10 Meghan Markle Most Embarrassing Moments As A Royal

Main 10 Meghan Markle Most Embarrassing Moments As A Royal

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      10 Meghan Markle Most Embarrassing Moments As A Royal

      Meghan Markle Has Embarrassed Herself In Public As A Duchesse Subscribe to our channel: …

      cathy smith


        Nico Quinn

            Well most of those should not even be embarassing and she is hardly to blame. Not knowing the protocol, wanting to show affection to her husband, calling him my love, writing nice words on a banana? How aweful! (roll eyes) If anything it improves my opinion of her.

            Karen Terrell

              Meghan didnt ask to be born in her family. Im sure everyone has a family member thats not properly right.!!!

              Georgiana speaks

                Entertaining video full of facts! 'Totally missed the mark!)

                fathima zahra ally hoosan

                  Wow a decade….time flew hey
                  it felt like only 10 months

                  Naz Kiwi

                    This is so wrong you guys should quit counting her mistakes for god sake

                    hilda chi

                      Such a BAD video so disappointed

                      Rosa Orozco

                        I don't subscribed to this. Media so the don't get any MONEY for read some stupidity lie and fake shit the they making up

                        fbs 51
                          Mayank Saxena

                            Decade? I guess that for was Kate

                            Nicole Lee

                              Shes an amazing, strong, beautiful woman! Congrats to them! #meganmarkle

                              Oribel Reyes

                                Has been a Royal for nearly a Decade??🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                abby malmström

                                  MM not fit for a royal, she act more as a celebrity rather than a royal. Kate MIddleton is more of an deep rooted aristocratic english royal, low profile, with humility & strong family value background.

                                  Thilia Rose

                                    I like Meghan but i have a feeling that she already knew her dad was going to publish that letter and she wrote it to play victim to the public. Either way her family is trash.

                                    Marjorie Jonas

                                      No she has not been a royal for nearly a decade

                                      Patrice Kasky

                                        I want my relationship goals that of the Queen and Prince Phillip!!

                                        Rakhi-Kumari Lansiquot

                                          She is not royal material, Kate is such a perfect match for William and the family, can’t say the same about Meghan.

                                          goosey mcgooseface

                                            She’s a car crash waiting to happen.

                                            D Bur

                                              Megan wanted fame and she got it ,Be careful what u wish as she is no diffrent , wallace & for Harry i can honesty hope for the best
                                              Remember where you found them bro 👌😉😉

                                              y gongora

                                                Please Google what's a decade please.

                                                Lily Ferris

                                                  Talko got it wrong on purpose, as even before marriage she was a royal.


                                                    “She has been a royal for a decade…”
                                                    Decade=10 years
                                                    Royal wedding =last year.

                                                    😐 😐😐🤔🤔🤔

                                                    monica m

                                                      can y’all let this girl breathe, Jesus, she’s just human

                                                      NOT YOU

                                                        Harry has terrible taste. Megan is merely a gold digger who got lucky. She has no class.

                                                        Tanujah Nair

                                                          How is Megan's father her problem

                                                          Kearney Anesthesia, P.C.

                                                            Meghan’s father wasn’t at the wedding because he had heart problems.


                                                              Only the tag in her dress.

                                                              Alondra Koch Baez

                                                                A royal for nearly a decade?

                                                                Kelly Collins

                                                                  don’t talk about someone’s dad , no matter how much they have messed up.

                                                                  Don Spartan

                                                                    Fluoride does bad things.

                                                                    Don Spartan

                                                                      That thumbnail shows the age. At least 47

                                                                      Lauren Labansen

                                                                        I’m sorry, a year and a decade are not the same!

                                                                        Bec SocSci

                                                                          A royal
                                                                          For nearly a decade? Um


                                                                            A decade???? WTF?! Are you high???

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