Trying ROSE Blush?! 🌹

Main Trying ROSE Blush?! 🌹

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      Trying ROSE Blush?! 🌹


        I feel like if people are willing to buy this when it came out years ago I was so tempted to just make them myself and sell them😂.


          Not funny. Not innovativ. Not entertaining. Not smart and she looks like a clown.

          Alison Garcia

            It’s cute

            dan evans

              It's a little pachey (I'm a little jealous)….


                C A L M D O W N.

                Trial and Error Marketer

                  Wtf is this filters on your face!

                  Gyaru Gals

                    I remember when I first saw that blush back in 2017


                      love it when she goes…OH!😆
                      fan f’n tastic!

                      Emerald Dutchess

                        Pretty and all but not necessary

                        Kiki Rose

                          They have had different variations of these for years.

                          Karen Duncan

                            What is the brand?

                            Destiny Critcher

                              That’s beautiful omg

                              Ashlynn Salvatore

                                Saw this product many years ago from Lancome. There’s even a highlighter if I remember correctly.

                                Lori Hudson

                                  I can't find this anywhere


                                    i love your makeup!

                                    May m

                                      I need this eye look

                                      jacke tan

                                        ST. Nikki mother pure reaction pray for us! 😂

                                        Metal & Misfits Gang

                                          You're my happy place in the beauty world 🥰

                                          Beauties & Foodies

                                            What's the name of this blush?? I can't find it.

                                            Ella Hagai

                                              Ooooh the déjà vu effect 😂.

                                              Tatiana Albarello

                                                Oh dang

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