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      13 Actors Who Played The Opposite Gender

      Actors Who Play Transgender Or Opposite Gender Roles In A Movie. Subscribe: …

      Aranza Gasca

        That's Manila Luzon on minute 9.24 jajajjaja


          Mrs. Doubtfire is Scottish. Not English. That's such a big mistake I'm kinda surprised you got it so wrong.

          Cine Mairon

            Actors are actors and their job is to bring characters-roles that are written in the script to life. People get a little obsessed with representation and tend to forget that. The logic LGBTQ characters must be only played by actual LGBTQ actors/actresses puts limits to the art of acting. The criterion of who is the best option for the role should be the acting skills, not the sexuality or gender label. Besides, the biggest the gap between the performer and the character is, the hardest the work and study becomes for them. It's a challenge for them and a chance to learn more, understand and talk about their experience, then share it with the people and that may be more effective than just please communities. If the portraying of the character is done properly, shouldn't we be happy? Isn't that what matters in the end?

            PS: Cate Blanchett and Lee Pace have been doing amazing job in similar gender-changing roles too.

            Erikka Juvonen

              They are actors why do they have to be an actual trans to play? Ist like a disabled person ? Not Saying there isn't actual good/great actors thay are in the LGBTQ community there plenty of gay,lesbian,an Bi actors thay are being recognized. I'm sure there will be more Trams actors. But it's getting out of control with this who should get what role. Let's just stop making movies in general cgezzzz.. yes I think this i has gotten ways out of control. Just cause you are Trans or in anyway part of the LGBTQ community doesn't mean you can act.. lmao.. don't forget the movie Shakespeare in love all the men back than played woman,and Gwyneths charchter played a man just to get a part. Everyone complain way to much nowadays it's disgusting. At the end of my huge novel I think any great actor can pull off Any character. This has been going on for years and years, and now there is problem??? So much to say about this touchy subject but it is going too far now…

              Nagella Jean-Baptiste

                White Chicks was cool. There should be a sequel. I am not bored watching it. Because it's just funny film.

                Heather Frazee

                  I always liked the 1996 film different for girls. It’s one of my favorites. Steven Mackintosh plays a transgender woman, who meets up with her best friend and protector from boarding school after almost a decade has gone by. She has transitioned since the two last saw each other. And Steven does an excellent job of portraying all the hoops that a person has to leap through just to be who they are. I’m only commenting because I feel like it should be included in the list.

                  Gacha Pastel

                    You forgot Michael J Fox I’m back to the future 2 he played his future daughter and also played his future son and ALSO played himself. I love back to the future 1, 2, and 3

                    Amie Marya

                      has anyone notice felicity huffman use to playing a trangender role in american trans?

                      Error404_ Lofi

                        You forgot Big Mama and Norbit


                          What about tango and cash Stallone and Russel good movie

                          Super Mama

                            We are heterosexual✌

                            Super Mama

                              We are heterosexual HETESEXUALES so don't badder

                              The Star Sisters

                                i think it's about how well they fit the role rather than what they are in real life.

                                Miss Mia

                                  It's a crime that Terry Jones isn't mentioned….

                                  andromeda. vid


                                    Paul Stjernberg

                                      Do you know what I wanna see ? I want to see a transperson play a cis-person. That would be groundbreaking.
                                      It´s like why shouldn´t a openly gay or lesbian actor play a straight person ? They´re actors, right ?

                                      Mohammad Al-qudah

                                        No mention of Crying Game?!

                                        Izzy W

                                          She compared shaving your head and playing the opposite sex? the fudge ????

                                          Lyrica Jackson

                                            I am close friends with several people who are trans and I have talked to them about how they feel about cis actors playing trans people and they say they don’t mind as long as the portrayal isn’t offensive

                                            Linda Daheim

                                              What about Tilda Swinton in Orlando?


                                                Where is Whoopi Goldberg in The Associate?

                                                Broken Angel

                                                  Dumbest video 😡…..!! Man still a man…. woman still a woman God doesn't make mistakes.

                                                  Kaj Te Briga

                                                    Boys don't cry?

                                                    Kayanna Miller

                                                      what about big Mama and Madea

                                                      Naila Yoh

                                                        9:27 manila luzon is that you??

                                                        edit: looked it up and it’s definitely manila

                                                        Picsart Tutorialz

                                                          Kinda early #kindaearlysquad


                                                            You guys are so obsessed with the kardations almost every video is about the kardations or hass them in it or in the thumbnail get your own made l content

                                                            Saleima Romain

                                                              Eddie did it best tho

                                                              Real Moon Witch

                                                                I think the issues with non lgbt+ people playing lgbt+ characters is one of two things. Firstly there aren't nearly enough lgbt+ roles in films yet to correctly represent how vast the community is/how many people are part of the lgbt+ community, therefore the roles are harder to come by and obtain for any actor who isn't an A-lister. Secondly, we've seen it done over and over with minority roles where 10 people could audition for a part, 9 of them identifying the same as the character, yet still that one actor who isn't gay or trans will get the role because that's what the director finds comfortable to deal with. It's the same with any minority group really, take for example deaf actors and deaf roles. Many deaf actors won't get the part of a deaf character because the people making the film don't know how to direct someone who's deaf. It's incredibly hypocritical and insensitive, to say "we want to make a movie from the perspective of a deaf person to rid the stigma" then turn around and say "but we don't want any actual deaf actors because that's too hard" causing the stigma they are supposedly trying to get rid of.

                                                                Cielo Amezquita

                                                                  He played an actual woman??

                                                                  Roxanne Perez

                                                                    Crying Game

                                                                    David Gonzales

                                                                      You totally forgot Divine…….

                                                                      knowlight knowright

                                                                        Swayze should not have been in drag with that chin!!!

                                                                        Malachi Faamausili-Fala

                                                                          Stuff the lgbtq

                                                                          Irene Oliver

                                                                            I think the Wayne's bro's should 4 sure make another 🎥 white chicks part 2 plz. Would 💘 2 c them in a part 2.

                                                                            Neta Sezan

                                                                              I loveeeeee that movie of vida bohem

                                                                              sawang wangchha

                                                                                Mainstream movies need more LGBT representation so people can understand more about their life and personalities.

                                                                                Neta Sezan

                                                                                  Got letto so hot

                                                                                  Djamel Hamdia

                                                                                    What about Kate Blanchet as Bob Dylan in ''l'm Not There''?

                                                                                    Where’s my happy ending ?

                                                                                      ALRIGHTY,where madea at??

                                                                                      Red Coat

                                                                                        Okay we know Ms. Doubtfire.


                                                                                          'She's The Man' is Amanda Bynes' finest pieces of work to date & it's fucking hilarious. She even manages to look just like her brother, Sebastian who she's posing as in the film. I hate that Hollywood & most likely it's pedophiles all but ruined her. Her contribution in 'Saved' was on point too. #RubSomeDirtInIt

                                                                                          Ryno Art

                                                                                            Brandon Tina was a crazy story and great movie.

                                                                                            Ryno Art

                                                                                              JL , 30 Seconds to Mars !!!

                                                                                              Alwande Sobuwa

                                                                                                These transgenders make me feel pity for these actors
                                                                                                Knowing that these are actors vs t ransgenders looking for small things to complain about or jobs

                                                                                                Darcy Kipnis

                                                                                                  Wow. Just, wow.

                                                                                                  Kim Popp

                                                                                                    I think male or females playing the opposite sex, only shows how committed they are to their art. How well they do it, shows how good of an actor/actress they are.

                                                                                                    Racy K

                                                                                                      Seriously, the trans community should be grateful that its actually being shed upon instead of ignored. Yeah maybe they should add real trans people but what they're doing now is good enough, its better than not doing anything. Stop expecting so much, let time do its job and eventually, over time, they will cast real trans people but for now, stop criticizing and just be happy these movies are being made.


                                                                                                        These people didn't play the oposite gender, in their movies they were their gender disguised as the opposite

                                                                                                        Russel Nepomuceno

                                                                                                          White Chicks is the answer

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