10 Sephora Products You Should Never Buy And 5 You Need

Main 10 Sephora Products You Should Never Buy And 5 You Need

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      10 Sephora Products You Should Never Buy And 5 You Need

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      Sindija Rače

        I love mekeup

        Frazzled Haloz

          No on Fenty!

          Mrs J

            I love free Samples 😍

            Sun Moon & Stars

              I only buy drugstore makeup unless I can get the highend makeup on a really good sale but however I am willing to splurge a little bit on eyeshadow but I usually buy mine from Indie Brands because they're just so much better and cheaper they're not drugstore prices but they're not the highend either they're right in the middle

              Tye OliviaSusan


                This is Stephanya.
                She is Laci’s kid!
                1 like=1 bedtime kissy

                Lucy Castaneda

                  I don’t agree with skincare, for example neutrogena cleansers cause me severe redness the dermatologist said that my skin was sensitize and the drugstore skincare was not good and he recommended to try some dermalogica products and those save my face.


                    0:52 I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH?

                    xxlolbryanxx wtf

                      K I cannot do this because Sephora is like my holy grail and once I go in, I buy what I see and I spend around $200-500$😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m bad with money


                        I totally don't agree with that needs list

                        Sanjana v

                          Kat vond are u serious

                          Aleexa Florees

                            The Kat Von D lipsticks are so nice. I’ve only tried the non-liquid one.

                            amber thompson

                              I still believe that the best is the maybelline great lash in the pink container

                              adhi kwok

                                the number one lipstic KVD called “JEFFRY”, but no JEFFRY lines cant found on SEPHORA only found in morphe or in website, it signs YEAHH OR NHAYY ??? with absence in SEPHORA


                                  That lip sleeping mask is $24 in Canada. A completed ripoff. Blistex lip conditioner for $3 has actually the best results I have ever seen and 1/8th of the price!

                                  victoria maimone

                                    Ok as an employee of Sephora some of these I would agree with but the rest the research was not done and not accurate. The skin care is nothing compared to the drugstore ones mentioned and is perfectly fine and or better for someone who might be sensitive . Along with labeled being “Clean” that is 10000% the truth. Plus this is all opinions as to who ever came up with this video.


                                      I get what they're saying about the cleansers from Sephora being overpriced. But I think the OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance™ Cleanser is pretty good. I got a small version with points, and it lasted me two years, as I'm not a big user of cleanser so it worked pretty well for me. I used to use a Neutrogena cleanser and it always made me breakout, the ingredients were very drying.

                                      Serena Lynn B.

                                        😂😂 I got an ulta ad before watching this sephora video 😂😂
                                        Ps…. I gave this video a big fat dislike 👎🏽👎🏽👋🏿✌🏽

                                        Melissa LuvsPlease

                                          I'm a little shocked about the rave reviews about Kat Von D anything?? No thank you.

                                          Jem Bird

                                            You think imma use kat Von d lip stick please I’d prefer not to get small pox thanks

                                            Jeffree star all the way xxx


                                              This is literally just like brand name cereal… sometimes it’s worth it for the better taste sometimes it isn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                              Hit Or Miss

                                                Damn that gloss bomb is goals!!


                                                  I prefer Jeffree's liquid lipsticks…..bye.

                                                  Soumeyya Wolfgang

                                                    Whats wrong with kat von d makeup.please tell me


                                                      Some travel size products are cheaper, you just have to do the math and consider your usage. I love travel size because I can’t go through the whole product without it going bad or getting bored of the product.

                                                      Fransisca Emeline

                                                        Travel size are awesome,you can test few times to make sure whether your skin loving it or not. Beside travel size make sure you use the makeup before it goes bad

                                                        Kiru Avilès

                                                          How did you make a comment so early in the morning

                                                          Niecy’s World

                                                            No offense but I don't think y'all did your research on this one smh srry not srry

                                                            Holly Welch

                                                              If you're on vacation, why wear makeup? ( I get that business trips are different)

                                                              Samika2015 Madhubalaji

                                                                I likes all 27 comments

                                                                You're welcome

                                                                Andria Knobel

                                                                  NO Kat Von D for me.

                                                                  Samika2015 Madhubalaji

                                                                    Write everything in the description box

                                                                    Ala’a AlRejban

                                                                      Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are complete trash, they wear off really fast it’s annoying. I’d actually recommend the Sephora liquid lipsticks to be much more long wearing.

                                                                      Oozi Official

                                                                        Pls mention all the must buy products in the Description box

                                                                        Jarren Lumpkin


                                                                          Thitsar Thant Sin

                                                                            Models are over there wearing all the makeup like there’s no tomorrow while I am just sitting here with 3$ bought lip balm.😑😑😑

                                                                            Miss Ghosty121

                                                                              Almost early!

                                                                              Miss Ghosty121

                                                                                22 comment!

                                                                                Amiya Santosh

                                                                                  Finally something besides all that Kardashit.

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