10 Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS! | The Ultimate Guide #10

Main 10 Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS! | The Ultimate Guide #10

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      10 Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS! | The Ultimate Guide #10

      10 Nail Art Designs Using Household Items! Today’s nail art tutorial is a huge ultimate guide that will show you 10 different nail art designs that you can DIY at …

      Miss Cadets

        Omg I love the cow 🐮

        That Sandi Chic

          Great job Elena! 🇨🇦

          Jacqueline Douglas

            Fried egg , lemons very nice 😍👍

            Caroline Cordani

              I love the bi colors on the French tip!

              Jeri Lynn Brooks

                I’m never not going to watch these


                  I love that technique used on the first thumbnail!

                  Jennifer Kopenga

                    The fried egg 🍳 and the cow 🐮 were my FAVORITES so so adorable and you’re very talented hunny 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                    NailsByMatin طراحی ناخن متین

                      Love the sea shore! 😍

                      Picnic Pineaple

                        The cow design is super cute🐄

                        Livey Montellano

                          Could use tooth pick instead of nail/makeup brush..

                          *- Røse -*

                            Lovely designs!


                              These are cute ideas, thank you 🤗

                              FF FF


                                Elizabeth Vallely

                                  Very pretty and cute and quick designs thanks for sharing!! Liz x

                                  gaya3 mantra14

                                    How long does it take to dry these designs? Mine take forever to dry.

                                    gaya3 mantra14

                                      Sea Shore is a genius design 👍

                                      Cecy Valenzuela

                                        Muy bonitos diseños : )
                                        No necesitamos tener uñas largas para q se vean bonitas

                                        Magdalena Koh

                                          Does the base colour needs to be dried before one applies the art work?


                                            the gradient French tip is actually the Bi pride flag colours ☺

                                            Farhan Mohammed

                                              I actually like that French tip

                                              Lucy V

                                                As usual, great video! I love the French tip idea. Thanks!

                                                Megan R.

                                                  Love ur channel I tried the egg one sooooo cute love ur channel

                                                  Дарья Шулунова

                                                    Greetings from Russia! Like!

                                                    Anum Shahzad

                                                      Cow nails are pretty trendy at the moment! Can't wait to try that! ♥️✨


                                                        I always love this type of video, very inspiring! I love that little cow design 🐄💕 super cute!


                                                          The sea shore is my favorite!!! It's so pretty, and it makes me think of vacation. 🙂

                                                          Hfvbh Grbng

                                                            Tm saga T love you

                                                            Harleen Kaur

                                                              I absolutely love the sunny side up nail design and actually all of em💕
                                                              Edit:thanks for the heart ❣

                                                              Regan Baker

                                                                These are so cute

                                                                Pooja Rajesh Nair – Nail Art


                                                                  Eva M MRR

                                                                    I love the cow


                                                                      Could you do twenty øne piløts-inspired designs??

                                                                      josephine suji

                                                                        Wow … so nice and easy … 💓💖

                                                                        Veronica Christopher

                                                                          They are amazing 😍 .. wanna try them on nails .. I have beautiful nails btw 😊


                                                                            This just brought me back to when I would look up cute polish tutorials in high school and spend hours doing it with Bobby pins, acrylic paint, etc.

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