15 Female Celebs Who Out Earn Their Male Partners

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      15 Female Celebs Who Out Earn Their Male Partners

      Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway Are Just A Few Of The Boss Female Celebrities Who Are Worth More Than Their Male Partners. Subscribe to our …

      Hicran Gülse Ücler 7B Vejlebroskolen

        Isn't that funny many people think that males always earn more money than female. But these girls prove the people wrong.

        amara gonzalez

          Kardashian s are spoiled so the jenner family you aint Armenian born in the states stop lying

          Richard Brown

            It’s a man world man make that money to buy from another man man make the car, bus and train man made everything you use on a day to day bassist so shut up and go make me a sandwich

            ep épico

              Do you know we should respect womens don't abuse them

              Good vibes People

                2019 ???????


                  Yeah and they proved that feminist are dumb as hell thinking that there is a pay gap.

                  yo navya

                    Me: sees title
                    Me: what's the big deal, you really can't find any other topic

                    Andriya Thankachan

                      #girl power

                      siya sarda

                        GISELE THE QUEEN! despite taking retirement from thr runway she still remained the highest paid model ever! LEGENDARY

                        Simply _Anya

                          What is going on at 11:58

                          Jiya Shah

                            Love it

                            Ana Banana

                              Kanye west is ONLY worth 250 million (Than his wife who's worth 350 million) yeah I can't understand how that feels 😐

                              Beach Life

                                What happened to Kim's husband being a billionaire?

                                Lisa McGrath

                                  Carrie Underwood is my favorite woman


                                    I’d be embarrassed if my wife made more than me. It’s kinda emasculating, if I was the man I’m the provider I take care of the family. I wouldn’t feel like a man if my wife was making more than me.

                                    Cherry Shrimp

                                      I just love the way you say the husband is 'ONLY' worth X amount of dollars. Smh.

                                      LIZ GOMEZ

                                        33 dislikes by men

                                        LIZ GOMEZ

                                          Thank you for this video #GirlPower

                                          Alejandro Avendano

                                            I agree ☝️ 60-65 cents on the dollar 💵 is not fair. If their extraordinary work was based on merit then it would be more Awesome✨

                                            Anood alhasan

                                              I liked the way you talked about Jennifer Aniston.

                                              She really deserve to be happy with or without anyone being with her.

                                              Helen AA

                                                Only 22million dollars
                                                Pfffftt i also wanna have ONLY 22million in networth

                                                Janet Harbison

                                                  The price of fame is way too high 😈

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