Bride Shows Her Dream Dress But Mum Gives Her The Silent Treatment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Main Bride Shows Her Dream Dress But Mum Gives Her The Silent Treatment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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    Say Yes to the Dress

    Diana and her mum have different visions when it comes to her dress. When Diana shows her dream dress, her mum and the whole entourage don’t say a word.

    priya yadav

    I think the family is just being honest…what's wrong in that??the bride had bring those people to help right..

    Aya Berry

    why ask for the budget if you're not gunna go by it

    Taylor Miller



    I would have put her in a see through Pnina just for the LOLs.

    Rachel Groth

    Not a fan of the dress. She is so beautiful she would look good in anything but she could have done so much better, and paid less.

    Completely Kiki

    “Being a role model comes from your actions and I don’t think a sweetheart neckline takes anything away from that” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 accurate and very well said

    Asmita Semwal

    I really don't know why would they show overbudget dress when they have lots of beautiful dress under 5000….

    Arianator B2

    I CANT stand these sexist moms. It irritates me.

    Cynical Amber

    I don’t see how as soon as you become a public figure you can’t wear a top that goes below the collar bones.

    salem witch

    she’s an amazing role model! Her personality is fantastic and her being absolutely gorgeous is just a bonus

    MyLifeLongFight 101

    I don’t like the flower skirt everything else however is stunning! She looks beautiful


    The lace on that first dress made it look like two giant eyeballs (or two of *something else*) were looking out at you…lol, I'm very sensitive to patterns on fabrics and what they look like from far away, lol.

    Shreya Mandavi

    Shitty choice bride


    Mothers should put the interests of their daughters before the interests of other people and society as a whole. This is a special day this girl has been dreaming of her whole life, let her enjoy this moment and bring her vision to life with the dress she always wanted to wear. It's not about you, mom. You can wear a modest dress if you like and act saintly, but you have no right to force your daughter to choose something she doesn't like for her own wedding day. I'm glad the bride stood up for her choice and chose what made her feel special.


    how does one become a shoe designer

    n i ñ a

    The neckline for the first dress looks uncomfortable


    I'm sorry but the bottom of that dress looks like it's been through a shredder

    Marybeth Langendorf

    I like her moms pick better


    Okay, but her mom’s pick was cuter and more flattering imo. Her pick is already out of style.


    The mother is nuts! The dress the bride chose was still very conservative compared to the really tacky and revealing dresses some other brides wear. It's not as if the bride wanted cut-outs all over.

    brianna maybury

    Ah another episode of “It’s not yo damn wedding mom!”

    Relentless Ruthie

    The second is hideous..
    I actually loves the first dress better.


    "Being a role model comes from your actions.." You go girl!!

    Why am I here?

    She wants her in a turtleneck. I bet she wears swim suits :=/

    Rebecca Austin

    What a prudish "mum"!

    manusia pendosa

    First dress make her looks like Strangled


    This just goes to show that no matter what the dress looks like,
    it will not matter once the Veil is on and make her look like a Bride..

    sarah d’urbano

    being a good role model for young girls means teaching them to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident, and that showing their skin doesn’t lessen their worth

    sabrina rahim

    The dress the bride picked… nothing wrong with the sweet heart cut but that floral bottom is horrendous

    sabrina rahim

    Her mom has better taste. I loved the dress her mom picked .


    These belts have to stop!!!!!

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