any sisters only gurl all brothers n my mom not into doing hair all like that but your my Go 2 4 hair i learned so much HoneyπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹Thank u Keep going 1 chocolate chic 2 another😘😘😘😘

                                        Marlee D

                                          Ivy you are very talented and pretty. I don't think that your channel's progression has anything to do with your skin color because alot of dark skinned You Tuber's like the Glamtwinz334, Jackie Aina, Shalom, Nikki Perkins, Nima Tang, Jenny Jenkins, Patricia Bright, Cydnee Black, Peekmill and the list goes the list goes on…These are all dark skinned thin You Tuber's that are doing particularly well on their channels.
                                          So my point is that it's not always about color but people do look at weight more imho. I don't know how many You Tuber's say that I'm using the Ivy's flip over method when doing sew ins or making wigs. So believe it or not your influence on You Tube is BIG!! It's all about finding new ways to incorporate, new ideas and new challenges into your channel. One way to do that is by starting a weight loss journey. This would be a perfect way to gain new subscriber's. You already have the beauty/ hair people with over 500,000. Now add the weight loss subscriber's. I can't tell you how much people love weight loss successes. They love to subscribe and follow anyone trying to lose weight. They figure if she can do it, then so can I.
                                          This is just my opinion please don't take it the wrong way. I just want to be honest with you because it's really more about being smaller than about being darker. Btw you look like a way prettier version of Reginae Carter but with a fun likable personality. Not trying to shade her but it's just what I see.

                                          Pinkie Lovely

                                            When you said "people have the same mannerisms as people" I SWEAR!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Like girlllll BE YOU!

                                            Na’idra J

                                              Your great! Your personality is real! Your beautiful! Nobody's cares what others have to think! No explanation needed. When you have standards about yourself "not people" but women always have something negative to say! πŸ™„#MoveAlong

                                              Tracey Greene

                                                You literally are the same person I started watching from the start. ❀️❀️

                                                Slayed by Shiniqua

                                                  Don't worry girl, I support "the underdog"

                                                  michaela fountila

                                                    Btw I lovvvveeeee your nails always! would love to see some features on them… they are so natural and classy… even tho we all love a bit of ratchπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜

                                                    michaela fountila

                                                      You are perfection! Please keep doing you.. your beyond gorgeous and an inspiration to me! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


                                                        You are from Chicago. The vibe is not like people from the south , you straight to the point , and don't tolerate bs. Serious. I get it. I'm an introvert and I'm not really social. Doesn't mean I'm stuck up. I crack jokes and I open up once I get to know you. I get nervous around large crowds too. You always look pretty and well put together. My channel is kind of censored because folks are sensitive and I actually have a job. I don't know what to do on my channel and I'm a new mom now.

                                                        Sarah Lee

                                                          Need hair tutorial

                                                          Sarah Lee

                                                            U looking beautiful ivy

                                                            Sparkle LovesYou

                                                              Fuck the mold Ivy!!!! I really hope you go far in whatever direction you choose. Everyone can't be the same and I'm glad you don't want to be. I really wish skin tone and complexion was not even a factor at this point… And I agree with the fat thing too…. I'm fat and if I say it ppl be like no you not girl…. Just because I have a shape…. Ok well the scale said 240 bitch and I'm only 5'2" yes I'm shapely so it looks better but it's fucking fat not thick, not fluffy… FAT!!!! and I don't say it as a put down I say it cause it's fact and I'm not insecure about it. Wishing you all the best

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