10 Ways The 2019 Oscars Are Going To Be Different

Main 10 Ways The 2019 Oscars Are Going To Be Different

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      10 Ways The 2019 Oscars Were Different

      Oscars 2019: All This Years Firsts For The Academy Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– Aside …


        Hollywood is trash, only the weak minded give a crap about these mindless "stars".

        Anro Guru

          I'm gonna watch it to see gaga and Taylor

          J. Alexander Gonzales, Jr.

            Just don’t make it political and solely on talent, not gender/color/etc

            American Horror Story: Apocalypse

              I love LADY but we need more GAGA. WE NEED LG6!!!!

              Marina D

                Ellen needs to host the oscars omg

                Mr. Nobody

                  So does color, gender, or orientation matter? I think talent should should win over all.

                  Jasmine Brown

                    I thought it was about brexit

                    Elita Niad

                      Coz Queen will perform!

                      Anonymer Benutzer

                        Gaga's new nose looks great!!!


                          you know what ? I'm only watching the Oscars for Lady Gaga …


                            my channel deserves a Oscar

                            Zero Fail.45

                              This will be the worst rated and least watched Oscars in history

                              Gracie Adams

                                Inclusion and diversity are racist buzzwords for…no whites, no men no CHRISTIANS no one straight!

                                Kasia Smusz

                                  Ellen should host the Oscars 👌🏼


                                    Hey i do YouTube, if anyone wants to support each other let me know!!!💖💖💖💖

                                    Boaty Mc Boatface

                                      Yeah a crap marvel movie will win "best" movie. Oh and Heath only won ,after his untimely death!

                                      Bosnian Ahgase

                                        Ey ey

                                        Amisa Feruzi

                                          Love making videos
                                          Post Frequently
                                          I want to reach 1k ❤️

                                          Spitfire is My Captain

                                            Well hello there..have a blessed Sunday..

                                            Kung-Fu Kenny Family

                                              Who else thinks Lady Gaga is so pretty without make-up😍???

                                              OK just me

                                              Jasmyn Velasquez

                                                21st comment

                                                TOP V

                                                  That’s why you put those 10 to 1 differently good job 👏 all ways looking for how to putting you 10 to 1 getting my experience make me better with my odious thanks and great 👍

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