Best Friends Make Mystery Gift Boxes For Each Other

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    Lindsay and Jazz show us how much they really know each other by swapping best friend boxes ❤️ Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: …


    Joy Loh

    What candle shop is that?


    Emilia Modrusan

    So this is how you get your company to give you $200 😂


    Melanie Amidei

    Why are they blurring out mask of magnaminty from Lush tho


    Jacqueline Juarez-Cruz

    I’m laughing so much 😂 this is cute



    These are the only people at Buzzfeed I believe are actually best friends


    Becki Worden

    It’s funny how jazz just gave it to her and then took her basket back and started opening it for her LOL because she had to explain everything. Sounds like something I would do


    Lily’s sprinkle Pool

    Wait but aren’t gifts a surprise?love your channel 😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️😁😁😀😀😆😆😆


    Kat Turner

    Omg they're so cute


    Rhianne Adamson

    Always here for some Jazz and Lindsay content 🥰


    Sarah Thomson

    Whose the Mother and whose the daughter though?


    Allison Hunter

    What brand of CBD oil do you use? Do you also use any THC oil, if so which one? I use THC edibles and capsules but need to find an oil/tincture for both CBD and THC.



    I love that this is a video that is just an excuse to give each other presents.


    Broken_turtle _girl

    I barely got a notification for this…. it's been out since yesterday


    b r a n d i l y n

    step 1: get a best friend



    Damn Jazz had some cool ideas. I like the notes



    Whenever I think Jazzmyne can't find a way to make her look even uglier, she surprises me.



    Why was the lush product blurred out? Am I missing something?



    Jazz did so much better for Lindsay than vice versa


    Amanda Green

    What's the store?!?! PLEASE SAY THE STORE!!!


    Scythe Segouin

    Lindsay: cotton handy
    Jazzy: RELAX BIACH


    Miranda Lopez

    I wish I had a job where they gave me a 100 bucks to spend on my friend and vice versa…


    Ilsa Malsi

    I want them to be my best friends


    Brittani Smith

    Of course I’m crying because this is too sweet. I love doing things like this ❤️❤️


    Maria Singalong

    the harry styles shirt 🙂


    silver BLUE

    Lindsey’s like that liability friend that you can’t help but love


    Fourever Jasmine

    Anyone else getting shantel swap vibes?


    Alex C

    I wish I was either of them, having a best friend like that😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Klacee Koolstra

    Great 🥇


    Sara Carr

    they really blurred out the Lush logo like we couldn't tell what that was…


    Bella Kok

    Buzzfeed I need to request this video, but with Merle and Aria. I NEED IT


    Eques of Casilinum

    Can we get a skinny black chick instead of these whales?


    Eques of Casilinum

    Why does this show have nothing but fat black chicks, and all the other women are thin?


    Miss Shaneice

    love the gifts


    Isis Castillo

    I watch every video with them just because I want Buzzfeed to provide them with the 💲💲💲 to fund their friendship goals.


    naj ;

    The whole world already know for sure they are bestie thanks to buzzfeed 😚


    Aspie Answers

    These two are awesome and great friends as we know that they've got each other's back no matter what. #friendshipgoals


    Emma Langford

    Libra things are always gone when I want one/them bc Libra’s always buy them😂 libras love to show off that they’re Libra’s lol


    The DarlingDebs

    Love this! Jazmine would you be my best friend? You are so thoughtful! 💗💗💗


    Lexi Love

    This literally makes me wanna do this with my best friend <3 so sweet

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