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      10 Royals Who Lost Their Royal Status

      10 times Royals have lost their Royal titles. Subscribe to our channel: —————————————————————————————– It …

      Teresa Maclennan

        You said princess Alexandra would never been the queen of England erm you mean Monaco right?

        Ahdee Yeswe

          So beautiful princess

          An’wen Eira

            it was king edward the eigth not the third

            unicorns are cool

              Really meh?! I would be lucky if i had saw a royal family in my country

              Susan Smith

                Who was Edward the third ??

                Jamuna N

                  1:34 hermes board😱😱

                  Rudolf de Lang

                    When Dutch Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau (sometimes called "Prince Brilliant) married Mabel Wisse Smit in 2004, he did it without the permission of parliament aka a big no-no for royals. If he wanted to remain a member of the Dutch Royal Family and second in line to the throne after his older brother, Prince Willem-Alexander, it was required by law that the marriage be approved.

                    Which it wouldn't have been, as it turns out that Wisse Smit had a previous relationship with one of the country's most infamous drug lords, Klaas Bruinsma, with Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende saying that the couple had provided "incomplete and incorrect information" during the vetting process…

                    allyana rizz espiridion

                      I don't know why but i hate queen Elizabeth

                      I R

                        Actually after Diana divorced Charles she lost her title. She became Lady Diana the tittle she had before she got married to Charles. The Thailand’s king , and his fourth wife !!!! He is a Joke, have you never seen how he dressed up ? A short sleeveless top that show his tummy’s and a jean pants that has many holes. He believed he is in his twenty most possibly he is gay . Then Religions of course it’s important and always been imagined If Trump wife was a Muslim woman from Iran !!!!

                        Rebecca Stone

                          5:45 the dab…

                          Keisha Alexander

                            Why would anyone would want to be a royal

                            Supra Lad

                              Here at 63 comments

                              Amilliya Sadeh

                                America, please come take Megan Markle back…we don't care for her here in the UK. She has no respect for our country, she's just rude. Thank you.

                                We are IF

                                  I would like to comment but if i did I could face jail time

                                  Princess Bea Mique Cabañez

                                    Mate, we early

                                    Bill S

                                      The King of Thailand never married for the 4th time

                                      Kelly Urbina

                                        0:04s a royal dabed

                                        Dave Subba

                                          You missed out the royal tragedy in Nepal!! It’ was a royal massacre!

                                          Cardi B


                                            Ioana Lazar

                                              I'm so over men getting away with affairs and unfaithfulness. This patriarchal society is so degrading. I'm so ashamed that we let them get away with all this.

                                              CORY TOLBIN

                                                "Royalty" = People who have killed their way to the top. Doing so for honorable reasons is a whole other subject.


                                                  The prince of Thailand is a jerk!! Heartless

                                                  iii Krystal


                                                    blue X

                                                      What about the princess Lalla salma of Morocco where
                                                      Did she go?

                                                      Ayaz tech


                                                        Sasha Mixa

                                                          Diana was An Amazing Humanitarian. Her legacy is so fond with me. Thank you!

                                                          Katie Murphy



                                                              Like if you’re royalty👑😉

                                                              Keyser Soze

                                                                Thumbnail chick lost her royal status and her chapstick 😆

                                                                Wolfie Cindy

                                                                  Please do a video about Ariana, she is the most followed woman on instagram 😍

                                                                  i am ur Mommy

                                                                    Roses are red,
                                                                    Violets are blue,
                                                                    Be so clever,
                                                                    and make it blue.

                                                                    king of duck 23

                                                                      0:03 little dude took a fat dub

                                                                      Little_ girl_with_a_big_heart Xoxo



                                                                          Sadly prince Johan Friso passed away, at age 44, in 2013 due to complications from an avalanche accident in 2012, leaving behind his wife and 2 daughters…

                                                                          Cheryl Bailey

                                                                            Queen Elizabeth would still be queen. Edward dies childless and the Crown would have still landed on Elizabeth's head as the next in line.

                                                                            AS IF


                                                                              Roma Lee


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