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      Women Try The Hair Chalk Brush • Bizarre Beauty

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      Mika Hikyuu

        Yes i tried it or mai short black Asian hair
        it does look nice, i got compliments
        it never feels good, it comes off when you touch it
        and if it rains you get this amazing horror movie scene
        as all of the color washes down over your face, your clothes… 😱

        i do not have a dog.
        i have a red koi named Pocapoca.

        Mrs J

          I would love to try these

          Lauren Schlepp

            I love hair chalk it's easier to apply and more temporary than that crusty hair colored spray in a bottle. Use hair chalk a lot for different photo shoots and projects and working on. you can throw them on last minute and you can change the whole feel of a shoot really quickly.

            Kidedaion Symoti

              Gosh, temporary hair color??? I've done it all, as far I don't bleach my hair. Chalk-chalk, that lasts like, 5 minutes. Sharpie, that lasts like 2 days, powdered juice [WEEKs!], spraycan [1 hour lol], semi-permanent dye [from none to 2 months lol].
              I like how dye looks in natural hair, because it's like an aura of color and not like LOOK AT MY GREEN HAIR, and you can play with like, streaks and fading and looks really natural.

              PM Snowraven

                I have 2 boxes I picked up from the dollar store and still have not used them yet.


                  Interesting lol

                  Del Templeton

                    My favourite beautiful sisters 👯


                      Kinda beauty break knock off but i like it! Hopefully these sisters do lots of episodes together

                      Coral Gittings

                        Your hair would look awesome purple!

                        Sarah Gillespie

                          Try the henna hair dye

                          summers readin project


                            Melody Goodfellow

                              You should dye your hair with koolade

                              R.A Pitt

                                I've coloured long blonde hair with blue chalk. It was in a round pan the same size as a color pop supershock shadow. I dragged it through sections, applying even firm pressure. Firm pressure will give you bright results. It washed out with no colour residue


                                  Hey Becky I’m 24 and I’d totally date you 😂😍 I’m told I’m handsome frequently so lmk 😂

                                  Emma Sofie Hansen

                                    My dog is teo

                                    Lunar Academy

                                      Anyone gonna make BLACKPINK jokes

                                      Alice Green

                                        I don't think the comb would survive my hair


                                          Who misses bogus beauty?😭 what even happened to Chrissy and cissy.

                                          Ruby Hernandez

                                            I dont recomend it for curly hair girls like me because i ones used a chalk hair dye and it looked horrible

                                            Ashley Sherwood

                                              I feel like you girls look the same yet different (yes I know your sisters ) but what if you had the same hair color. Or a bald cap ? You would look so much more alike. Please make a video

                                              Utopia Williams

                                                My dog is named Barry White

                                                Ideldoofer 67

                                                  My favorite vegetable is 🥒

                                                  Niveedita Deshpande

                                                    I have two dogs there names are Betsy and Bruno


                                                      the girl in the jean jacket looks like captain marvel 🥰


                                                        I'd used hair chalk, but in the 90's there was colored hair gel that I loved! I can't seem to find it now though. T.T 🙁 Colored chalk just doesn't work good in my curls.

                                                        Vinithi Vini

                                                          buzz feed people are so nice they always have a good reaction for a bad thing….

                                                          Darla Beese

                                                            Personally I think that things just a waste of money you can take chopped and put it in your hair by yourself for free you don't need an applicator and if you wanted applicator pick something up at the dollar store glue a piece of chalk and coming through your hair. It's that simple.

                                                            Victoria Toliver

                                                              Definitely have never heard that rainbow song they sang to remember the order… I know the colors because of "ROY G BIV"

                                                              nikita patel

                                                                You guys should do a video with your mom for Mother’s Day! I like seeing the sister videos, it’d be cool to see your mom in the mix too!

                                                                Rachel E

                                                                  "I have a date tonight! I hope he likes multicoloured women in their 30s…" 😂😂


                                                                    Splat makes hair dye that works on dark hair girl! You could try that!

                                                                    Swan Creates

                                                                      Try the hair wax, I hear a lot of good reviews on it


                                                                        What happened to bogus beauty?

                                                                        Haychy Hope

                                                                          I have a blueglitter hair chalk

                                                                          Lacey DeWhistle

                                                                            My dog's name is Buddy! Boodles for short

                                                                            Michaela Morris

                                                                              What was that “nIce” very strong I

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