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      12 Times The Royal Kids Were Caught Breaking Rules

      The Kids In The Royal Family Are Sometimes Up To No Good. Subscribe to our channel: …

      WHD Studios 2

        Baby Sussex's Name Is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

        Jim Miklas

          Who cares?

          shiroh k.

            The queen is not Prince George grandmother, she's his great grandmother

            Uriel Babang

              You're running out of ideas


                They are only children. They should be allowed to be free.

                Valmy Kids

                  I love Charlotte she is so beautiful

                  Time pass

                    Met Gala 2019

                    El James

                      George is left-handed..
                      William as well..
                      me too..

                      *there's no one asking

                      Kantha Rohilla

                        Ohhh come on guys…. They are just kids… What do you expect from them… not being childish… It's their nature.. The more restrictions the more naughtiness 😂😂.. But I love these kids they are soo freaking cute

                        surmila singh

                          Talking this is a very humble request to please stop making videos on these kinds of people we have better things to do in life their are people dying please make something that is useful and beneficial to every one

                          Mariam Ibrahimi

                            How cute😍


                              I just watched your dismal video about why people hate on Brie Larson. Terrible video. Just wanted to let you know that I've unsubscribed for that obviously biased opinion you had there. SJW.

                              Pewdie Pie

                                I’m from the USA lol

                                Alfred Garcia

                                  Who likes cookies 🍪

                                  roy nettle

                                    the state of that thumbnail.

                                    manly567 playz

                                      The real title should be royal badass kids. ( they r cute though).

                                      Hair Care Specialist

                                        lol amazing

                                        Carmela Barrientos


                                          SunSet Msp

                                            I wish i was in the royal family..

                                            Ellen Tyler

                                              I love this show luv it

                                              Belinda Enata

                                                Grandmother??? He’s the fourth generation of the family

                                                Chloe The American/Polish

                                                  Prince George and Princess Charlotte is just cute😂

                                                  Yesss bitch yesss Cochran

                                                    These are literally like the most behaved kids there is

                                                    Mia Luna

                                                      I thing yes and of no

                                                      Jesus Tapia

                                                        LOL, I love it 😍

                                                        BUNNY LOVER

                                                          WHO IS OVER 0 MONTH OLD

                                                          Athiboy Shaktish

                                                            Nice video
                                                            Savannah Philips is not a third cousin but a second cousin of Prince George as they are related through their great grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh
                                                            Also Grace Van Cutsem is not royalty
                                                            Savannah Philipps being the grand daughter of Princess Anne is related to royalty but doesn't have any titles as her parents don't have it either

                                                            Michelle whee

                                                              who is grace van cutsem?

                                                              Kathryn Paternostro

                                                                they are little kids they are putting so much pressure on them just cause they are always in the spotlight

                                                                laasya kasichinula

                                                                  Kids look even cuter if they show their real self by sticking their tongue out or throwing tantrums🥰🥰😘

                                                                  Ysabella Contreras

                                                                    I'm not early but omg I love that u guys made this vid💕😍😊

                                                                    Helen Boula

                                                                      Well good for the kids. Take a load off these kids are humans. Thank god. Lights camera action.


                                                                        Awesome vid!

                                                                        Really, I think its too much to expect a child, royal or not, to behave impeccably all of the time. Kids will be kids and sometimes you just need to let them have a bit of decompression time which is difficult when you have a camera lens pointed squarely at you in what seems every waking moment of every day, especially the British royals.

                                                                        I feel sorry for royal children; they aren't little adults, they're kids. Just let them be kids when they can to let off a little steam (and I don't mean not to discipline them and let them run wild; just let them decompress once in awhile, preferably away from the cameras if at all possible). I couldn't stand living like they do.

                                                                        62 Productions

                                                                          Im from Norway

                                                                          zarifa shaikh

                                                                            Can you make more video about royal family

                                                                            manly567 playz

                                                                              We're here for the commemts!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

                                                                              épico ep

                                                                                Add one more children to that family

                                                                                Lavisha Changlani

                                                                                  Its sooooo cute……all these kids atleast act like kids unlike some -_- am I right😂🤣

                                                                                  swara vines

                                                                                    This shows everyone have some problems

                                                                                    Beatrice Otieno

                                                                                      kids will always be kids that's why they are kids

                                                                                      XxgachagirlxX XOXO

                                                                                        Roast me😎😎

                                                                                        Rosi Garcia


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