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      100 SHADES of Foundation ...

      Hey guys, this was video was pre-filmed 3 weeks ago after I returned from NC. I really love a good foundation wear test, so I hope you enjoy! I’ll be back to …

      Chelise George

        Have you seen the vibrating make up brushes and sponge by Conair? You should review them, it would be great. 🙂


          I feel like she’s censoring comments that are against her…….


            i love you Tati.

            Maja A

              I love the reviews when you are vloging too

              Mr PBL

                Silicon pad in the middle of brush?? What a conspiracy theory 👁🔼 hahahaha

                Veronika Talpašová

                  I want everybody to be able to find their perfect foundation shade but damn. How do i find my shade in so many foundations? I dont have a full pr package to choose from. I cant even find my shade from 10foundations. Haha too much for me.

                  Jill Nammar

                    You’ve taught me so much about makeup! I’m almost 50 and I finally know how to blend my eyeshadow by your tips on how to use a brush correctly. I’ve always loved makeup but now I understand how to apply it so it lasts longer. Thank You! I’m glad you’re back. Also I ❤️ all your rings, especially the oblong one that looks like a freshwater pearl.

                    Tessa Lembke

                      Vote for your bestie to make a showing!

                      Gacha friends 4life

                        ??????????? 😶

                        Mmm Cookies

                          100 shades is completely unhelpful when only 12 are available to test in the store 🙄 Also, I kind of just wish all foundations were neutral and we could fix any extreme undertones with powder

                          Alexia M

                            She lost 10 m sub? I thought she was at 20m…

                            Teresa LR

                              Love uuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                              Isla Veramore


                                d u s t i e s

                                  Well done for moving on x

                                  Mr PBL

                                    Welcome back!!! Miss u so much

                                    vivi Hutson


                                      Sarah DeArmond

                                        I'm glad you're back.


                                          You coward. Afraid of a defamation lawsuit, I see.




                                              There is NO way these are the only comments man… strange.

                                              Johanna Carrigan

                                                I have missed you SOOO MUCH!!!! Love you Always!! 💜

                                                pretty girl

                                                  9:54 her make up makes her look tired

                                                  Georgina Angus

                                                    Love you Tati and I've missed hearing your voice !! Wow ❤😻


                                                      Who else thinks she's gorgeous ❤️?

                                                      Soda Kim

                                                        <3 Tati

                                                        Kate Vaughn

                                                          LOVE all the positive comments❤️ we missed you!!!

                                                          Alex Veela

                                                            Miss you babe

                                                            Soda Kim

                                                              My mom loves foundation so thank u Tati from reviewing this :3

                                                              Katt Whittaker

                                                                My brain literally imploded at the foundation matching tip with having some in your bag to shade match. NEVER would of thought of that

                                                                Lefty J

                                                                  FINALLY! I MISSED YOU TATI… 😘

                                                                  Angela Geminiano

                                                                    Love love LOVE!! This video !!

                                                                    Helenna Flores

                                                                      I missed you!! I need Tati in my week ❤

                                                                      Pepper Peters


                                                                        Tamra Smith

                                                                          100 shades is too much. I feel like they just picked the number 💯, and then came up with the shades. That doesn’t mean there are too many dark shades. They probably created too many light shades and way too many medium and tan shades. I understand about people not being able to find a shade that matches their skin tone. No, I am not claiming that I am excluded to the extent that darker skin toned people are, but I am very pale and there are many foundations and especially concealers that don’t have a shade light enough for me.

                                                                          Gail McMurray

                                                                            I’ve miss listening and watching your videos.

                                                                            Casie Daem

                                                                              I can't wait to try this foundation. I have been trying to find a full coverage foundation in my fair shade that actually does what it says. For some reason I have the hardest time finding my true match, so maybe I have found my pot of gold🎰.
                                                                              Tati I look forward to your next video. You keep doing what you need to for yourself and your family! Wishing you well!🌠

                                                                              soz saman

                                                                                Disliked before even watching

                                                                                Julia Lackerschmid

                                                                                  Welcome back Tati

                                                                                  Sheila Champion

                                                                                    YAY!!! just come back now. <3

                                                                                    dania peña

                                                                                      I’m just loving her 😂😂💕💕

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