12 Ways Meghan Markle Is Our Modern Day Princess Diana

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      12 Ways Meghan Markle Is Our Modern Day Princess Diana

      12 Times Meghan Markle Copied Princess Diana Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– Meghan …

      EDA Shala

        Royal fashion tea!! 😜❤️❤️

        Miss Quinn



            Yes lots of people here in comments don’t like her being compared to Princess Diana, but weather they like it or not she is but at same time she is her own person. I’m sure Prince Harry see the similarities maybe that’s why he loves her and married her cause she kind and charitable like his mom.

            J Smith

              Nothing like Diana Diana Was Loved❤️
              Mm is reviled 🤬


                Diana is Diana. Meghan is Meghan. They both shook up the royal family, but let’s not compare. They’re amazing in their own way.

                ella b


                  Carol Nash

                    Diana would b absolutely thrilled!!!!

                    Minerva Roman

                      God bless Meghan 💖


                        No just no.

                        Emmanuel Faye

                          Meghan should not be compared to diana or kate she is a different person allow her to be a princess in her own standards not being expected to live up to the standard of the mother inlaw.

                          Dee Palin

                            this so beautiful 😍

                            WHD Studios

                              YOU GO MEGHAN!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

                              Jim Larson

                                I'm just here for the comments . A lot you so called adults need to live by the saying if you don't have anything nice to say , don't say anything at all . Dismiss yourself !!


                                  Nobody will ever compare to Diana 💟

                                  Rickey Field

                                    Duchess Meghan is just being herself; if this mirrors Princess Diana, I think Prince Harry is totally delighted.

                                    Aewynia !

                                      I don't comment on videos often, but i highly disagree with this. For the time, Diana had long pushed boundaries in an effort to shed light on important charity causes and so much more.

                                      Even Catherine is a bigger fashion icon in my opinion. 😂 But then again, nothing could ever come close to the late Princess Diana.

                                      Najah dhawre

                                        So anybody who tries to be kind on this earth is trying to be diana, for god sake stop with the nonsense meghan is being meghan, she is a kind person.

                                        shane shane

                                          She is nice but will never be Diana everrrr.. . Sorry but its true and we all know it


                                            This is so insulting to Diana who was pure class & from nobility not a fame hungry pretentious D list celebrity like Megan! classes upon classes apart!

                                            Surae KinCannon

                                              Are you kidding me! She can't even come close to to even think about being the The Most Beautiful and Gracious Princess Diana. It is absolutely ridiculous to compare the two.

                                              kenine lover

                                                Meghan is definitely a strong, independent and an inspirational woman however comparing her to diana is not so good I mean diana is just beyond compare so in a way this doesn't look so good . I really don't hate Meghan but this is just an inadequate comparison.

                                                Hayley Slayton

                                                  MARKLE isn't anything like Princess Diana at all!! This Trashy ,old 44+++, F list actress from COMPTON, CALIFORNIA, which is where she lived in a ugly small apartment with questionable Mother, until her mother's Father unexplained and unexpectedly died and Mother found him, signed all paperwork and he wasn't cold and she and MARKLE moved into Grandfather's home that night!!! MARKLE better stay away from Tunnels and she's stated she wants to be like Carolyn Kennedy well have a great plane Trip on Monday!!!

                                                  Helen Boula

                                                    What a damn joke.

                                                    Frank Richel


                                                      Naphtal Hlubi

                                                        Princess Diana reminds me of my mother. Now, we are not royals by any stretch if the imagination, however, the qualities of helping your fellow man and just common decency reminds me of my mother. With that being said, I think Di would have been happy for both her children and the wives they have chosen

                                                        J Darbz

                                                          Can you do a "top 10 reasons Meghan markle is the most successful golddigger" thank you 😁

                                                          Glenda Menger

                                                            Don’t put them in the same sentence!

                                                            Lisa Mari Arellanes

                                                              How dare they compare her to Diana! Cannot even begin to compare them! What a disgrace! Makes me sad for the Royal Family……….the Markle girl does what she wants; the baby shower topped it off…….complete inconsideration! A mockery of everything her and Harry claim they stand strong for! And, they are comparing Hollywood BS to Diana? What an insult!


                                                                Why this thumbnail look like Logan Paul 😂


                                                                  She will never be the next Diane. NEVER!

                                                                  Adrianna Byrne

                                                                    I'm 66th to like


                                                                      They married royalty?

                                                                      bluberri moon


                                                                        Harley Q

                                                                          Princess Diana didn’t have a ghetto publicity seeking family… if anything, Kate Middleton is more like princess Diana

                                                                          Jarren Lumpkin


                                                                            Retro Vybz

                                                                              Y'all are desperate..

                                                                              Brenda Peterkin

                                                                                Meghan doesnt want to be Diana. Meghan is absolutely genuine, because she has been the same kind, caring person since she was a child. She doesnt have to act. As a teenager and young woman in her twenties she did good charity work in Africa, she went with her mother as a child to feed the homeless in L.A., and did her best to make sure That all meals not used at her meetings and functions as an actress went to the homeless. All this before she met Harry, so you haters get your facts right.

                                                                                Junifarben Lifestyle

                                                                                  Piss off America, why you talking about British things for? Yeah I said it. Talk about yuh cheeseburgers and school shootings

                                                                                  C m

                                                                                    She's not a princess helllloooooo it's called a Duchess😂😂🤣😆

                                                                                    Stella Kuang Vlogs

                                                                                      When 98% of all comments are hate. Can someone just please show kindness to her. She has a really hard time of being an American in England, as a royal member.

                                                                                      EDA Shala

                                                                                        Meghan markle is royal fashion icon.. love her..!


                                                                                          Who watches TheTalko instead of doing homework? Me lol…
                                                                                          Anyone want to be yt friends or sub to eachother?

                                                                                          Molly May


                                                                                            Sunny Money

                                                                                              The thumbnail looks like a trans Logan Paul

                                                                                              Blue Nebula

                                                                                                No, not even close. How can you even compare the people's Princess Diana to that narcissistic, money grubber, controlling creature called Nutmeg. I am about to unsubscribe this channel.

                                                                                                Aimee 82009

                                                                                                  She’s nothing like Diana and she never will be the next Diana

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