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      Strangers Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Toronto

      Destinee in LA and Liza in Toronto share their favorite beauty and self-care items with each other! Shop their boxes! Destinee: Biscoff Cookies: …

      Bored To Death

        I knew she was gonna get something from Bite. You just have to if you're in Toronto.

        Cheryl L

          LA to Shanghai?

          Fitrani Puspitasari

            We won't ever get over the disappointment that is Chantel's box, huh?

            its esozaaa

              Looove this series!!! More more more!

              Muskan Gupta

                Liza is gorg


                  LA to Sydney?

                  Neels Beltran

                    You should do Philippines to sandiego

                    Burn Down

                      Toronto's energy reminds me of Manila Luzon 😍

                      Marisa Mitchell

                        I LOVE the Bite Beauty lip mask! It helps so much with my frequently dry lips.

                        Purple Pusheen

                          I LOVE Biscoff cookies

                          h a l e i g h

                            chantel did not deserve that box


                              omggg spotted one of my fave stores in toronto here yay!

                              Ashley Travers

                                It’s really cool seeing Toronto cause I’m from the GTA and I’m like I’ve been there

                                Millennial Diva

                                  I see Destinee. I CLICK.

                                  Olivia Nicoloff

                                    yessssssss churonno represent <3 there are some weird meme items that are pop culture jokes w ppl who live here (raccoons, ttc delays, drakey boi) i think i would have included but i'm glad u didn't these are way cuter lmao liza's taste in gifty treats is def more sophisticated than mine, like wtf those earrings i need to find them!!!!!! both of u are stunning and made such sweet boxes for each other xoxoxoxo

                                    Alejandra Tirado

                                      LOVE TORONTO SO MUCH 🇨🇦

                                      Eliza Cannon

                                        I'm sorry but you don't pronounce the 2nd T in Toronto

                                        Berlin Di

                                          This was the best beauty box episode


                                            That maple syrup is 100% from the nearest Loblaws.


                                              TORONTO HAS A BUZZFEED OFFICE?!

                                              Lizbeth Mendoza

                                                Both earrings were absolutely gorgeous!

                                                Andrea Davis

                                                  OMG those give'r stickers. WANT.

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