10 Most Embarassing Selena Gomez Moments In Public

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      10 Most Embarassing Selena Gomez Moments In Public

      Selena Gomez Has Embarrassed Herself In Public More Than Once. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Eye Queen

        She’s the purest soul ever. Change my mind

        king Junior

          I don't care about all this shit. Still love you Selena
          You rock!

          ARMA abc

            Demi Taylor and Justin made her relevant

            ARMA abc

              Demi and Ariana outsold outtalented outsing outevrythinged her. She dates guys for fame and makes friends for attention. She can't even sing or act or dance. Ugly talentless hoe.

              Kevin Batten

                Who would wanna marry Justin only goldiggers do😬

                Santosh Ujainwal

                  Even if she is a celebrity it does not mean that she can’t have accidents or emotions like normal people she is the most purest souls ever I don’t mean to give any hate but all these reasons are just ridiculous and most of them aren’t even accidents #changemymind

                  kriti Mishra

                    Wat ever i love her

                    Ana Cruz

                      So fist the voice over narrator spills the tea / throws shade at Selena, Then she sugar coats how Selena still is better than any of that. Haha Make up you're mind but at least you considered. Good video though all though I love Selena Gomez too much to even care about her akward or random moments, That Young Woman has been through way too much. She's blessed to have over come it all in a healthy manner. I just clicked cause this was a new video uploaded acouple hours ago. Plus about Selena 😍

                      m a r i o

                        Shes a flop

                        Akash Sarola

                          I'm a fan of Justin and Selena but now Justin is a jerk who left this gorgeous girl.

                          Eminência Mula

                            she's so beautifully ❤❤❤❤❤❤u selena

                            Nameera Sheikh

                              Yo I love Selena Gomez and justin bieber cmon stop

                              momo hale

                                These are not even embarassing moments. She's beautiful people!! ❤

                                alyssia violet

                                  What show has Harper been in? She was like a nine year old and she was bratty. Idk tell me if you do

                                  LAXY Y

                                    Is there only 42 selenators around here? ( including me? ) dislikes

                                    Weight Loss Dietitian

                                      Thanks for the great videos



                                        AWESMR Satisfaction

                                          wow even in 'the worst moments' shes so good.

                                          Jesse Paul

                                            Talko leave selena alone .selenator for life and for ever

                                            Wayne Miller

                                              I almost forgot celebrities have hearts LOL

                                              Wayne Miller

                                                They weren't embarrassing for her she likes the attention

                                                Gracie Dolan


                                                  Aysed Bys

                                                    She is the queen no matter what👑❤️

                                                    Michelle Tana

                                                      Selena will meet the man of her dreams, get married & have beautiful babies with him and live happily ever after 😊😊😊


                                                        I feel like when you’re famous embarrassing moments are a lot worse because everyone will be talking about it and it will most likely be on camera for millions of people to see

                                                        Lara Croft

                                                          stop putting out somebody else’s mistakes in order to make yourself feel good.

                                                          TOP V

                                                            Love this

                                                            Betty Slawinski

                                                              Leave this girl alone…cmon people…💛

                                                              Mirko Krizmanić

                                                                Usually when a celebrity is big in the US, they're also famous worldwide. Not this one.

                                                                Nawal Jama

                                                                  Gõ åwáy øk Lēmmë çry ßïtçh

                                                                  Selz1992 G

                                                                    1. They aren’t even embarrassing.
                                                                    2. Selena’s met gala look was not as it is shown in many photos and that is due to the flash lights. She looked like an angel and many celebrities who were there also said that she looked amazing, so stop constantly bringing it up. Stop saying she’s looked ridiculous, cause she looked amazing.
                                                                    3. Selena had that Balenciaga sweater way before Hailey, so stop.
                                                                    4. The spanks wearing thing you guys think is embarrassing is just ridiculous. Did you ever think about the fact that she maybe doesn’t want to show her body parts. That’s gross you guys.

                                                                    Aminata Drame

                                                                      They did Selena dirty in the thumbnail.

                                                                      Cecilia Moyer

                                                                        I tried to get a drink from a water fountain that had a sign that said out of order 😂 7th graders saw me it was kinda embarrassing

                                                                        Estancia Times

                                                                          Hehe..big FAN here. Comments are welcome.

                                                                          Symmetrical Foundation

                                                                            MK Ultra Cline moment lol.

                                                                            Kelsey Pizzati

                                                                              Selena Gomez always shines through

                                                                              Jane’s Avert

                                                                                Everybody makes mistakes and that's who you are

                                                                                J C

                                                                                  Who else has had more embarrassing moments than these?😂luv u selena❤

                                                                                  Kris Gabe

                                                                                    Selena is Queen😍😘

                                                                                    Devanshi Pokhriyal

                                                                                      before 200 likes!!!!!!!

                                                                                      Syazwin Aireena

                                                                                        ((These aren’t even embarrassing))

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