Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Vaginas • True or False

Main Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Vaginas • True or False

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      Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Vaginas • True or False

      “I have a vagina, and I’m not alone in that.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, …

      Anna G

        I don’t have a hamen


          Literally using YouTube since my school doesn’t have a health class 👍 the education system has failed me again

          Evelyn Cha

            I liked this. It's nice learning about our body

            Mon Pon

              Introduction girl looks like Gabbie

              Jellybagel Studios

                What has this world become

                Ximena Morales

                  New Buzzfeed employees are doing the same videos there were made before. You need to start doing better brainstorming.


                    I clicked this thinking it was about things we dont know about vegans

                    Kailee Palardy

                      they already did this….

                      Arianna J

                        Didn’t they make like 20 videos on this before

                        rabbit care

                          I literally thought this was buzz feed

                          Food Network Media

                            Im New subscriber 😍

                            Dang Klinn

                              Cringing so hard my face turned into a raisin

                              neon water

                                Is it just me or does Emily (the first one) look like Gabbie Hanna?

                                Trinity Smith

                                  was Nadia on Scandal?

                                  Amity Tube

                                    Please Subscribe my channel thanks so much UCaccu5TJNnbupM9rM0T-g0A

                                    Валерий Терёшкин

                                      @t @t Dating gay people. And women.


                                        I'm a dude and I knew 4:03, I guess modern education is just better ?

                                        Random Stuff

                                          Ok but these were common sense medical questions

                                          Mary T.

                                            2:14 She looks so excited 😂 we all know what she’s doing next cycle

                                            Diamonds and Pearls Unlimited

                                              I go to school everyday on YouTube😂💀

                                              Mary T.

                                                1:00 You don’t need two vaginas to have twins that are genetic half siblings 😂 fraternal twins mean you had two different eggs fertilized by two different sperm, the sperm don’t have to be from the same man to cohabit in the womb.

                                                Walker Smith

                                                  Hymen separates tramps from good future wives

                                                  Walker Smith

                                                    Why they look and talk manly?


                                                      Hi. I’m Valerie and I have a vagina.
                                                      What I don’t have is a pink vagina headband. 😆

                                                      Walker Smith

                                                        Feminazis look like hippies


                                                          Yeah I suppose orgasms can help with cramps but I’m definitely not in the mood at that point!

                                                          clare skates

                                                            who are these people? this ain’t buzzfeed sis

                                                            Over Drive

                                                              Emily is amazing who else agrees

                                                              Katelyn W

                                                                Plz give me old buzzfeed, thx


                                                                  I’m glad I knew all of these. Next can y’all please teach about the structure of a penis. I know nothing


                                                                    I dare you to google how a vagina looks under a microscope

                                                                    Maggie J

                                                                      A vagina refers to the vaginal canal, my grandma who is a women’s health nurse only uses medical terms and always said vulva

                                                                      Lorena Andrade

                                                                        Im sorry who are they? 😂

                                                                        Se’C Sweet


                                                                          Sybil Holiday

                                                                            FYI, orgasms are NOT guaranteed to help cramps, they made mine worse. 😢

                                                                            Haley Rodriguez da bomb

                                                                              Do more videos about vaginas please

                                                                              Matthew Smith

                                                                                God liberals are so fuckin whacky these days

                                                                                Chris 4514

                                                                                  There are so many vagina videos what about us dudes. Why not make a video with facts about the penis?


                                                                                    These new Buzzfeed people are not doing it for me. So boring

                                                                                    Shannon Smillie

                                                                                      So why are they wearing headbands? 🧐


                                                                                        had a chance to have a trans man having fun but instead have a cis man with no experience with a vagina for??? comedic effect??? okay eye roll
                                                                                        not just women have them. Food for thought.

                                                                                        Chloe Cadarette

                                                                                          …any reason why you’re all wearing pink headbands?

                                                                                          Katy Hall

                                                                                            “facts about vagina’s”
                                                                                            has a uterus in the thumbnail

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