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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I share all of my fav beauty products from the month of May with you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …


    Hi guysss!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Hope you have an amazing weekend!! What was your top beauty product from May?! Xoxo

    Melissa Bhuiyan

    When I try not to sneeze 15:32

    Cryswhale Sun

    your eyelook is just amazing girl, soooo beautiful🥺🥺🥺

    Ewelina Płachta

    Fav perfume in this month? ☺️🤔🤩

    Erika Anne Roth

    That tube top on you is everything 😍

    Caroline Bingham

    I thought that brush was from the Ulta Brand? Who came out with the Black Widow collection? Did Real Techniques and the Ulta brand come out with similar collections?

    Sam Forbes

    Updated skin care routine pls

    Marienne Bilbao

    Yay! This is what I've been waiting for!

    I always breakout when i use toner. i tried different kinds but nothing works for me.

    Fufu issue

    Perfect toner for dry skin is hands down “Fresh Rose deep Hydration Facial”🥀 you can feel instant hydration!! Love this video 👸🏻🖤🤍🙏🏾

    Sandra Monsisvais

    You completely missed the chance to say when you received the frecke, you were like …what the freck is dis

    Gaby Figueroa

    You should dive into eastern skincare for something like toners. For example: korean and japanese skincare are know to have hella moisturizing and hydrating toners that, i assure you, wont leave your skin feeling tight.

    Lauren Ess

    your eyebrows look better than ever! and those faux freckles are too cute 😍😍 I love all the makeup sooo much you need to do a tutorial on this! sending love from Miami 💖

    Jen Schrock

    I love both bronzer brushes!


    its the black widow symbol!


    i totally agree on the brow flick! i have really thick brows, but occasionally get bald spots from stress (lol so fun!!!!) and it isn't great for me doing a full brow, but PERFECT for filling in bald spots! then add the bow brow to catch the little hairs you cant see and darkens them! a+++ on both


    could you use the freck in video soon?? i just got it and im struggling to find the right balance of dry time and tap time haha they either blend away or get too dark 😂

    Marrina Raso

    I got secondhand embarrassment when you said it's the marvel sign hahahaha… it literally looks like a black widow I'm dying. love the authenticity <3 :')

    Failing Abortion

    I love how her channel is dead 🙂

    Jessika Hobbs

    I have discovered and been loving the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser. I was moving across the country with my mom and 5 cats during COVID and my skin was breaking out worse than it has since high school, from the stress. After just a couple days of using it, my skin totally cleared up and it just looks so much happier and glowier.

    Dana Reilly

    Hilarious my favourite foundation combo mixture is the L’Oréal fresh wear with the makeup forever HD stick😂😂 SO GOOD TOGETHER

    Samantha Mangipano

    please do a hair routine! your hair is looking AMAZING! I'm a fellow curly/wavy girl

    Shannon Blakely Keating

    You may want to reconsider and research where you are donating the funds… the BLM organization doesn’t actually use the funds to help black families, rather, goes straight to Bernie sanders and the DNC.


    Lmao i thought the brush was suposed to look like MARBLE not marvel i was confused for a hot minute

    Jennifer Stafford

    I love your eye makeup in this! What green shadow is that??


    Love your makeup 🤩

    Cassie Durand

    I love your makeup today 😍 I want to try the glossier eyebrows products

    Ashley F

    On the back, that's the black widow symbol bc it looks like an actual black widow spider's body markings~

    Uyen Nguyen

    I used to love the Loreal Infallible Freshwear foundation, but now hate it. It oxidizes as of recent and stains my brushes the house down boots. Also, I feel dried out and cakey despite the “freshwear”. Don’t get me wrong, I used to wear this foundation all the time. Now, my skin changed or something so I can’t use it anymore or at least get two shade lighter than my normal shade.

    Krithika Shelvarajen

    Hey upload videos on what will be my entire makeup collection if I wasn't a beauty guru & makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & Summer Vs Winter bridal makeup please


    I LOVE the Brow Flick too!!! Just rebought it 🥰

    Mridushi Jain


    Carol Wilson

    Love you Kathleen

    Dalilah Duarte

    Look for marisu with the filter on TikTok!

    Nina Moreno

    Love your videos and personality!!! My favorite product for May was my Tom Ford Quad in “Pretty Baby” 😍🥰❤️ a splurge during the VIB sale!!

    Savanah Craig

    My FAV product in the past months has been the Awake Beauty night lip mask! Since taking accutane my lips have been extremely dry and this mask makes them so smooth and hydrated!!

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