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    HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Hi, how are ya?? Today I’m going over to the Dolan Twin’s house for for the first time! We’ve never all hung …

    Night Stalker

    damn Jeffree living James' dream!

    Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Huong

    Is no one good man mention that the girl with red hair has James Charles’ sisters merch


    Thought George looked familiar and I just realized he was on Face Off! So cool to see him working with Jeffree now~!

    Bella Jenkins

    I’ve never watched those kiddos before. Theyre super loud and excitable I see why people like them haha

    I’m weird

    I came for jeffree I stay for jeffree

    wu lize

    OMG that guy was on Face Off! This is the first time seeing a competitor doing makeup outside the show.

    backstreet bacteria

    When you can’t afford LV clothes… just paint them on.


    FUN! Ricky Dillon voice Welcome back boys! ❤️

    Brinae Chanel


    G Hly


    Casey Kerr

    I’m so sorry to be inappropriate but does Ethan have a hickey on his chest 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️

    Alycia Wilson

    Also the Dolan twins are such good sports and they are just the sweetest boys…especially with everything they have been through recently… their good dudes


    Live for Jeffree! But this video….meh. Everyone was great but the twins. Their like a bag of bland potato chips. Dipped in bland cheese dip. Looking forward to Jeffree’s next vid!

    Ayish Zone

    “Am I being a good canvas?” 😂

    Linda Thetford

    They're so hot

    janice thisell

    I just love jefree star <3

    angel narito

    i love seeing him collaborating with a lot of youtubers.

    Chua Dor

    So cool to watch! Well done 👍

    rafael angelo buhain

    okay ? give me the name of the damn camera guy


    Dolan Starz

    Nicole is rocking the sister merchhh

    Erli Ane

    i love your purple hair

    alexa canessa

    Should of gone to the store like they said!

    Alycia Wilson

    Something about jeffree in this video reminds me of Lindsay Lohan on her new show about her running her own beach club on mtv. Jeffree was on his best behavior which is kinda precious… so excited and intrigued.. what a cool concept and video from everyone involved… so much friggin talent in one little space!!


    Woooow I thought it’s real clothes!!!

    Milee Hragyil

    Any one else hear Ethan go “I thought they were complimenting my ass*😂😂

    Elizabeth Hamill

    james charles has left the chat

    Stephanie Camacho

    This is probably just me, but at 1:38 Ethan’s profile and hair remind me of young George Michel.

    TNL Redd

    5:15 when your gay but you feel straight for a second


    Crazy videooooo. I loved this idea. Turned out soooooo good. But jeffree, I was so stunned by your make up

    Kimmy Kimster

    The blue guy looks patchy af wtf

    Somaly Lam

    Ethan : What are you gonna do about about my nipples
    Crew : we're gonna cut them off
    Grayson : oh…ok

    N O T N O W . .

    Love this collab

    Abigial Hayes :P

    Why did jeffree make this video ahahaha it’s good but he done nothing, no tea, no shade. Happy to see a vid from jeffree anyway ❤️

    pok pok


    Madeline Baxter


    England is my city

    Just another excuse for them to be shirtless on camera

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