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      Teen Vs. Adult What's In My Bag • Megan

      “I have a bedazzled pepper spray.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body …

      1nicerbaum reagiert

        OMG the Trixie Button on the Backpack😍

        Zayd Zephyr

          What about period things

          Angela Cooper

            I would love to keep a snack in my back
            But It won’t last long

            Tiana Turner

              As a teenager, I can say my backpack is similar to gifts. I always have
              -my waterbottle
              -a snack
              -random earrings I took off
              -loose change
              -allergy spray
              -house key
              -and loose receipts
              In my bag. Sometimes itll have extra stuff depending on where I'm going

              YeeYee Queen

                Omg Megan with short hair is sooooo cuuuuuuuuute

                Ana Gaby Montes

                  Me, 27, a bunch of receipts, a giant makeup bag, umbrella, perfume, hand cream and hand sanitizer, a pen, my wallet, deodorant, inhaler, toothbrush and dental cream, vitamins and water. Yup,I carry a giant bag.

                  BeBo Afsha

                    These adults looks more younger than teen.

                    Theresa Cantu

                      Gift’s bag contents are way more mature and prepared than I ever was as a teenager 😂 You go, girl.

                      Elli McElhannon

                        i’m seventeen and i carry a reusable shopping bag, extra contact case with solution, my glasses, hand sanitizer, a reusable straw, a pen, my panic attack medicine, and my asthma inhaler

                        6Ab _

                          These are fun videos

                          Marita Aulia

                            Gift got the gifts tho

                            Cute Doggo

                              We all know she whispered condomss

                              Dilfuza Ibragimova

                                The little girl is adorable

                                krista pettibone

                                  As a mom my bag get bigger

                                  nancy aguilar

                                    Megan, love the short hair 💕

                                    VirgyCrazy 101

                                      the trixie mattel pin 🤩💖


                                        Megan's hair looks nice!

                                        John S3cr3t

                                          All those rude evil cops,managers,employees,staff,guards,nurses,doctors who have murderd and threat and hurt and harrassed me and many other young and old innocents will be killed by me and my baby god . cause revenge is justice and good!😱😇in real life i was a victim just like those the girls in this film Even Lambs Have Teeth and Savaged 2013 and I Spit In Your Grave. Even if im dead my spirit is always back for revenge and to protect those good people.
                                          Its different from freddy krueger and jason vorhees,Oh soon people gonna make a movie out of me. There will be rituals to make me appear!I won't stop until it's peace

                                          Tori Woofter

                                            I have an old lady bag compared to both of them

                                            Chloe Filippo

                                              gifts bag bahahaa

                                              Olivia V

                                                She. Got 2 chargers

                                                Me iPhone charger Mac book charger beats charger
                                                Fitbit charger potable Pom Pom charger and the old fat I pad charger

                                                lucie marie

                                                  The trixie mattel pin i love


                                                    To be honest, the older I get the less things I carry. Like I realized It's not even practical, and as an adult you start to spend less time with things that don't really matter.

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