10 Biggest Controversies BTS V Stirred Up That Surprised Fans

Main 10 Biggest Controversies BTS V Stirred Up That Surprised Fans

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      10 Biggest Controversies BTS V Stirred Up That Surprised Fans

      BTS V Causes More K-POP Controversy Than You Think. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

        Armys here???Dammn BTS is biggest Kpop group all the times !🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

        Shira Kipgen

          What they say about the jews ??

          J U N G S H O O K

            LMFAOOO everyone knows that the jewish issue was an edit that was made.

            you're using them for clout, and its annoying

            Suga Kookies and Tae


              princess deypalan


                Shinjini Chanda

                  @TheTalko stop spreading news that might mislead other fans,y'all are highkey saying ARMYs bash on anyone for nothing.Well hun,we don't show them their right place for nothing ,that greek journalist was really playing the victim out there after spatting hate on your boys.And her apology seemed so unapologetic and fake,that can't help.Birds of the feathers flock together,heard that right?like you're using BTS for clout.Y'all are misleading fans with half known facts.Taehyung never said that he got bullied by his friends,stop potraying him the victim because he didn't share this incident with his fans to gain sympathy he was giving advice to some fan in vlive not that he thought that some fucktards would use that for clout and mislead others.Just STFU and stop making misleading videos about our boys.Otherwise we will report you to Bighit Entertainment that @thetalko is making misleading videos about BTS
                  And they do take actions,understood? SO DELETE THIS FUCKING VIDEO


                    STOP USING MY BIAS FOR CLOUT

                    anano bibiluri

                      I'm so tired of these irrelevant channels who are using bts for views


                        7:02 that ain't Wanna One??

                        Kim Taehyung

                          Why are You Always Focusing On Bts? Why? Your going through there personal life likw tf..


                            6:24 i think your getting your bts boys confused 😬


                              leave my boy alone

                              Suga Daddy

                                Utot niyo. We all know that Joy loves Sungjae. SUNGJOY forever.


                                  stop causing controversies just fucking stop

                                  J Pradhan

                                    He mistreats a fan?

                                    Awhh … He puts his hands… Over his fans mouth..so that she could…clean the lipstick on her teeth…sothat noone else sees it…he wipes.His fans' tears with his own hands… N pretends to cry if she didn't stop crying…Play… With their kids… As if his own family… He's the only guy… I have ever longed for….

                                    Well… God save u… Morons…

                                    J Pradhan

                                      Okay have some research..
                                      How our tae… Helped his junior idols… During a award show…. How he cried… N we all did…. When… His jin hyung revealed… They were gonna disband

                                      …How… He loves all the children…and respects…all the idols…n staff… Whether elder or younger…senior or junior….even on the cliff of success….How… He brings out the best is me… How even my mom loves…him….How… His songs…. Represent… How sad he feels…. When wirthless ppl like u…. Try to ruin him…. Even though he stands still… Straight… While… U keep repeating ur lowly deeds..dont take…advantage of his innocence..just form some money…..


                                        People this day… just why…WHY… Tae is already like that he just be himself. HE HIMSELF IS UNIQUE…

                                        J Pradhan

                                          Lol when u k nothing about it… U start talking about it…

                                          It's bcuz of u.. Ppl… Our angel… Has bcom so quite now… Just leave him alone…

                                          J-hope BTS

                                            Just to be clear bts have never dated since they became famous 😒 so stop using their names for views 😒

                                            justforyou ktyl

                                              No matter what the controversies are about we'll never change our love for bts and V….Purple all bts and Army!!!

                                              Mzzie Productions

                                                I believe Bts's love life is none of my business, so whenever there is a conterversy I'm like "ok?" Lol just my opinion 😉

                                                Netty Cartagena

                                                  Right from the start, you can tell that this information isn't accurate considering the fact that the picture of the so-called girl he was dating was blurred out yet any army would know that's a man who is one of v's idol friends.

                                                  Shay Lee

                                                    When you put in a random photo of Yoongi in a Taehyung video 🙄 stop using them for views until you know your facts and the members properly

                                                    ryan liang

                                                      this is fake they r using photos that were of V and HIS FRIEND NOT FUCKING JOY

                                                      Its RaineYsabel


                                                        Its RaineYsabel

                                                          STOP USING BTS FOR VIEWS!!!

                                                          YoonMinJoon stan

                                                            Did Joy and Tae really dated back then??

                                                            shante jackson

                                                              Everyone knows that the 1st one with joy is a lie

                                                              Mimin Noona

                                                                "published on Marched 9, 2019" hEYYY ITS MIN YOONGI DAY!! DON'T RUIN IT FOR US ARMYS, TALKO!!

                                                                yougotnojams coffee

                                                                  Okay so? Even if V had a dating scandal or not isn't our problem, that's his personal business and as ARMYs, if any one of the members like someone and has come out to say that they are dating someone, we are more than happy. And about the encounter with the fan. It was harmless and nooooo reason to call it out as inappropriate, like it was cute and Jin was clearly joking around as well in the sense of 'doood stap bullying our precious fan' like bruh and she didn't look like she hated it either, trust me, anyone would kill for an encounter like that. And those interviews who treated taetae badly can shove it.

                                                                  Kalpana Rai

                                                                    It really doesnot matter😂😂😂
                                                                    We army support and give love💕
                                                                    They are legends❤
                                                                    V is 💜

                                                                    Mariana G

                                                                      Wow, using BTS for views? Utterly and disrespectfully terrible.

                                                                      Tayyaba Tahir

                                                                        most of these aren't even about controversies or even about him.

                                                                        Kaulika Aqilah

                                                                          y'all, army is scary when they're angry…
                                                                          I suggest that you stop using BTS for clout.

                                                                          Sister Snatched


                                                                            Galaxi WolFang

                                                                              Dude, let me tell you this.
                                                                              We are MORE than just a fanclub.
                                                                              We are ARMY
                                                                              And stop posting these controversies, you don't know the whole story.

                                                                              astro ramirez

                                                                                Leave BTS alone. You’re just using them for popularity

                                                                                Awesome Slime

                                                                                  No matter what…. I will stan my boys till death 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 ARMY forever 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

                                                                                  Vibe BTS

                                                                                    You are really crazy and I hope YouTube put you down like how do you get so many followers with shits and lies and misleading info? So you are telling 7M subscribers are been living a lie

                                                                                    Ronnie Raza

                                                                                      If you dont want me to sue you leave BTS and BLACKPINK and TXT alone

                                                                                      Ronnie Raza

                                                                                        10 biggest Consturversie on why THE TALKO uses BTS for views

                                                                                        hannah kirk

                                                                                          You can attack us ( army ) but you leave BTS and V out of it. They did nothing wrong and most of this is nonsense. How would you like it if someone just came up and started talking trash about the people you love. JUST STOP!

                                                                                          Courtney Cuellar

                                                                                            so much of this is out of context and is misleading. hoping y'all get sued. also the "girl" in that photo is a man idiots.

                                                                                            Kookie BTS

                                                                                              Just shut up. You don't know anything about them. You need to stop.


                                                                                                Are we going to get individual videos now? Can't you just leave them alone.
                                                                                                Edit: 6:54 Jungsook

                                                                                                RAJINDER PAL

                                                                                                  Hey!!! Can you just leave our boys alone, they have a right we can't interfere in their lives , they can live their on their own . We don't have right to interfere 👿👿👿👹👹 so pls leave them alone

                                                                                                  katherine Calle

                                                                                                    min 6:25 that's not V, that's Suga another member of BTS

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