10 Fabulous Festive PINK Party Outfits! ~ Freddy's Fashion Month ~ Freddy My Love

Main 10 Fabulous Festive PINK Party Outfits! ~ Freddy's Fashion Month ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      10 Fabulous Festive PINK Party Outfits! ~ Freddy's Fashion Month ~ Freddy My Love

      Today I show you ten fabulous pink themed Christmas/festive party outfits!! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A PAID PARTNERSHIP WITH TOPSHOP. Clothes linked …

      Caitlin Maree

        You make me want to start up my channel again 😍💓💐🌷🌸

        Aiman Qureshi

          Would love to see you in rainbow colours

          Issy Rose

            Freddy My sister saw you on the cbbc program almost never! You were so good 😊 x

            Miss Paris

              I love fashion week so much!

              Edith Hamilton

                Even if the dress was horrible you would make it look fantastic

                Ananta Sinha

                  Thank you for putting us all in a festive Christmas mode.
                  And a very joyful festive season to you Freddie

                  Olivia Ann

                    Plz can we have a Girls Christmas gift guide.

                    Martina Nilsson

                      AHH I look forward to next week!!! love you Freds!

                      Doreen Dominguez

                        Hi Freddy you make my day THANK YOU!!

                        Janae Prytherch

                          The black embroidered shift is the most flattering dress on you x

                          Kameron York

                            So adorable you are! I loved every single outfit too!


                              It’s the Josie fur bag!!!! I lowkey love when y’all appear together in travel vlogs/insta photos/other stuff

                              Fashionista In pink

                                Can you pls do a casual clothes looks video


                                  Love the black dress!!!!!!

                                  Aditi Bahali

                                    The Sales Assistant is not required to say "AD" because they are obviously there to sell things. That is their job they are paid to do, and everyone knows it. People do not see a Youtuber and a Sales Assistant in the same way.

                                    Antonio Gomes

                                      The last outfit featuring the river island dress is your signature style in all its glory.
                                      The high neck…with pearls, the ruffles on shoulders,
                                      the stitching on the bottom half to give off an illusion of a high waisted skirt,
                                      It gives a slight nod to the 1960's,

                                      and it's pink.

                                      Senia Bleu A.

                                        I LOVE YOU👑👑💞💞

                                        Roe Uoy



                                            Very nice outfits but how can you go to a winter party wearing sandals? What if it has snowed? 🙁 🙁 It is the only thing that I find dificult to pull off.

                                            Keith Schuebel

                                              Hello Freddy, Theresa here, that bag you have with the black and pink dress looks looks like it may be mother of pearl on camera, I went to the web link that you left for the pearl bag and I saw that they have posted a pic of you from instagram, the one of you on the stairs, looks great

                                              Abrielle W

                                                I literally saw that pink pearl River Island dress 2 or 3 weeks ago and automatically thought of you!

                                                brigitta kireina

                                                  do fab festive pink but like affordable stores h&m zara forever 21 mango etc

                                                  Trendy Talia

                                                    All of these outfits were stunning! I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas. 💕✨

                                                    Ali V.

                                                      Love the video generally, but not so much the attitude: “why are content creators required to be transparent about advertising, when regular plebs are not?” #unfair
                                                      Entitlement is almost as grotesque as wearing head-to-toe glitter, sequins, and diamantés.
                                                      Come on Freddy, I really expected better.


                                                        Well they are very pretty for a tropical Christmas. I wonder if they could be worn with boots? The "BW" dress is stunning and the sparkles everywhere. Best!

                                                        Lucy Bonomo

                                                          My favorite is the dark short dress! Wowzers!

                                                          Ashleigh C

                                                            I love everything about this video omg💞💞😍 A pink dream!!!! That black and rose gold dress is honestly so beautiful


                                                              You look beautiful in every outfit. But you look stunning in longer skirts/dresses !!! Thank you for sharing your outfits. I cannot wait for cyber week.

                                                              Christine Robitaille

                                                                Hi Freddy! I'm a student in college for music theatre and I dance multiple times a day for 5-7 days a week. Any tips to make your workout clothes also be a fashionable outfit for the day? I don't have time to change after my classes all the time

                                                                Francis Hwang

                                                                  omg one whole week of freddy on top of her usual haul weeks!!! i cant wait!!!! 💖


                                                                    2:54 I almost hate to say that reminds me of "Cousin It" from the Addams Family. 😄

                                                                    Elsa Natashya

                                                                      Finally this pink/rose gold come out from you, fredd

                                                                      I love your video here

                                                                      I love soft pink/vintage pink and rose gold… 💕

                                                                      it more extra from you 🌸

                                                                      Stacy Todorovic

                                                                        Love this Freddy!!❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE the ASOS dress🔥🧡


                                                                          Love these looks! Where can I get the mannequin and the coat rack?

                                                                          Iris Kiflom

                                                                            Very beautiful wish I had your closet

                                                                            Elaine Kommenge

                                                                              omg. the pale pink sequin pencil skirt is magical!


                                                                                Winter barbie princess is DEFINITELY the aesthetic I'm going for

                                                                                Colby Reneé

                                                                                  It’s so lovely seeing your style and channel evolving. It was seeming a bit stagnant and young for a period of time. Such a lovely video 🤍

                                                                                  Jasmine Angeli


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