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      10 Times Bhad Bhabie Copied Cardi B

      Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli Is Inspired By Rapper Cardi B Subscribe to our channel: …

      Kai Soo


        Shawnna Cooper

          To be honest I don’t like neither one but all of this are a bit of a stretch

          eminem dissed me for no reason

            Both are trash


              this whole video is such a stretch

              Kiki Green

                BB is a threat

                Getf____dbyjeonguk ho c;

                  This sucks to me😒(sorry)

                  beqa marsagishvili

                    Bhad Bhabie is a trash

                    nari abbott

                      Loyalty with the butterfly is a tribute to xxxtentacion. From a video his mom and girlfriend put out. Jenesis said he took her to a butterfly garden and there were butterflies attracted to his blue hair. The loyalty one is matching his that he has on his jaw line saying "loyalty " With the same cursive writing.

                      Don't say things when u don't actually know the person or the MEANING behind the tattoo

                      Kyla Gougler

                        Have u not watched Dr Phil bhad bhabie nails been long

                        Bernie & Bugz

                          All these bitches bite off Kim period. 🐝

                          Shawn Naquin

                            I like how wearing purple, collabing, and hating iggy azelia makes you a copycat of cardi b.

                            • It’s Liya •

                              Just because she copied her Ponytail it’s copying already? maybe they want to try it ._.


                                Should probably do your research because BB hasn’t had that tongue ring for months. She’s got a smiley piercing now.

                                F R A N C E

                                  She is my bestie
                                  She just doesn't know yet….

                                  Meya C

                                    They’re signed to the same label they probably have the same stylist or the label probably wanted her to switch it up

                                    Meya C

                                      Yeaaa I don’t think she’s tryna be like her, she’s only 16 she looks up to her

                                      Ayyits Ther

                                        the clickbaiting is real with this channel, good lord

                                        Mykaela Luckett

                                          1.they are completely different
                                          2.yall are making this up
                                          3. Y’all are hating

                                          Jennifer Marie

                                            Amazing Artist Bhad Bhabie?! Is this a fkn JOKE?! Thx DR Phil!

                                            Bianca Mercado



                                                “Amazing artists” Jesus Christ this generation is fucked.


                                                  I’m sorry but this is just trash. I ain’t no bhad baby fan but this was not good at all

                                                  Jessycart Brice


                                                    mediaguy king

                                                      colabing with other artists is not copying

                                                      Ava’s Imagination


                                                        Haley Shields

                                                          She love cardi you should know thay

                                                          The Selfish Tree

                                                            She did say she was truly inspired by cardi

                                                            kayley espinoza

                                                              Hi bich

                                                              American Horror Story: Apocalypse

                                                                sorry but this had beanie isn't even famous. she's known for being a little shit to her mum on dr phil. that's it.

                                                                aria playss

                                                                  not copying it is inspired

                                                                  Kattie Thomas

                                                                    bhad bhabie is not copying cardi

                                                                    Yahmina Sarae

                                                                      this whole video stupid tattoos don't belong to anyone they don't have the same rap style danielle been wearing red high ponies basically everyday before doctor Phil she's not copying it may be inspiration they are distinctly different

                                                                      Carolina Jiménez

                                                                        Smart move, Cardi is the shit. I like Bad Baby too.

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