10 Easter Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide 2019!

Main 10 Easter Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide 2019!

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      10 Easter Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide 2019!

      Today we are sharing 10 cute and easy nail art designs in this nail tutorial to get you in the festive spirit for both Easter and spring! We hope you enjoy this DIY …

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        Sara Antonia a

          Not trying to be rude, but I'm 11yo and my nails are longer than Julie's



            Lauren Tucker

              Those bunny ears are so cute!!

              Saz 1515

                The Bunny ears and chick are my favs 🐰 🐥 ❤️

                SJ Gates

                  I actually liked them all!!

                  Susanne S

                    Bunny ears and bunny bum..Love them!

                    Courtney Renee

                      I love the Easter egg designs. And is the brand Salon Perfect any good ? That pink color you use from that brand is gorgeous.

                      Amanda Freitas

                        Floral is my favourite 🌸



                          Lynette Michele

                            Bunny bottom~ too cute! I loved the floral, & speckled egg designs! I’m a sucker for those, and it looks so cool on the nail! Great job, Juli & Cute Polish for allowing us to enjoy every special season, & holiday with you!🌷💛🌷💛🌸🌱

                            T B

                              Those bunny 👂s really came together cause @ 1st could not see them @ all. The egg with the black dots look like the 🍬 eggs. I really like the 🐉 tail pink & purple thumb nail, the carrot, & the chick. 👍

                              Samantha Baker

                                That carrot! <3!

                                Jennifer Carson Klubnik

                                  Okay, I rarely havr time and patience to actually do nail art… I'm going to try some of these on my silicon Matt, to make as decals. Bunny ears are my favorite! The carrot, I'd do with darker orange as the stripes instead of black 😉

                                  Keren icehand

                                    Juli – this is amazing!💜👍


                                      Love the clouds ☁️ reminds me of toy story 😊 the baby chick is sooo cute love them.

                                      Devani Ortman

                                        I love the clouds, flower blossoms and the chick 🐥 🐣 ☁️☁️☁️🌸🌸🌸


                                          OMG!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

                                          Jennifer Kopenga

                                            All 10 were FABULOUS 👏🏻👏🏻


                                              That carrot and the bunny ears are so cute 😀

                                              Lani Brasi

                                                Cuute😍 I use to love trying these even tho they were never good lol


                                                  I LOVE the corner flowers/blossoms😍 and the little chick 💕💕😍 too cute!

                                                  Ashley Modica

                                                    if i had the patience to do this i so would


                                                      I like them all 🙂 Pastel easter egg is cute.

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