10 Strict Rules BLACKPINK Has To Follow On Tour

Main 10 Strict Rules BLACKPINK Has To Follow On Tour

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      10 Strict Rules BLACKPINK Has To Follow On Tour

      Rules you didn’t know k-pop girl group BLACKPINK follows. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Deborah LHX

        Why does only jennie deserve to be called her full name 😤

        Syed Ibrahim Haider

          its not Jennie Kim, thats her full name, its just jennie

          Tina Novianti

            ROSÉ 🌹🔥😊

            Alicia Abdullah

              I'm just glad she knows how to say kpop idols names

              blackpink blink13

                Who is a blackpink fan I'm a huge fan of them ❤️

                A’Mya Padgett

                  I like how they put in Jennie’s whole name but then referred to all the other members by their stage names in the beginning.

                  gabriella francis

                    Funny how this channel suddenly became a K-pop channel now.

                    Vanessa Bader

                      Unnie lol

                      sahenaz amisha

                        I think these rules are perfect to maintain popularity..

                        • Xo Subliminals •

                          Actually, BLACKPINK can date. After 7 years, they are able to date and Lisa and Jennie has been there in 7 years

                          Imma multifandomner what u gonna do ’bout dat

                            it's not pronounced as "oooni" -_-

                            John Doe

                              In short they are real-life barbies

                              Nefferson Gurung

                                This is complete bs the whole video is false smh.Get facts straight

                                Nefferson Gurung

                                  Jisoo is the visuals..

                                  Huwan xOxO

                                    Talko’s a Bliiiinnkk now?!!!! Wow welcome to the family. 💕

                                    Anallie Nguyen

                                      Just waiting for the other members' solo songs

                                      TOP V


                                        Chandy Sison

                                          I think the members don't even smoke

                                          Ellen Jaeger

                                            These are the rules they have to follow all the time, not just while on tour

                                            Amelie forever

                                              I'm starting to hate this channel soz

                                              Army Blink

                                                You need to learn pronouncing BTS and Blackpink's names

                                                Vaiva xox

                                                  Not hating but thats not how you say Jisoo's name


                                                    It’s not only rules while they’re on tour

                                                    loc le

                                                      blackpink in the revolution


                                                        Human Gucci? CHANNEL who?

                                                        Samentha Xox

                                                          drinking can ruin your skin
                                                          So I cant drink water?

                                                          rhamb Rhamboys

                                                            No dating, 100% they're still virgin,, 😅😅 like if you agree,,😂


                                                              + they cannot follow each other on instagram

                                                              naylie afreena

                                                                Interesting to see blackpink here


                                                                  Alot of those rules aren't for health. It's for their image not being destroyed. No smoking or drugs started thanks to their sunbaes. Not allowed to drive due to Daesung killing someone in an accident. June from ikon was caught in a scandal thanks to being caught at a club.

                                                                  Lourain Josephine

                                                                    Hey! Rose is the lead vocalist

                                                                    zahir uddin babar Nobel

                                                                      What smoking omg never going there .what the hell. I think u don't know blackpink

                                                                      Jeon Jungkook

                                                                        TheTalko more like KpopTalko

                                                                        mark mark

                                                                          They'r not really good singers. They can maybe sing but not as good as other singer . Thanks to autotune they got a break.

                                                                          STRAY BABIES

                                                                            I think these rules are for every single person in the kpop industry

                                                                            J J

                                                                              I’m pretty sure most idols don’t smoke or drink so that’s really not a rule. And it’s also looked down on so…

                                                                              Seiei Leisure

                                                                                Call is strict rules but a lot of those rules come from past scandals xD Big Bang leads the way in those haha The latest scandal is worrisome though (Seungri pimping.)

                                                                                BLINK EXO-L

                                                                                  the only thing roseanne park can't eat is avocado

                                                                                  Elin Mathilda

                                                                                    Lisa had a nose job….

                                                                                    R Claire

                                                                                      I didn't know BP couldn't have tattoos, I kinda though they would be allowed since iKON members Bobby, B.I and Jay have tattoos (especially Jay, he has a dozen small tattoos all over his body) 🤔

                                                                                      La Lisa

                                                                                        These rules are not only while on tour. It is actually active the moment they signed the contract. 🤣 I feel bad for them tho. It Feels like they're missing their teenage life. 🤣🤣

                                                                                        Anand Datta

                                                                                          Oh how I wish that they don’t kick anyone out of BLACKPINK especially Jennie she is my bias. Jennie & Lisa are my bias I like the rest but I just find Jennie soooo sweet and she is pretty actually everyone is Preeti and sweet but just in their own way✌🏼😊😝

                                                                                          Ange Crz

                                                                                            Dating ban? My dear Miyeon huhu but now she is Ahri yaaas League of legends pop starsss


                                                                                              are you happen to be shipping jensoo? lmao

                                                                                              Raido Nato

                                                                                                This is normal in Asia, its just weird to those Western culture who ruin their life with clubbing, drinking, smoking and sex.
                                                                                                Follow white culture and u're doom

                                                                                                Mating Mats

                                                                                                  YG is one who have strict rules, look how BLACKPINK successful now. I know YG trying to fix his responsibility before and now


                                                                                                    most of these are not strict rules..well if tour Asia they're not


                                                                                                      let's make this clear; blackpink doesn't smoke anyway iudf

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