10 Kardashian Scandals You Don't Want To Miss In New KUWTK Season 16

Main 10 Kardashian Scandals You Don't Want To Miss In New KUWTK Season 16

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      10 Kardashian Scandals You Don't Want To Miss In New KUWTK Season 16

      Will we be seeing the Jordyn Woods scandal on the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Subscribe to our channel: Despite …

      purple starlite100

        I won't be watching them!!!




            The Kardashian gang had better start checking themselves because all the Jordyn bullying may be the end of them if anything happens to Jordyn. None of them have led saintly lives.

            Elaine Bines

              Mama Jenner decided imo that Scott's latest beau was not going to appear in season 15 – so obvious – and what else is, is kourtney jealousy of Kim, being the one with the 4th child- not her – gawd, when Courtney had third child Scott didn't want to know her – guess what- she knew that and did not care 🤔

              ByeBitch 《

                Is this channel paid to do all these videos on the kardashians or what

                Clarissa Kagoro

                  Wait what?!?! their ten 10 why do i only know about the cheating one

                  Military Science

                    what comes around goes around and didn't Kylie cheat with Tyga while Blac Chyna was best friends with Kim K.? And didn't Kim K. Cheat with Kanye while he was still dating Amber Rose? KARMA!

                    Karina Montes

                      Tristian Thomson isn't all that to have all this girls fall for him

                      k c

                        Lurv! So excited! Especially about what's going on with Kourtney and what happened to her ex. She's my fav, hope she's ok. Love Khloe too, it's going to be devastating watching her during happier times that she had with her former little family :'(

                        Maggie E

                          Rob is an idiot js

                          Maggie E

                            Khloe needs to drop him. She’s WAY too nice.

                            Olga WW

                              Kylie has always been the private sibling amongst them all, and haha Kanye sure can't hide his feelings when he hugged Caitlyn

                              Samiki Booker


                                Cassie Bloemendaal

                                  I'm not a fan I'm calling for a cancellation

                                  Awesome Slime

                                    Hey TheTalko I dare you to pin this..

                                    Brittanii Starzz

                                      I think this will be the last season of KUWTK. Let’s all pray 🙏🏽

                                      TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

                                        Season 16 about to be 🔥

                                        Jennifer Pratt

                                          She is expecting baby #2

                                          ERICA Driven

                                            Unfollowing u guys now is the Kardashian s in ur pockets why is there always a Kardashian video there are other celebrities….please just stop

                                            Peace LaNaiya

                                              Something wrong with the Kardashian

                                              Juana Ladaya

                                                I'm so sick of hearing about the karthashian ,,,but one think I could say I know Sofia is so happy that they let her go for know n she could have a beautiful n more relaxing relationship with Scott god bless them 🆗😍😘

                                                Holly Welch

                                                  Why are the hats blurred? We can all tell what the logo is.

                                                  TOP V

                                                    Love this one 👏

                                                    jorxs jordan

                                                      Kanye stop it

                                                      Vala Dina

                                                        In my opinion, Kris Jenner set the whole Jordan Woods and Tristan Thompson situation up for KUWTK ratings and to get rid of Tristan once and for all and Jordan was was collateral damage😁

                                                        Madissyn rose

                                                          Love it😍

                                                          Alyson Martinez m


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