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    Allana Davison
      TESTING DANESSA MYRICKS BEAUTY 💄Haul + First Impressions

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ #EverydayMay Day SIXTEEN! So apparently I’ve been living under a rock w/ this brand and there are soOo many …

      Jade Stevens

        The 24h matte looks SO good. And an eye/lip/cheek in one for $18?? I'm down. Also I choose to believe that glossy lids are everyday appropriate bc I love the look.

        Joanna Nicolas

          How did you pick the right shade of foundation on the website??

          Klara from Switzerland

            i wanted to try this brand for so long but was always a bit hesitant because it's quiet expensive to get here buuut now i guess i have to. it looks gorgeous!

            Cathy McCarthy

              Wow, wow, wow! Stunning 😍


                You could wear absolutely any makeup look and it would look good. I think the look was better, and complete, without the liner. Just MHO.

                Alba V

                  Didn't know this brand even existed, loved the makeup!!!!

                  Michaela Gillan

                    I love your evertday may videos, and you look great, love the liner too.

                    My life Over makeuo

                      I was SO EXCITED to see you were trying Danessa Myricks products! I’ve been obsessed with her for a while now and am slowly building my collection of her stuff. I actually got one of her colorfix glosses in a subscription box and that’s where it all started. Love or videos and love that you will try new things. Thank you for this!!! 🙌💗

                      Inês Martins

                        The look with just the cream products first, before mascara and liner was so editorial and beautiful! Loved it on you

                        McKenzie Lawson

                          YESSSS TO THIS VIDEO! You’re trying out makeup that some of us haven’t heard much about, seeing what’s good and finding some DIFFERENT products! The foundation looked incredible and that all over color seems like a fun product as well. And yay for doing liner and glossy lids and AH this was just a fun overall good vid to watch. Exactly what I look for on YouTube!

                          Hope Sneddon

                            That packaging is speaking to me…


                              *WHAT IS UR TANNING ROUTINE???? WAT DO U USE???*

                              Annah Niram

                                Loving everyday may and I LOOOOVE the color of your hair!!


                                  The gloss could’ve also impacted the integrity of the liner formula.


                                    The matte eye pigment reminds me of the old occ lip tars but eye safe.

                                    Katie S

                                      I love love love Danessa Myricks products for my pro kit and for myself. You should mix the vision cream with a touch of face oil. I've seen her work in person and the models look phenomenal in person too… also one of the nicest people ever. She usually does put the highlighter under the foundation. I'm obsessed with the eye creams.


                                        Absolutely loved it


                                          Luuuuk at thaaaat! 😂 I'm curious about that gloss, how did it feel and wear?

                                          Ruby Rayne

                                            It’s funny I love the cushion liners. I have two and went back to buy two more.

                                            M N

                                              I’ve been following Danessa for a while and her products are very highly pigmented. With just a little drop you have enough. She has lots of tutorials on her page on how to use each product also.

                                              Hannah Roach

                                                omg that scottish accent 🤣

                                                Linda Debelack

                                                  You are the perfect makeup ARTIST to test this makeup collection out! Great job it looks beautiful (the look you did as well as the makeup)
                                                  Keep up the wonderful work 😍

                                                  City Grave

                                                    Ugh LOVEEE the look you did! Although you NEED to try her pigments/glitters!! They’re amazing! Shades LoveStory, Daydreaming, and Illusion are bomb! And she has even more! Love the monochromatic look! Love her dew wet balm, and colorfix!

                                                    candice lewis

                                                      U think the liner could of went on like that because u applied it over the glossy lid? Maybe do the liner first next time, then add the gloss? I really love the how dewy and fresh this looks! I'm definitely gonna have to get my hands on some of these products! Please let us know how they wear throughout the day!!😘😘


                                                        I'm buying everything!

                                                        City Grave

                                                          OOMG YES YES YES! So glad you tried her stuff! I LOVEE her products! Excuse me if I leave 9999 comments on this video throughout when I watch it

                                                          Katie Wadsworth

                                                            This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this brand! The whole look is beautiful!

                                                            Nicole Z

                                                              Hi Lan, it would be sooooo cool if you could do a video on your top concealers:))


                                                                She needs more hype she’s seriously underrated!! Danessa is so artistic and talented

                                                                Jess Y

                                                                  Allana. I'm so broke. Just purchased a few of your favourites from here. What are you doing to me lady!!? 🙂 can't wait to use it. Get my dew on! x

                                                                  Linnae Myhre

                                                                    Your reactions to that pigmentation is everything 😂

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