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      Strangers Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Sydney

      Amal in LA and Sohan in Sydney share their favorite beauty and self-care items with each other! Shop their boxes! Sohan: Arnotts Shapes Vegemite & Cheese: …

      Allie Leung

        Do Korea next! I’m very curious about what Koreans would recommend skincare/makeup wise

        Chicken Nuggets

          Go Sydney!

          Angel Bermiso

            Amal is so pretty 😍

            Vanessa Rivera

              Anyone from outside the us want to do this with me??

              Keira Sabbagh

                I envy Amals skin

                merlin martin

                  I wish i could do dis too😓

                  reema tawfik

                    whats the song that was playing on the cat video

                    Olivia Breault

                      I loved this video! So creative, and I enjoyed watching both the women get excited while picking out the items!


                        I'd like to see a couple of guys participate or maybe a woman and a man swap boxes next time.


                          i think i'd like you to do Baltimore next

                          Paola Tobias

                            WE need more AMAL!


                              I liked this swapp

                              elf eila

                                Amal is sooo freaking gorgeous 💫


                                  do this for your internet friends that live far away


                                    why not do a swap that has a country rather than la like japan & mumbai


                                      not shade but all these boxes and not 1 mix cd/playlist yet 🤔🧐🧐

                                      Lindo M

                                        This was one of my favorite swaps! Such gorgeous ladies 💕 Both Amal and Sohal put in so much effort into their boxes, it's as if they met and personally knew each other because their gifts were perfect. I really like Sohal's style. She can make anything look good. Amal's skin is to die for! Well done ladies. Keep it up 👏🏾

                                        Danna Banana

                                          They should so follow up vids to see if the girls keep in touch or. Are still using some of the products

                                          Rezika Seid

                                            Please do Ethiopia and Egypt

                                            Ale V

                                              Ok so whoever wants to do this with me send me your IG username but we actually have to be committed to this box 📦 ok like we can have a week to prepare the things and box and send it at the same time (BTW I live in Florida)

                                              anthony rabadan

                                                canwe do one with 2 gays


                                                  Amal’s voice is literally so soothing

                                                  rameesha noor

                                                    La to Pakistan pleaseee

                                                    Kayla C

                                                      YOU NEED TO DO PERU 🇵🇪

                                                      Alex He

                                                        this is the best one yet! I wanna be friends with both these girls.


                                                          i can see these two being bffs

                                                          I cant find dory

                                                            I used to live in Australia and I miss shapes sooooo much!! My sister still lives over there so every time she comes over I beg her to bring chicken salt and shapes. When I feel homesick I tend to make fairy bread as well 😂😂


                                                              are we pulling a chantel 2.0 amal??
                                                              her gifts were bad

                                                              Rae R

                                                                Hands down my favorite one so far! 💜

                                                                Isidora Kegevic

                                                                  you should do a vegan swap

                                                                  shreya vishwanath

                                                                    Please do Mumbai again….Chantel didn’t do welll….I feel sorry for Aishwarya…..guys like if u agreee😿


                                                                      For real I really want to do this with someone!

                                                                      Hope Gaffey

                                                                        The way she said Vegemite, so wrong it kinda made me sad.

                                                                        My Lil Life

                                                                          Finally AUSTALIA!! I didn’t even know there was buzzfeed in aus

                                                                          Cheelyn Wang

                                                                            Yay Australia🇦🇺

                                                                            Shiana Nicholas

                                                                              Okay I love them both.

                                                                              Adrianne Kate Marquez

                                                                                Swap with korea

                                                                                Elisabeth Gil

                                                                                  Amal in tha mall 😂


                                                                                    Wow the girls from LA is sooo beautiful!!!

                                                                                    Tessa Paku


                                                                                      tHiS tOoK sO lOnG pLeAsE lIkE

                                                                                      Meisseh Kirsten

                                                                                        Sohan's accent is so cute

                                                                                        Saira Ahmad

                                                                                          Sydney all the way

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