10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Baby #2

Main 10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Baby #2

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    Kylie Jenner Is Dropping Hints She’s Pregnant With Baby And Engaged To Travis Scott Subscribe: …

    Sywydg _a

    I’m convinced Kylie is definitely pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Tha Grace

    Are y'all for real

    Sophia Bernal

    her new face that she has now is botched and weird looking. Those upside down top lips ain't looking good

    Tina Howard

    Why they are not going to last

    Gaby Fuentesrivera

    Maybe she’s lying about her pregnancy again

    Sofia Ovalle

    What is people talking about?? Kylie not having any time. Dont they know that most rich people have no problem in having a babysitter?? They used to just giving birth and handing the kids away to their new Nanni. So, HELLOOO!! 🙄

    long live king james

    How did he get a girl like that😕

    Kelly Marie

    I don’t know about all of that
    I love her freckles and wish she would show them more!
    That’s all I have to say.

    sweets lover big cookie

    Her face is starting to get fat she's pregnant

    Afro Atheist

    Lay off the plastic surgery….they are so ugly…..😷🤧🤒🤢🤕

    Sky Silver

    Travis and Kylie haven't been together even for a year yet. I hope it works out for them but as a mom of 2 I know that more kids = more stress on your relationship. I think the two of them should get to know each other more & focus on the one they have before adding any more. If she's already expecting I hope it works out for them. Always rooting for families.

    Raena Grace Novels Children Books

    She is living her dream, every girl's dream of being a fashion and makeup billionaire. Therefore, she should highly consider naming her newest addition "Dream". What a dream life she lives.

    Natalia Carrillo Linares

    Goooooooshhhhh leave her aloneeee we are all bloated time to time!!! Please let her be.

    Catalina Aman

    10 min of rambling !!!

    Kiki Dejean

    Wears that ring though?

    Little Bebe


    asi kalp

    hey sisters, if you want to get rid of acne, here's the most EFFECTIVE diy solution. 😉 https://youtu.be/s8iYWEojOPU

    morgan A

    She should name it Sunny

    Small Chic

    Kendall confirmed that she’s not pregnant on the Jimmy Fallon show

    Amelia rose Lalley

    I’m officially convinced she is pregnant

    Someone You know

    Whose baby would be this now?🧐

    Amelia rose Lalley

    Winter or summer would be good names for her baby 2

    Mimoza 8287

    Windy could me a cute name😹❤️. I'm also convinced she's pregnant again

    LETTZA 04

    By baby2 she meant that Travis is her baby 2 ,after stormi lol

    Gracie Greene

    She should get married


    A bump in the red dress? Are you serious :o… it is flat!

    Rama Tariq

    Im convinced

    Layla Rowden

    Did anyone notice that when she said Kylie’s big makeup company she showed Kim’s??🧐

    Natalia Miller

    Did anyone else see how they put KKW lip kits

    Cristina Popenta

    Those videos started to sucks…👎

    Prom. honeyy

    Youtube : Prom.honeyy💗

    Meana Rizki

    Lol ok but her face on the thumbnail thoooo

    Miss Quinn

    Is it really important if she is or not .. In my opinion if "famous" people have children it doesnt effect you and is not important

    Janlee Celistian

    Fucker…pitty gurk

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