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      15 Celebrities Slammed For Cultural Appropriation

      Including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and more celebs. Subscribe to our channel: In today’s climate, it can be really …

      Subhan Gurm

        I'm Indian and I don't think I'm offended by any of them for wearing Saree's and bindis 😑😑

        terrica m

          most of this is not cultural appropriation. cultural appropriation is stealing from another culture and passing it as your own. not wearing their clothes or styles. kim did culturally appropriate. avril, pharell, and beyonce showed appreciation of the indian culture. the others in this video did not. they just wore the attire. if you're going to get that technical and sensitive about things you're going to have to separate every culture that was ever borrowed from another. that ranges from taking braids back to africa to taking pants back to turkey. no one really wants to do that so drop the issue. just don't pass off something as yours that's not yours. most cultures don't mind appreciation or imitation. they mind stealing. if you respect them its ok to sport the look or blend it.

          terrica m

            this is not cultural appropriation. cultural appropriation is stealing from another culture and passing it as your own. not wearing their clothes or styles.

            Shonu A

              They changed "Hymn for the Weekend" to "HymnS for the Weekend"….

              Mari Andino

                I’m so tired of this over sensitive era it’s a bunch of nonsense. People are so angry and ready to set anyone on fire when others show appreciation for their culture. Instead of being angry and “hurt” you should be educating these people who love your culture. As a Hispanic-Spaniard woman I love to see people of all different type of race rocking Selena Q shirts and loving her music some even enjoy singers like Vicente Fernandez and they aren’t Hispanics. What the hell is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. I understand that some people abuse certain cultures but that’s not everyone. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine if you do that’s fine as well. I am not sorry for anything that I just said smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ sincerely a annoyed millennial. XOXO 💋

                Vertika Tiwari

                  The very progressive and ahead culture of west copying Indian and Asian aesthetics 😂😂 What a shame!😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕

                  sushank saxena

                    Bad blood is over now, so plz don't spread hate

                    sushank saxena

                      Plz watch katy's performance before saying anything

                      Maggie_Maggzz Orwe

                        Since when did twerking become a culture.are you people kidding me.i don't even know why cultural appropriation is a thing it's just too much now.

                        Jenna Talia

                          With this logic, people with curly shouldn't straighten their hair.
                          Girls shouldn't wear pants. Asians shouldn't wear clothes unless it's their oriental clothing. Houses should be built with only the style the area had in the past. People shouldn't do or wear anything they like just cause it's not their culture.


                            Cultural appropriation is so over rated..why cant ppl just let it be..?..

                            AMANDEEP DHILLON

                              I am Indian, but i like these songs

                              jerzyrican856 gee

                                Anyone whos really says this sht is fuckin retarted so if i want to be like another culture or race its culture appropriation. Its just a reason for someone to take a jab at them i look white and allways got my hair braided and if i got dreads or wore anything i want no one will make me change sht and i hope these people look so stupid when they get put on the spot and vs logic thinking

                                TeeEss Covers

                                  Um… culture just doesn't depend on hairstyles or makeup and stuff…it's more than that. I'm an Indian and I liked how Selena and Beyonce dressed up…people need to stop being so over sensitive, smh.

                                  TeeEss Covers

                                    Saying that "You cannot wear braids because you are white and it is offensive" is actually offensive.


                                      I call it cultural exchange

                                      Peachy Bubble

                                        I’m Indian I really don’t see a problem some ppl r just too picky

                                        Trisha Jain

                                          I don't understand as to why are people criticising Indian culture so much? All of the singers rocked the Indian theme especially Beyonce!! They all just tried to show Indian beauty !! Why is that so bad? I feel proud of my country out here!!

                                          Anna Haycock

                                            this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. i don't understand how any of this is offensive, especially hairstyles lmao like get over yourselves

                                            Smita Sarma

                                              what is world's problem with asian especially indian?

                                              Abhishek Yadav

                                                Everyone should stay in there Culture or we will bully them.
                                                Hmmmmm. Sounds like a Genius idea to end Racism.

                                                tiktoknepal kids

                                                  Did you just say nepal

                                                  Rose Cheelo

                                                    Its just hair people are making a big deal out of nothing being a woman of colour I have no problem with people doing braids and locks unless they were making fun of it


                                                      I feel bad for Ari getting a hideous and apparently mistranslated tattoo. Then again, I'm willing to bet more than 90% of the people that get tattoos in foreign in languages are unknowingly walking advertisements for chairs, tables and Pepsi!

                                                      Sejal Poddar

                                                        We wear western dresses here. And it certainly doesn't offend anyone from west. So I think it's all right to try new cultural. So it's alright

                                                        Hey its Andreia

                                                          Appropriation in 2019 = APPRECIATION👏

                                                          Just CINDY

                                                            Most of these comments are so fake because y’all don’t want people to come for you in the comments 😂😂😂lol …. saying people are being too sensitive it’s BS tbh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if people are to embrace different cultures, pay homage and respect… it’s absolutely fine to wear what you want to

                                                            Revathi Kiran

                                                              Some People are so sensitive it’s annoying

                                                              Stella Wolf

                                                                Dam take a chill pill someone who does something for his or her comfort or liking is his or her business

                                                                Farah Azizi


                                                                  Jemema Louis

                                                                    Wow India n' Africa has gone famous 😊😊

                                                                    Noah Sussman

                                                                      Dancing and doing your hair a certain way That’s not cultural appropriation

                                                                      j alj

                                                                        English people and Native Americans had thanks giving together CULTURAL APPROPRIATION

                                                                        Eddie Gamez

                                                                          Karlie Kloss' outfit is a runway show outfit. No model gets to pick what they wear or say no to what is planned for their walk. If they try they don't walk.

                                                                          Daniela Zafra

                                                                            Why are people sooo sensitive… I mean… I think is amazing when we learn about other cultures, when we change our style, or even when we get inspired by other country’s lifestyle. This is… really dumb… unless you’re being disrespectful… like mocking the culture or something..

                                                                            Kitty Cat Sweetheart

                                                                              This video is just proof that a lot of people get offended way too easily. Heaven forbid, people should show appreciation for other cultures.

                                                                              Kitty Cat Sweetheart

                                                                                Personally, I love, "Hello Kitty," and think the music video's super cute. 🙂

                                                                                Tiff Tut

                                                                                  Different between rocking and appropriation.


                                                                                    Why dont people get a damn life and take care of there own business. In Trinidad people of African descent wear east Indian clothing celebrating east indian holidays. And Indians do the same for African holidays as well. We also have a lot of whites that wear Indian and African clothing on these holidays. Same goes for Chinese. Its uplifting to see people of all colors wanting to experience other cultures……so you morons need to GET A LIFE.

                                                                                    anastasia shanks

                                                                                      What is with them almost all using south asian clothing, yall obsessed with us😂😂😂

                                                                                      Salma Campero

                                                                                        You bitches needa calm tf down, go suck on yo mommas tittie and get your facts straight about cUlTuRaL aPpRoPrIaTiOn. Istg

                                                                                        billies daughter

                                                                                          Bruh you cant live these days…

                                                                                          snatched batch

                                                                                            There’s more racism in what THESE people are saying than what they’re talking about, like
                                                                                            Which of these sounds more rascist
                                                                                            “Guys check out this hairstyle I’m really happy with it”
                                                                                            “YOURE WHITE YOU CANT DO THAT”

                                                                                            snatched batch

                                                                                              “Ugh I wish there was more cultures represented and talked about”
                                                                                              Shows things from different cultures
                                                                                              “OMG THIS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION YOU CANT DO THAT!!1!!1!1!!!!!1”

                                                                                              Dashia James

                                                                                                Where in the world did they get that outfit on the Victoria Secret model was wearing a Pocahontas outfit ??

                                                                                                Alisha James

                                                                                                  Either way ppl are going to mad. This sensitivity crap is separating us all. I think sharing and learning from each other is great. I don't think any of tht was meant to disrespectful. Some ppl love certain cultures more and collect items and so on..

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