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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ #EVERYDAYMAY *Makeup I’m wearing in this vid coming FRIDAY RIDE CYCLE CLUB …

      kelly bohez

        you literally don’t know how exciting May just got for me 😭 i have watched every. literal. video. of you and you are the ball of joy i could easily use every day this month. so grateful for you! from back in the day, filming in that little room to THIS! what a change, couldn’t be more prouddddd ahhhh ✨

        Zsófi Somogyi

          I was pretty sure, that Dejan will edit some craaazy good intro for this season's Everyday May 🙂 I'm so ready for this month!

          City Living Guide

            Allana I’m so glad you’re staying in Toronto! Definitely explore this vibrant city. I LOVE, LOVE this city. Come down to Sugar Beach, Distillery District and Corktown Commons Park!

            zaheen masood

              cant believe its been a year already! last year this time you introd us to Dejan the man! so happy for you guys and looking forward to the mayhem! hehe

              Elisa H

                Very cool intro 🤩

                Jasmin L.

                  Shoutout 2 Dejjaaaan for this introoo

                  I’m Salome

                    Taking me back because I discovered you through your everyday may two years ago! One of the only influencers I follow so religiously!
                    Kisses from Switzerland 🥳🥳

                    Eyeshadow Addict

                      What do you like about Toronto VS Vancouver? Very interested. 🙂

                      حنان الحربي 11

                        So excited 😍


                          Aw, Allana…moving is hard enough as it is…add the loss of your camera, and I can completely understand the meltdown. But you’ve got the best attitude about life, moving on and your resilience is inspiring.


                            I'm soooooo excited for may! ❤️
                            Edit: daaaamn that intro tho

                            Lianne McMahon

                              I’m 15 seconds in & already liked the video. Love the intro, love the hair & makeup, love your lips, love you ok back to our regularly scheduled programming! Everyday May is here and it’s also finals time 🙈 yikes!!! So excited tho for this break from the stress!

                              SelinaLucy Love

                                Oh, sooooo excited for every day may 😍🎉😁❤️👍


                                  The intro! Wowowowoowwoowow 🔥❤️ I am sooooo freaking excited for EveryDayMay! I love your hair like that, you look so cute 😍 and I also just thought of challenging myself to workout every day in May, too. Gurl, you’re an inspiration 👌


                                    Oh loooord I am exciting for Everyday May!!! Also YAS for staying in Toronto ✨ You got me hooked to spinning out here in the Netherlands just it’s not as cool as ride and usually filled wit old men but that’s okay enjoying every single second of it still. 🙌🏼

                                    egal wienurwas

                                      if I would found a camera with so much private stuff in it I would give it back to you! Not impossible to contact Allana Davison!

                                      Sapna Patel

                                        Yass your intro!!! always gives me life hahah

                                        Denise Rodriguez

                                          So flippin excited! 🙌🏼 It’s so funny, I’m actually doing a “workout everyday” for the month of May 💁🏻‍♀️

                                          karla hernandez

                                            Juuuueeel Jelou There Ms AlanaBanana…. Is that you having mastered the Amika waver??? Is it Allana approved now?
                                            The hair is looking 👌🏻 and that intro 🙌🏻……

                                            J P

                                              YEAAHHH!!! 🎊🎊🎊THE INTRO IS FOOOKING SICK 😼😼😼

                                              Amber Rose booders

                                                I'm so excited for the everydaymay!!


                                                  So excited for #EveryDayMay and happy you’re staying in my hometown! 😊

                                                  lou boup

                                                    Congratulations allana 😀 another new chapter x

                                                    Jane Michelle

                                                      What an exciting time! Congrats on being a landlord YAY! I'm all in on health month, love it. You're going to be such a fun ride teacher-wish I lived close by. Love all your faces xx

                                                      Katie Koosmann

                                                        OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS INTRO!?!?! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 🙂

                                                        Claire Richardson

                                                          Idk if you are taking requests but I’d love to see “out of your comfort zone” looks or 3 looks one palette videos. I know you mentioned that your colorful look video didn’t get as many views as usual but I loved seeing it. It inspires me to pull out the fun products I never use. ❤️


                                                            NEED a hair tut on this look! LOOOVE!!

                                                            Claire Richardson

                                                              I’m so excited to chill and watch every day may!


                                                                LOVE that Intro! 😍


                                                                  Ohmy god that intro! I loved it and the look you have is so cute, can’t wait to see it
                                                                  Its really hard to lose something so important, but this is a new start. I hope this place truly becomes home

                                                                  Ingvild xo

                                                                    Dan Tha MAN👊🏼 Good job with the intro!!
                                                                    And to you, beautiful Allana, i’m so looking forward to everyday MAY 😁😁 Allways supporting you girl❤️

                                                                    Alyssa McIntosh

                                                                      Ahhhh so excited for you guys!!! Can't wait for the rest of the videos and to see how you guys settle in to Toronto!

                                                                      Linda Bueckert

                                                                        Just curious, what about Toronto do you like more? B.C is such a gorgeous province and I hear the winters are much milder there.

                                                                        renad alqarni

                                                                          Why do you do everdaymay? What is it about

                                                                          Sujin Lee

                                                                            You look so CUTE

                                                                            Manal Elbarhoumi

                                                                              The intro was everything! Dan killed it. Can't wait for more Everyday May.

                                                                              Yevi Lopatina

                                                                                So excited, great edit!! Go Dan! && I love your rings…. where from? drool


                                                                                  Face and hair looking kawaii!!!! Yasss girl!! Xoxo

                                                                                  Blanche Shepherd

                                                                                    Love love love the intro!!! Can’t wait for all your everyday May Videos.

                                                                                    Rebecca Mitchell

                                                                                      Yessss!! 🥰☺️ I love every day may!! ❤️

                                                                                      Bella Jones

                                                                                        Your hair looks amazing sis 😍


                                                                                          Can't wait to see more of your Toronto content! I love the city and its amazing to see someone on YouTube appreciating it! I hope u and Dan get to go to the CNE this year! ALSO a great Toronto charity is SICKKIDS hospital for Children!

                                                                                          Kristie Williams

                                                                                            That intro!!🔥🔥🔥

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