Saying Goodbye To Our Pink House Forever 😢

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      Saying Goodbye To Our Pink House Forever 😢

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we’re saying goodbye to the iconic pink Jeffree Star house in Calabasas! I can’t believe it’s been over …

      Parris Vincent

        16:57 I like how Jeff looks at his purses like ‘I’m really a rich bitch-‘ 😭😭😭♥️

        Laura Rotaru

          rip pink vault💔🥺


            I'm so happy for yours and Nate's new beginnings! You guys deserve happiness and so much more <3 love u!

            A katring

              I love how jeffree's helping with cleaning the house. Didn't expect that for a millionaire. I love him even more ♡


                You're killing me you even got pink bubble wrap 😂

                Isabel Saucedo

                  Hahaha jeffree vacuuming 😂😂😂😂😂 that's hilarious

                  Nicole Pecowa

                    will you make a house tour??

                    Clarissa Cornelius

                      Jeffree hunched over and aggressively vaccuming is my new favourite thing

                      Gabriella Lyte

                        Please do a house tour! Please please please 🙂 xx xx ♡

                        Blue Pea

                          Nate is the embodiment of chill.

                          Jamie Kimbrough

                            You were not playing with that dyson🤣 congratulations on your new journey! I'm living through you.

                            Niki Draka

                              But what about his huge closet he build with the safe??

                              BADDIE MICHELINE

                                Jeffrey moving away from the kardashians

                                Michelle Smith

                                  Davinci mimicking his siblings 😍🐶😘

                                  Tay Aitken

                                    I cannot wait for a new house tour when everything is set up! Yaaaasss, excited!

                                    Jamesbean thesciencequeen

                                      omg we got to see chris

                                      Original Kitten

                                        Jeffree in Gucci slippers hoovering is an image I never thought I’d see

                                        Katie Carter

                                          Can I just say.. Watching jeffree vacuum is everything

                                          game over

                                            Jeffree Star is done with Kim Kardashians family.

                                            Nicola J

                                              PLEASE TELL ME NATE HAS A NEE FISH TANK 😱

                                              Katrina Sophia

                                                Congrats to you and Nate ! I hope the new year brings you guys more blessings


                                                  Not possible but love Nathan even more now that I know he loves LOTR… So excited for you both xx

                                                  Suny Shin

                                                    Wanna move there😍

                                                    Lauren Oldroyd

                                                      The good thing about jefree is he acknowledges everyone and doesn’t say I MADE THIS he says we and also does his own cleaning and I don’t see how he can get any hate


                                                        "Im getting my vault and all the other stuff moved in an armored truck"
                                                        Thats a whole different level of flex!
                                                        P.s. youre the only successful person i actually enjoy being successful. Congrats on everything & much love to you Jeffree ❤

                                                        Chris n Cars

                                                          I have so much respect for you guys on so many levels … I think it’s really cool, that you show us an inside of your lifestyle, the lifestyle that many people dream to have.
                                                          And honestly it motivates me so much for my personal life, because I always see that you guys are down to earth and know where your roots are
                                                          I wish you more than the best for 2020 🙏☀️

                                                          Betty Bane

                                                            Do you think Jeffree and Nate will ever get married or are they pairbonded, like penguins or swans?

                                                            Speak the truth

                                                              What a sick bastard

                                                              paul Mangalindan

                                                                Does it mean, you'll get a new vault

                                                                Dark Lake

                                                                  I am soooo happy for you two!!!!!


                                                                    Happy house warming to you all. Thanks for the video, I love seeing you guys so happy.

                                                                    Alex Chapman

                                                                      Jeffree with the hoover 😂🖤

                                                                      Abdul Hamid

                                                                        this is crazy

                                                                        Jessica Thomas

                                                                          Love how down to earth Jeffree and Nate are. Can’t wait to see the new house tour!

                                                                          Symphony Salazar

                                                                            I literally wanna Move there pink Is my favorite color I want that house

                                                                            Anthony Martines

                                                                              I really hope we get a legit house tour!

                                                                              Jewel Ruiz

                                                                                I hope you can send the box will all your makeup to my address! 😀 Kidding aside, I wish you all the best for the coming year ahead 🙂

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