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      15 Actor Crushes That Are Strange AF

      Celebrity Crushes You Never Saw Coming Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– A lot of us have …

      Nehir Akın

        Chris and Selena would be great ❤️

        S Silvas

          Michael Fassbender is the hottest guy EVER to me! That man is literal PERFECTION!!! 😩❤️

          carlos sandoval

            I WANNA F**** SHAWN MENDEZ

            carlos sandoval

              Is Jennifer Lawrence high?

              fatima adreeta

                I totally ship Josh Hutcherson and Emma Watson together 😍😍

                Linda Vallot

                  Gal Gadot is my celebrity crush 💖


                    don't really see any of these as strange lol

                    BISMAY KUNAL

                      who's here SEEING selena on the thumbnail.
                      Selena and chris would be great. I like it.
                      Love you sel😍

                      Kristal Haura

                        chris and jlo??? he crushed on her..

                        Multiverse 44

                          Celena Gomez and Chris Evans, that's the best celebrity crush ever! Lol

                          Jahnavi Pasila

                            What? Am i the only one who didnt know about chris and selena?

                            raze dragon

                              Alot of these seem normal. Like I know people who are into them too. Age gaps & all. So yeah

                              abigail aglobo

                                My biggest crush is definitely Tom Hiddleston 💖

                                Brielle Caddell

                                  Who the hell wouldn't have a
                                  crush on Johnny Depp he's a full daddy😍😍😍😍


                                    who wouldn't have a crush on Emma Watson? she's hot

                                    chani N

                                      Selena and Chris would make cute babies😊

                                      Carrie Rueden


                                        Noneofya Business

                                          Sometimes a crush is nothing more than a crush tho

                                          Yadira Brito

                                            I agree with you people the talko


                                              ScarJo is so overrated in every way.

                                              Wascally Wabbit

                                                I love Jennifer Lawrence and Cooper as actors but dont find them attractive. Johansson,Gomez, and Watson however are ❤❤❤

                                                Wascally Wabbit

                                                  Some people I think are absolutely beautiful and amazing are Leonardo DiCaprio, Logan Lerman, Shawn Mendes, Scott Adkins, Tom Holland.

                                                  Julie Goodrich

                                                    Age is only a number and looks are not everything. Guys that are really good looking and have huge muscles seem to self centered. I want a man that wants to spend time with me not one that lives at the gym and takes longer than I do to get ready to go out! Not that anyone cares about my opinion!! Lol!!

                                                    BLACK WIDOW

                                                      It is not weired that someone has a crush on Chris Evans he is awesome

                                                      maggee •

                                                        Jeniffer Lawrence girl….

                                                        maggee •

                                                          i also have a crush on cap

                                                          Kamilla Yasmin

                                                            It's not weird that Selena likes Chris I mean he's reallllly gd looking 😍😂

                                                            Cecilia Ralte

                                                              My crush Selena crushes on my crush Chris. I'm dying.

                                                              Nikki Tan

                                                                How is Josh Hutcherson having a crush on Emma Watson strange???

                                                                Ashish Bhavsar

                                                                  I had a crush on courtney cox. I was so furious when I saw she fall for that old guy who is her dads friends. I skipped that season.

                                                                  Shakia Frasier

                                                                    Henry cavill Colin Firth Clarke Gable I have a thing for guys in suits ❤ ❤ ❤

                                                                    rocking it cool

                                                                      That poor ice skater has a crush on Harry Styles but he already has a partner 💙💚😅like if you understood what I meant

                                                                      Awsomex World

                                                                        anyone here has a MAJOR CRUSH ON Harold Edward Stylds??? cz evryone including me has😀😀😊😗😙😙

                                                                        omg i didnt think that adam guy will have a crushnon Shawn Mendes too!!!! i have a LIFE SIZE CRUSH ON HIM AND HARRY!!!!!😂😙😙😗😘😘

                                                                        Meri Boro

                                                                          Chris Evans & Justin Bieber💙❤😭

                                                                          ThE_TaCkY_ BaRgE_MaStEr

                                                                            I'm honestly surprised that Ariana Grande has/had a crush on Jim Carrey. And Drake and Rihanna would not make a good couple.

                                                                            Tyjon Hunter

                                                                              Yah is taking the word crush a little far

                                                                              Hannah Austin

                                                                                Who come for the thumbnails: 2:45 – selena and chris

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