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    Allana Davison
      What I Bought In Europe πŸ’Έ Clothing + Beauty


      Anissa Poppy

        this long ruffles dress is my fav! love it 😊😁

        Anissa Poppy

          I actually wear men underwear under my dresses, skirts etc…so confortable! 😊


            I've purchased zinc-free and reef-safe sunblock products in Canada. I hope Caudalie will start selling their sun care here!


              America and Canada has different laws as in they treat sunscreen as medicine so the ingredients need to be approved as that first but nobody wants to pay for the research to go into it. European and international sunscreens are way ahead and now have more than 7 ingredients vs americas only 3. More research goes into sunscreen in europe and the rest of the world, new and better ingredients being introduced as a result. Long story short, America needs to get it shit together when it comes to sun protection!

              Julie Bowers

                You look beautiful! Love the romper!

                Sara Beidler

                  Intimissimi is available in the states!

                  Claire murphy

                    This lippie πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜

                    sousou algeroise

                      you look stunning in this video <3

                      ebba olsson

                        Europe for an American: Paris, Rom, London, Barcelona etc… HELLO SCANDINAVIA EXISTS

                        kealey windle

                          Need that lip xx

                          Nasia Georgakopoulou

                            Love this video and your lipstick looks amazing kisses from Greece!!!

                            Euge Lo Celso

                              Ooh everything is lovely Lan 😍 im waiting on that tutorial πŸ‘€ byeee


                                I had no idea Caudalie had sunscreen. Have to pick up those products! Loved the video it was so satisfyingly aesthetic.

                                Cassidy Lynn

                                  This makeup is so complimentary. I love it.

                                  Ali Mae

                                    Man. Allana truly is such an inspiration.

                                    L Mathis

                                      I've been so sick lately, glad you uploaded! I have something to watch instead of rewatching old videos haha. You looks so beautiful 😭😭😭 love you.

                                      Carole Smith

                                        The The de vigne body spray is heavenly, no alcohol so perfect in summer.

                                        Klara Z.

                                          omg this video reminded me again that i wish SO BADLY that caudalie was cruelty free! these sun products look devine. maybe one day i will be able to get them:)


                                            Hi girl, unless ur wearing the shorts for other reasons too, I've seen some garter looking things (but much wider) that u wear and slide up to the position u need to prevent chaffing. Separate pieces and much less fabric and less constricting.

                                            Jessica Lethbridge

                                              On a shapewear note, I also wear these shorts from Giant Tiger for $6. They are so comfortable and I wear them under all my dresses! No nude but black, grey and white. Hooray for no chapping!


                                                i don’t know if you knew this but kylie skin has an oil sunscreen! i believe it’s spf 30

                                                jo_ v80

                                                  Omg the white denim romper I’m obsessed with! 😍😍

                                                  Tin Bernas

                                                    You're really pretty Allana❀️❀️❀️

                                                    Nyn Nyn

                                                      I love the site of Sissel Edelbo. Beautiful clothes and bags!
                                                      Thanks for sharing!

                                                      Heather Tims

                                                        SPF needs to have a drug identification number (DIN) in Canada. When you want to sell a product in Canada with SPF, you must submit for testing to get the DIN to prouve that the SPF indicated is what is truly on the label. You can still sell products without the DIN but you cannot advertise it and use it as a selling point. A good example of this is the Laura mercies tinted moisturizers, for years they had stickers over them, blocking out the SPF claim

                                                        Karen Tsoi

                                                          What's your hair colour? Look nice

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