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    Alex Centomo

      10 items that I regret buying over the years! Follow me on instagram: Open for more info! POPULAR VIDEOS -OUR …

      Taara Esfandiari

        absolutely love the direction you’re taking for your channel now! keep up the amazing work alex ❤️

        Ed Oliveira

          love this video! also, love your bew bedroom background, it looks so good!!


            Those sneakers are amazingly ugly. I don’t understand why people buy that kind of sneakers.


              But girl, be proud of the lessons you have learned!


                “My head was up in the clouds” that’s how i would describe my self in my teen years lol 😆


                  I cannot relate at all. I never ever was into designer stuff, in fact, I have no idea about them, lmo. Never had the interest, never the money and I am completely fine with it. I usually don’t regret what I bought, because again, I never bought or owned a lot. I realize how satisfied I am mostly with what I own. Except of some expensive tech things I want and some stuff I truly should invest money in – a proper bed, I don’t want a lot ☺️


                    I've made myself follow a rule since a few months ago, that is, if something costs 50$, will I wear it 50 times? Not even close? Then I won't buy it. If the answer is yes or probably yes, then I'll buy it. It has given me some real perspective on things.


                      there are only certain designer brands & items that hold their value on the resale market, otherwise you can only get a fraction of your money back! just FYI to those who are looking to purchase designer bags! chanel and hermes hold their value well

                      youtube H

                        I got in to this big music school in my country… We need a certain piano that we have to pay 3000€ for and I can't even afford that and seeing this gives me so much anxiety 😖😖😖


                          tbh the prada sandals look super cool! although you might be able to find something similar in fast fashion brands and since you've ald bought it, why not make the most use out of it?

                          Mette Bendixen

                            Looooved this video. So entertaining for some reason 😅 ❤️ I would love if you made the opposite video, where you show the things that you were happy that you invested in 😍🤞🏻


                              My biggest regret is buying phone cases and changing the phone after a few months

                              Céline K

                                love this video, I can relate so much!!!

                                Clair enherbe

                                  I regret buying so much skincare. Since my teenage years my skin is bad so I always in search for the product who will finally give clear skin. I don't buy super expensive products (like the most expensive probably cost me 20 bucks) but I have too many products and still a bad skin…


                                    But I love your Balenciaga jacket!!


                                      I am kinda glad that you think those were bad investment because sometimes I feel so bad to not have the money to buy those when I see them on insta that knowing you think it was actually not worthy well it makes me feel a little better🐣

                                      Katariina K

                                        Loved this video! I wish you would've put pictures of the designer items in use. Can you do a video about the best expensive purchases you've made?
                                        Greetings from Finland xoxo

                                        Hadar Levy

                                          Great video and i love the background!!!!

                                          Nadia Bouwer

                                            Maybe you could make a video where you style these items you never wear?
                                            You might find ideas on how to wear them and end up loving them🌿


                                              “I felt like I smelt bad all day and I never got any complaints” 😂😂😂 I love you


                                                Ahahahah you’re so funny. I enjoyed this 😂


                                                  I really appreciate this video. I recently watched a Sierra Shultzie video about designer doupes.

                                                  I made a comment about people spending $1,000 of dollars on “designer” items and got mad shade from people.

                                                  Even if you have the money…why do we care about things that have a “name” on them. I love my bags and belts that are in the $150-$50 range and love them for years. (And that is still expensive)

                                                  Julia H.

                                                    Just by the way: you can double strap the strap of the YSL so it‘s not as long anymore


                                                      hair looks so pretty honey

                                                      Mikar Chor

                                                        I totally know what you mean!! There’s so many things that celebrities and influencers advertise and wear that makes you want it too! Just gotta keep in mind that you don’t really need those things! I usually watch your outfit/haul videos but I gotta admit: This was a pretty great video and I enjoyed watching! Welcome back, Alex!! 💖💖💖


                                                          also what is your lip color? it looks gorgeous on you


                                                            as soon as i saw this background i felt like i was watching old youtube😢


                                                              Refreshing and relatable video. It's great to have this perspective compared to other youtubers

                                                              Texan Bunny

                                                                You’re sweater gives me the biggest pumpkin/fall vibes❤️
                                                                I decorated mine and bfs apartment with fall decor yesterday and i live in Texas so it’s literally still 90+ degrees 😭😂

                                                                The Blonde Vegan Baker

                                                                  We have all been there lol!

                                                                  maika semen

                                                                    let me be honest lol i haven’t really been watching you a lot, but i loveeeee you in this video, like you questioning yourself is soo funny

                                                                    Tamara A

                                                                      Really liked this video! Loved the honesty and you made me laugh haha


                                                                        thank you for this video.. In a lower degree.. It happens to me too! lol

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