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    Nail Career Education
      DIY AMAZON EFILE with Suzie’s Pro Tips

      Suzie shares her PROTIPS for how to change the shape of your Nail Extension to three different shapes using an E-File which anyone can purchase. Thanks to …

      Nail Career Education

        MelodySusie if offering 15% OFF Discount using the Promo Code: MS2019OFF, valid from 1st-13th August, 2019’ . Links are in the video description😀

        Debbie Grima

          Hi Suzie. I’m a lover of very square nails, the sharper the better. My nail tech (5 hours away) is the only one that can do them properly on me, every one else wants to round the corners . I’m wearing almond at the moment and love them!! I’m psyching myself up to do an infill. Will definitely purchase one of these e-files. Love watching your videos. So inspiring to watch. Love from Australia 🇦🇺 xx

          Vilma Cisneros

            Camaraman didn't want to stop filming🎥🎥💅💅💅

            Zifania Collins

              “I don’t read instructions” 😂 We all feel the same …

              4m My Diary

                Can you make a video of perfect brush for 3D nail art?


                  Love this one! I have Max's E-Nail Couture toy drill but that one is quite pricey. My sister just recently started doing her own nails and has been looking for a good inexpensive e-file for a while. I sent her the links and the promo code. I LOVED the end when cameraman thought there was one more. Lol!

                  Eugenia Cze

                    Thank you for video. I totally disagree about high rpms. I remove gel polish/acrylic on 25-30k and it takes it off as hot knife butter. I use quality efile Saeshin Strong 210 and Corn shaped fine bit (Vladmiva, made in Russia). Same for Russian manicure: 15-17k rpm to clean, and around 5-7k to polish skin. It is up to technician what speed to choose, and what feels comfortable. Technicians are not all the same.

                    Mandi Coleman

                      I luv my brushy bits!

                      Ella Cinder

                        Hey Susie… how does one go about being a model for one of your vids? I live in Vic, so getting to you will be easy. 😊 How much would you charge? Would the price be the same as the N.D. web price list?

                        maggie diaz

                          Suzie: I don't need instructions
                          Me(Talking to myself while watching your video n also ON WEED) : who needs instructioooons

                          Yoselyn Ramirez

                            This is such a helpful video!! I am about to buy a nail drill and this came at the perfect time! Great tips and advice. I would love to know more about e-files since I'm a newbie. Thanks for such a great video, Suzie! I loved the adorable part at the end with cameraman. ❤

                            Natasha Talley

                              I want Suzie to do my nails so much, ugh!

                              Lina’s Acrylic Nail Journey

                                Aww man I just bought mine and received it 2 days ago.

                                Noemi Estrada

                                  Good video 👍I just bought the exact same nail drill, but the downside to it gets warm/hot after like 10 minutes or so if it's at 10,000. Not a good drill if taking off nails or filling down nails.

                                  Britney Meitei

                                    I really love to watch ur videos n it's helpful also.. love from Manipur India 😍😘😘

                                    Nikki R

                                      Some lady kept burning me with her drill but my nails are so cute



                                        George Claire

                                          cant say how helpful ythis video is !

                                          Hannah Arango

                                            Oop those brushes are meant to clean the dust off the bits lol 😂 youre so cute i love watching your vids!

                                            Lisanne Lyle

                                              Cameraman with the good question for the win!

                                              janice wlk

                                                Just got this drill and I love it

                                                Dayana Marie Cruz-Nieves

                                                  I finally figured who you reminded me of and it's Muriel from courage the cowardly dog. ❤️

                                                  Dora Juarez

                                                    AWWW!THANK YOU!!

                                                    Chrisa Mayhew

                                                      I just bought this last week! 😁

                                                      Heather Feather

                                                        It's like she reads my mind and anticipates the videos I want!! I was just thinking about which e-file I should buy (like maybe one from her previous video about e-files) and this was posted!

                                                        Sha CC

                                                          Hi Suzie. I tried the promo code you listed and melodysuzie isn't accepting it.

                                                          yasmine b

                                                            Hey suzie !
                                                            Could you make a video on how you sanitize and sterilize your tools. I need more options than what i currently do.

                                                            Tia Sitiso

                                                              Hi Suzie! I love your channel and you inspired me to do my own nails!

                                                              A question I have for you is that my gel polishes always get little tiny balls in them and my top coat, for example, will never look completely smooth. Can you explain why this is happening? Thank you!!

                                                              Santie de Waal Malan

                                                                Thanks for the video. 💅💅💅🌺

                                                                Katariina Rose

                                                                  I wish most nail techs understood long almond 😓 I always have to shape them before I go back


                                                                    Awesome 💜

                                                                    Ellie Woodward

                                                                      Amazing video!! Actually just purchased the drill last night, and am even more excited to try it now that you have experience with it on your channel!

                                                                      Lillith Doe

                                                                        I just got a new e-file a couple of days ago and was about to look for a instructional video on YouTube when you posted this, talk about timing.

                                                                        Luzmaria Gonzalez

                                                                          Love the video well all your videos, but the ending of this video was funny. Camera man thought you had another question..😂

                                                                          Lauren Nasca

                                                                            This looks nicer than the $90 drill we just got at work. Going to get with your code 😊

                                                                            How would you personally compare this to the Medicool Turbo II?


                                                                              this is a lovely edit style! hats off to cameraman!

                                                                              Leah Elaine

                                                                                Hi Susie, PLEASE HELP!!! could you please recommend some really good drill bits as i usually buy the course metal bits from ebay or Aliexpress and they only last for about 2 use's and then are dull. Im finding that im always having to continually buy efile bits. Im not a full on nail tech, i just do my nails and a few friends and family from home.

                                                                                Brijal Patel

                                                                                  Suzie!!!! Do Gel X and tell us how we can buy it !!!! love u!!!!

                                                                                  Persephone ^.^

                                                                                    Can't wait to have the money to get this file and drill bits

                                                                                    Kombatdrew 02

                                                                                      Does the drill get hot?

                                                                                      Chereisa Booker

                                                                                        Thanks for using the brush!! I'm in school and have purchased bits and received a few.

                                                                                        julie Jarrett

                                                                                          I really love your videos and I'm sure that's what's going to help me past my nail technician course

                                                                                          MelodySusie Official



                                                                                              I have the exact same e-file from MelodySusie. It's excellent, and it's my first e-file. I decided to skip the cheapo ones. I've been really happy with it so far as a newbie, it's been great for dealing with my cuticles. But the sanding piece for the mandrel keeps flying off into outer space when I use it. How to avoid that? And which bits are best for exfoliating my nails, and dealing with my cuticles? I would love it if you published a video about cuticle work using an e-file.

                                                                                              Aggeliki Wetherall

                                                                                                That square looks fabulous on your hands! It's my absolute favorite shape. Thank you for another great video.

                                                                                                Sabrina Meccia

                                                                                                  Suzie's voice is like ASMR

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