10 Royal Rules Queen Elizabeth Has Broken For Meghan Markle

Main 10 Royal Rules Queen Elizabeth Has Broken For Meghan Markle

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      10 Royal Rules Queen Elizabeth Has Broken For Meghan Markle

      Queen Elizabeth Bends The Royal Rules For Duchess Meghan Markle Subscribe to our channel: …


        Man Queen Elizabeth must really like Megan

        Jane Sayers

          Mm An actress

          anonymus fate

            Lets say because the Queen loves Harry.. And the Queen doesn't want her grandson to get out of the royal family

            Jimyr Ayson

              TheTalko Is Obsessed With
              Something Is Happening With
              Ariana Grande

              Dnieto Gaming

                I wouldn't have to worry about being famous I would be miserable


                  No. "Ms" is not supposed to have a period after the "s" because it is not an abbreviation.

                  Melinda Nash

                    Meghan Markle is not a princess and never will be. She is a duchess. This is a fact. You look stupid when you make a error such as referring to a royal family member by a title that is higher than they actually are.


                      don’t like Meghan tbh, much prefer Kate

                      One MercilessMing

                        ER II is publicly silent on political issues, HOWEVER, as monarch, it is her DUTY to advise the government and she does so.

                        Richa Patel

                          My birth month is May…. it is very disheartening…😭😭

                          Kyle Adcock

                            The Queen knows that the heart-in-love is sometimes stronger than the rules. Meghan must be very good for Harry, or this marriage would not have been agreed upon. This must have been a very well thought out process by the Queen to make this a smooth transition.

                            Felisa Cortez

                              The queen broken many rules for MEGAN TO COVER THE ROYALS WHEN MEGAN GOES M.I.A. OR ACCIDENTALLY DIES……

                              Insiya Lokhandwala

                                Didn't kate broke the rule by keeping her hair down at her wedding??

                                Carmam Yuna

                                  Seem a little unfair to Kate

                                  Pusheen Lover

                                    This channel must hate Meghan….

                                    RUNNING MAN

                                      For the talko was Royal they would be Royak talko

                                      Loke Ken Nee

                                        This is now like a gossip channel exclusively about Meghan Markle, seriously did she slap your boyfriend or sth?

                                        Cynthia Denniston

                                          Kates dress was beautiful. Kate and William are my favourite royal. Did not like Meghans dress.

                                          Anna Raga anna

                                            We should be worried that the Queen is being this nice to someone lwith the same mindset as Diana ….

                                            Anna Raga anna

                                              Queen allowed them to Marry in May huh….cause she's funny like that 😏

                                              Ionela-elena vlogs

                                                Girl I will bet $10.000 I know those lil royal rats break rules too😌

                                                Ren RN

                                                  Maybe the queen wanted to doom the marriage that's why she allowed it to happen in May??? Did you think about that?? No. You only think about yourself!

                                                  Amanda begg

                                                    Rubbish again Harry is not heir to the throne therefore could marry where he wants.

                                                    Belinda Enata

                                                      1:25 girl that’s meagan

                                                      Zoe R

                                                        If I royal I lesbian

                                                        snowblack jane

                                                          Meghan is so much better than that bunch, get out while you can

                                                          snowblack jane

                                                            Dear Meghan, get the hell out of there and hopefully Harry will go with you, you are too good that that bunch of starched snobs

                                                            Domonic Jones

                                                              thats a lie im british and we do celebrate baby showers

                                                              office branch 4 dayzz

                                                                Does the talko ever shut up about Meghan breaking rules my god

                                                                y gongora

                                                                  A dicorcee having no baby at the age of 37, marries a royal, belly pops out. Anybody else see the COINCIDENCE?

                                                                  Holly Welch

                                                                    The title makes my heart cry. That is so touching.


                                                                      why did she have a longer veil train than kates.i heard the queen didnt even see why she should wore one


                                                                        Did she just say thrice at 5:505:52

                                                                        Natasha Frasier

                                                                          The Talko needs to stop acting like their experts on British Royal Protocol when they clearly aren't!

                                                                          Natasha Frasier

                                                                            Queen Elizabeth did not marry Harry!

                                                                            Natasha Frasier

                                                                              Charles and Camilla were married at St. George's Chapel so The Talko your wrong about no church weddings for divorced brides!

                                                                              Natasha Frasier

                                                                                The Talko is complicit in the bullying and harassment of Meghan!

                                                                                Lantha Jones

                                                                                  Keep hating B****es,the queen is wise and she knows duchess Meghan is very important to the future of the Monarchy. I mean really who is it really going to hurt to break a few out dated rules.

                                                                                  Gina Jennings

                                                                                    Don't like her never have never will.


                                                                                      Like this voice knows…..

                                                                                      typhoons.earthquakes.tsunamis.are. KARMA

                                                                                        An ungrateful spoiled slut who spoileds by everyone, who constantly spend ten times the money than Kate on parties, luxury clothings and shoes, she will destroy the loyal family one day………

                                                                                        Hair Care Specialist

                                                                                          Don't forget to smile and stay awesome

                                                                                          Cal Houn

                                                                                            So, twice married , de facto and multi abortions still equals a white dress?
                                                                                            Such a feminist… Haha, fool for a Disney fairytale wedding… Can't live without a man… Uses sex as power… What a disgrace to young women watching her. She is also older than advertised….

                                                                                            Elect Lady Gloria Willingham

                                                                                              I would like to see the rule book. The people reporting really don’t know what they’re talking about.

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