15 Cardi B Shadiest Social Media Moments

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      15 Cardi B Shadiest Social Media Moments

      10 Times Cardi B trolled people on instagram, twitter and other social media. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Leina Wolcott

        She’s talented just I personally would like to hear more rappers (male and female alike) rap about real issues and less about drugs, sex and money (Cardi’s songs are usually pretty good tho )

        Christopher McGirt

          Somebody need a ratchet 😂💀😂…

          Dane Hart

            Thumbnail : PANDA CARDI B

            Suzy Phalin

              You have to appreciate how
              REAL SHE is.. you like her or you don't

              James Brooksher

                From what I've seen cardi b is all talk

                king Junior

                  4:59 in your face haters

                  Texting While Trucking

                    I just wanted to say what spineless, valueless trash to society this channel is. What soulless moron gave the green light for this operation?

                    Have a great day everybody! 😃❤🐥🐰🐼

                    Dianne Bracero

                      Wouldve rather heard the clips of Cardi instead of this woman talking.

                      Georgia Isaac

                        I like Cardi B! ♥️😁👑

                        Ellyn Tomko

                          I think shes trashy

                          Mel Williams

                            Ummm??? What do you mean you don’t the current status of they relationship she told us like 3 times in last week she sucking his dick.

                            Awesome Slime

                              Who came here for the thumbnail? 💙 Love my Cardi B 💙

                              Angelica Tasi

                                BARDI GANG WHERE ARE YOU💖

                                Slime Vui Nhộn

                                  nah ,Cardi is amazing ,different in her on way 💚

                                  Joshua Lagos

                                    Grammy are trash. I don’t hate her I like some of her songs. Let’s be real she didn’t deserved it

                                    corrupted Gamer

                                      Or it could be because……she um
                                      She…..has a child meh just sayin

                                      linda stonier

                                        Honestly I’m two sided on cardi. I hate her messed up politics like everyone else but I love her music


                                          who is cardi b …… i'm 44 and i dont even know who this is

                                          Sandro Matti

                                            Like this commeny

                                            kickboxer 91 grappler baki

                                              She look like an Indian

                                              Sayuri Galindo

                                                OMG i cant believe ari came for her just accept it cardi won

                                                Owen Percy

                                                  Cardio is Not to be crossed

                                                  Rooney Paul

                                                    i hate cardi b and nikki

                                                    Ms Daisy

                                                      My idol💖💞💕
                                                      Does anyone have the same idea?💞💕

                                                      Ishan Ali

                                                        Cardi B is an icon

                                                        Didine Clairi


                                                          Suvana Kimball

                                                            Cardi totally deserved it! It’s so agitating omg

                                                            Victoria M

                                                              I love Cardi cause she’s real af and says whatever is on her mind! I respect Cardi so much from admiring her surgery also her martial problems unlike other celebrities who act perfect! Cardi is always winning because we support because she’s so real and genuine!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💕

                                                              Anna Lexi

                                                                Love my Cardi B.. She throws that shade so good.. Haha she throws the whole tree in a great way.. I can’t believe Ariana came for her! That’s messed up! & I don’t watch LHHNY but I watched her when she was on it!

                                                                Ten Ten Gamer

                                                                  I love Cardiii pls guys subscribe to my YouTube account I really need it .I hope you get a blessed Day and thank you for subscribing. 🙏

                                                                  TOP V

                                                                    Hmm hmm

                                                                    Mr. Darcy

                                                                      Damn! Cardi B looking like Cardi H in that before and after photos. And the H? Hideous 😨😵

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