15 Actors Who Were Fired And Replaced For A Role

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      15 Actors Who Were Fired And Replaced For A Role

      Actors Who Were Fired From Movie Set Or Replaced In Sequels Subscribe: …

      Icy Flame

        Not all of the actors was fired some just turned down the role


          Rosie Huntington-Whitely did a lousy job. A model who wants to act should commit to the role and be aware of what it demands. She probably thought that a Transformers movie wouldn't demand any sort of acting. Rosie posed all throughout the movie. Giant robots smashing through buildings. The guys all look like they've been tossed around in a building by a giant robot but she's still clean and styled with her lip gloss perfectly intact. Yes, she is beautiful but she is not an actress. She is a model who can have a cameo in a movie as a model.

          Danielle Lumpkin

            Terrance Toward got what he deserved. He thought he deserved more money. Don makes a way better War Machine aka Rhodey

            Kavish Vaidya

              Megan Fox…. 😍😍😍😍 I liled her in. Transformers a Lot

              Dennis Fordyce

                Roses are red violets are blue if you love your mom turn this like button blue

                Monique Ellis

                  Charles Melton yummy 😘🥰

                  Sevon Alexander

                    the actress that took over Megan part did not do a good job at all

                    DSquad Records

                      Ughhh hi

                      Boris Bonilla

                        Not all of them were fired, and not all were confirmed as fired. Misleading title lol

                        Julie kerridge

                          Some of the actors in this Video turned down the movie. They weren't fired

                          Vloutiful TV

                            How about the mummy 3, they changed the female role…

                            Mai Destiny

                              I love megan fox. She is hot but whitely is a good actress too

                              Night Reader

                                What in the hell happened to Megan Fox's face?

                                Night Reader

                                  A great deal of spoiled actors! Do not see many of them nowadays in anything! (The actors that were fired).

                                  Lili Plays

                                    Yea i'm early what do I comment about?

                                    Kevin Huheey

                                      Umm Danny devito as wolvorine

                                      Anand Hernandez

                                        Oh my gosh finally early this awesome

                                        Jane Doe

                                          I'm glad Don Cheadle got the role!

                                          BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN

                                            I Usually dont come this early

                                            franklin vorsah

                                              Tobey Maguire is by far the best spiderman ever

                                              Gácha Luná



                                                  The show business can be unforgiving.

                                                  Lussie Lu

                                                    *salt intensifies

                                                    Helena asdg

                                                      Megan lol. She always looked like a b**

                                                      Sathmi Ruwanya Muthunamagonnage Fernando

                                                        I'm early, this is weird 😐

                                                        Dr Frank

                                                          Keep it up… Amazing Channel. Well Done.

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