RIVER ISLAND Spring 2019 Try On Haul 🌸 ~ Spring Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      RIVER ISLAND Spring 2019 Try On Haul 🌸 ~ Spring Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love

      It’s the Freddy My Love Spring Fashion Edit! Today I have my first ever River Isand haul!! Links to clothes below *affiliate links used!* Don’t forget to subscribe …


        i’ve loved and really appreciated how in this haul week you’ve shown a close up video of the clothes in the split screen!

        Jennifer Dawson

          Omg those blue shorts 😍😍 This is the best haul by far, love everything except the last 2, they just don't compare to everything else on you.

          Midnight Sky

            Lovely! Please show at the end what you kept from the week x

            pumpkin Charlie

              Ouh I am new and just saw your bangs . Very Brigitte Bardot-esque when she was young though .

              Nati Herron

                Well done!

                Mel Bern

                  You look amazing in everything!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

                  Nylah Harrington

                    Amazing love from Trinidad and Tobago


                      Thanks for the haul week, I enjoy it very much! Also I would like to see some kind of Girly Office outfits from you, love your style β™‘


                        I love River Island, but I think their exchange rate for the American dollar is outrageous! It's 3x the cost. That seems odd to me.

                        Nihaa Khann

                          Please do a primark haul


                            Love those outfits!! Great haul!

                            Lilly Balderas

                              The grey dress looks amazing on you. It goes with everything

                              Sophied hpafan

                                If you keep the blue romper (playsuit), use a different belt and open the top button. It will break up the "work-suityness" of it

                                Lucy steele

                                  U should show us your jewellery collection! Xxx

                                  Francine Puskarich


                                    Ariana has no tears left to cry

                                      that black dress is phenomenal!

                                      jack harrington

                                        Freddy these clothes look pretty and cute on you girl omg your perfect πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ†πŸ‘—πŸ˜ŽπŸ’™πŸ˜˜.

                                        Madison Herries

                                          Killing it Freddy !

                                          Susmita A.

                                            Love love love the first two piece retro outfit, the brown dress with gold buttons, the broideried knit top with blue shorts and the blue utility playsuit! The horse shorts and white shorts were nice as separate items too.

                                            Sophie Parker

                                              Omg I love your barbie outfit 😍 It kind of reminds me of an outfit Gucci did once

                                              Karen Contreras

                                                🌺😘Freddy you have the best style ever. 🌸

                                                Gizelle Parado

                                                  Seems like the lighting has a touch of pink. It's kinda alters the colors of the clothes


                                                    Freddy should have a Barbie representing her ❀

                                                    Zoe Alexa

                                                      I would love to see some more shoes and accessories

                                                      Courtney Hannah

                                                        I love the way you've edited your hauls this week – so helpful to see prices and names of pieces on the website!

                                                        nobody’s daughter

                                                          oh my god, you look like Sharon Tate in the brown dress with your hair down – absolutely stunning!! <3

                                                          Abby C

                                                            Your morning is my 4:00 am😞

                                                            Marissa Pratt

                                                              Can you do a video at the end of haul week showing everything you kept?

                                                              Justine MB

                                                                You look gorgeouuuuus! i love every piece of this haul, your style is so cute and classy! β™₯

                                                                Carolina Pinglo

                                                                  I love the first outfit ! My style is very 60’s (as you can see from my spring lookbook lollll) so that’s so up my alley ! I’m not a big utility playsuit person but the powder blue one is so cute ! Love the belt and the colour looks amazing with your blonde hair !

                                                                  Oscar Ramos

                                                                    Your so pretty

                                                                    Connor C

                                                                      river island is so weirdly good for duping high end stuff and I think they literally go out trying to do that. I've not long since bought some loafers that look exactly like mens Gucci loafers, I'm gonna get another pair in brown soon too but they look identical in photos the only difference is it costs me Β£30. And I'm a skinny guy so a lot of my suits have come from topman in the past but one of my quirkier vintage looking suits is a 3 piece window pane suit I got from river island on sale I think I got all 3 garments for like under a hundred pounds which is amazing- at the time I didn't have a lot of money so that was sooo good. It's surprsiingly versatile like I have been able to make it into several different outfits which is a huge bonus. Also you look amazing in blue I'd say you should keep the playsuit and the shorts and probably everything here? Except for the last two outfits, even if a Chloe bag makes them all work.

                                                                      Araceli MartΓ­nez

                                                                        Freddy if you have to choose, don't pick the white shorts the blouse (in my opinion) will be better with white jeans

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