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      ♡ How I do my Acrylic Nails at Home ! | Natural Set



        I use mia secret too! Ppl ask me where i get my nails done and are surprised when i say i did them. Also im still not the best at getting the cutical right just like you. If its really funky ill just put a little glitter at the base of my nails and let it blend up. Always looks very girly and ladylike while still looking very clean and put together.


          Gorgeous nails Ivy 💕💕💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍

          Rare Natural Beauty

            EDIT A tip to apply the acrylic at the Cuticle area: take a small bead of acrylic and get as close as you can without touching the skin. Hold your finger in a downward position so that the acrylic will flow down and not flood the Cuticle area. If it touches the skin it will lift. But on another note, you did good! This is how I started doing nails. Just doing my own at home. Then I went to school to become become a nail tech. Best decision of my life, honestly.

            Kammy R

              I havent gone to a shop in 3 years. I felt the Asian nail shops (no black owned in my city at the time) were so rude most of the time. I refuse to help build your wealth when you dont respect me……nor my community. I'm happy to see black women learning for themselves and also diving into the nail industry. .

              jemika bates

                It’s pronounced mo-no-mer love


                  I clicked so fast! I can't believe you do your own nails too😍. They turned out great! Definitely would love to see more nail videos 🤗💅🏾

                  Neek Neek

                    Omg omg I’ve been waiting on this video I know you got sick of me asking sis 🙌🏾🤣🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

                    Tonya Jones

                      Girl you are beyond a triple threat… hair, fashion, makeup and now nails let’s go boo!!! I believe it’s pronounced More-nér-mer

                      Neisha Monee

                        Okay I see you! ❤️❤️

                        B Davis

                          SKILLS 👏🏾
                          Cuz who don’t know how to do what???🤪

                          Beautae W

                            Next do a cardi b full bling set and

                            Tori Collins

                              You did very well, they look so cute!

                              SEXXY N LOYAL

                                You did well Ivy😀 Use drier beads and let them settle a little before you swipe it down the nail. You can also make your beads bigger so that the E-File won't thin them out so much.

                                Scarletbri j

                                  Watch suzie on nail career education her channel is perfect although I think you did great💙


                                    I love that you are branching out and doing/showing us more things on your channel! Great job on your nails!!


                                      yesss, thanks for this!!

                                      Tamica Latham

                                        What can’t you do girl ? Lol 😂

                                        Brooklyn Caramel

                                          Sis…..like you really are the bomb!!! You did a great job….
                                          You can do it all #blackgirlmagic

                                          Starr Danielle

                                            Good job Ivy! I was on a nail kick last summer, call myself doing my own nails, bought all the stuff, it's still sitting under my bathroom cabinet.

                                            Brianna Rutledge

                                              What can’t ivy do? 😍😊 that’s what I call talent

                                              kendra palmer

                                                They look good ivy.. looks like a pro to me❤️


                                                  It's pronounced MON-E-MER

                                                  Etoya. A

                                                    Loved the tutorial it’s like you read my mind lol been thinking of trying to do my own nails you are truly a woman with many hats for sure

                                                    Patricia Wilson

                                                      You’re amazing in the beauty field!!! ❤️

                                                      estefanya crossdresser

                                                        Beautiful woman


                                                          Do you do a fill or do you soak them off and start over each time??

                                                          Nichole V

                                                            Girl you so well rounded I’m mad you not at 1M

                                                            Foxy Roxy

                                                              Good Job IVY !


                                                                The tool at 0:38 is called a cuticle trimmer


                                                                  No more going to Marshfield!

                                                                  Courtney Sanders

                                                                    So nice and natural

                                                                    Bee Kareon

                                                                      You did a great job!! We have so much in common lol.


                                                                        I do my own nails also but I create my own press ons. You should follow @getnailed32 on insta. Her name is Natalie Carmona on YouTube. She teaches you everything about acrylic nails.


                                                                          girl you just like me!! i love a nice clean clear plain ass set of acrylics lmao. i like the polished and designs too but a clear set of coffins is my jam. There's a girl on instagram named @cariesha_
                                                                          She does clear sets but she adds some type of opalescent pearl type powder to the clear and omgggggggg its looks so bomb.


                                                                            Having your beads slightly drier will help with your apex and when doing the last bead near the cuticle. That way it won't flood the cuticle. But you do a damn good job hun!!

                                                                            Nicki_ f_baby

                                                                              You’re so talented 🥰🤗🥰

                                                                              Britney Cooper

                                                                                Hair to nails she does it all honeu

                                                                                Blessed Deshawna

                                                                                  What?? Ivy~Boo the money maker style her own nails!?


                                                                                    Here's another way to do what your doing but easier and faster with the fill of a acrylic nails, get your gel,apply,sprinkle acrylic powder on top,then cure repeat till you get the thickness you like. Hope's this works I also have a short video on my channel on this

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