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      10 Most Embarrassing On Stage Moments

      Including Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello, Cardi B and more singers. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Rene Dyson

        Where notifications squad at???


          You are cringe

          Bex 101

            Omg I don't feel bad anymore
            btw subscribe to the talko and get noticed in the comment section

            Muchas gracias

            Allison Mirenda

              I think Cabellos move is a cultural thing for Latino dancing. Not in a “I’m a hoe” way but in a sexy way. Does that make sense? I feel like it doesn’t make sense lol I’ve seen it done when Latinas dance salsa & just get lost in the music

              Caz W

                Cardi b desperate much lol

                Valkery Bebe

                  Happy birthday camila🎈🎂❤️

                  Kianna _Alex

                    You guys know very well that Camila's was part of her costume as well of the dancers it was supposed to show… you guys just wanted her on the thumbnail.. be more intelligent and creative next time..

                    Hendall Zigi

                      10:12 Look at the man back Camilla!

                      Darkest Silhouette

                        . Cardi B uses public stunts to stop them from the rumors. 😐😑

                        binita basnet

                          How many came just seeing the thumbnail???

                          Sam Doherty

                            I'm early for once like if u agree xx PS. Have a wonderful day xxx ❤

                            Was sup

                              Ariana Grande is NOT the princess of pop😑

                              count your blessings

                                I see Fever 333, I hit that like button

                                Prathamesh Shelar

                                  9:34 😜😘

                                  Harveen Jandu

                                    lol sucks

                                    Blanca Carr

                                      Camila didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction! Y’all really wanted to add her to this list to make her look “bad”? Smh!!

                                      Emily Macedo

                                        I don't know why you make these videos everyonemakes mistakes,famous or not. Why is it such a big deal?

                                        BookDragon 39

                                          Honestly I didn’t even notice she messed up when I watched Alessia Keys messed up

                                          Wendy Silver

                                            1.why is this person always throwing shade 🙄
                                            2.this channel makes people feel bad and makes fans cring

                                            Abhinaya anand

                                              Who watched the grammys just for bts 😂💜🙋

                                              Nishant Tiwari

                                                What? You said Cardi-B a Rap God?

                                                EMINEM IS Rap God


                                                Rob Cog

                                                  Cabello’s dancers ALL had matching panties under their skirts. The panty shots were clearly intentional.

                                                  Adonis Makshana

                                                    Ari's music now is hip hop


                                                      Alicia Keys is beautiful!


                                                        Have a nice day anyone who sees this!😊

                                                        I. M.

                                                          It’s just mistakes everyone makes one

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