15 Strict Rules Kylie Jenner Has For Stormi Webster

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      15 Strict Rules Kylie Jenner Has For Stormi Webster

      Kylie Jenner Makes Everyone Follow These Rules Around Baby Stormi. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Retro Vybz

        This baby is about to have a weak immune system if she actually doesn't allow germs near her

        ALPHA M

          I still doubt it's Kylie's baby🤔

          VOLËNA Love

            KYLIE IS A LEO ♌️💜

            VOLËNA Love

              Ok so wait how did they not let Kylie into her own house i mean unless they thought she was forced to drive home like someone in the back seat with a gun but other than that like how

              VOLËNA Love

                You guys always make her look like a penguin in the thumbnails

                Deanna Adler

                  I love Kylie !


                    Children of illumnati parents can't walk away from the illumnati without sacrificing some one they love. Read that somewhere. Poor child that are stuck in the illumnati world. Smh

                    haley cotter

                      Maybe she’s so cautious because she is hiding that tyga is the real father😂

                      S p – r i n g 버블티

                        I wish I was stormi ;-;

                        critic for the uploader

                          I sense rebellion… Playing with frogs, sandboxes, toilet water, and sneezing uncovered…

                          Beatriz Valadez

                            I'm sorry, but where do they get this information?? 😕

                            Ahlam Matari

                              I feel like she made this up and Kylie doesn’t actually doesn’t have these rules

                              Mia Books

                                How is Stormi supposed to fight of sicknesses, if Stormi isn't exposed to any germs?

                                Soph A

                                  She’s gonna ruin her child

                                  Soph A

                                    I doubt she pushes her own baby

                                    Janessa Frimpong

                                      Wait Jordan isn't kylies BFF anymore??

                                      bx Z

                                        Don’t become a helicopter parent!

                                        Donavan Greenfield

                                          1) your baby immune system will be weak
                                          2) I don't care I'm not giving no security my phone OH HELL NO
                                          3) guest list WOW
                                          4) you want to take pic of others children's but you don't want that to happened to your child
                                          5) why the hell would I even think of coming to your house if I know security will check me even if your my family
                                          6) just saying can bet that when she had stromi she did her waist and tummy again
                                          7) so how much nanny does Kylie have
                                          8) if that robbery didn't happened to Kim you would see everyone wearing jewelries
                                          9) so your telling me that stromi should get expensive or design gifts while I'm here saving up to buy a gucci
                                          11) I agree children grow up and say what they hear
                                          12) true too much screen time affect children's
                                          13) agree but I don't have any word to say
                                          14) don't have any word
                                          15) Kylie is the boss I would love to know what happened in that house

                                          Dwaipayan Datta Roy

                                            Stormy kono ekta naam holoh ! Stormy, rocky , tiger eh shob doberman er naam , ohh! Taai bhabee etogulo already aachyee . Name him mahruun

                                            Arlene Whittaker


                                              Verónica González González

                                                So she keeps humans away from stormi but allowing dogs in her house lol how 😄 funny animals have way more germs 🦠☠️👎🏼😹

                                                eka’otu etika

                                                  That is too much rules ok

                                                  Mia Chris

                                                    If it me or stormi the cutest

                                                    Dashia James

                                                      Some of these rules are stupid….no germs, sign in sheet, expensive things only. This isn't school…what next no friends for the child.

                                                      Dashia James

                                                        I don't know if she knows this…everytime you step out the door germs a gonna hit ya. The air ain't completely germ free. Either is the air in your house..!!

                                                        Amanda Faith

                                                          I don't really think these are all that 'strict'. I mean, you gotta think, if Kylie was an average every-day mom who wasn't a celebrity, it would be different. But since she is a celebrity, she's just trying to take extra precautions that Stormi will be safe. Any mom would want that for their child.

                                                          Pink JumperGirl

                                                            These rules are so stupid😂 who makes someone go through a metal detector to see there baby?😭😭

                                                            Katie’s World!!

                                                              That was someone else in the thumbnail… probably Selena Gomez…


                                                                TALKO is the worst channel ever
                                                                Making rumours about others
                                                                Shame on you guys
                                                                They can do anything they need why do you care?

                                                                carla miranda

                                                                  So stupid 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ at the end those rules won't come up to anything……

                                                                  Aaraani Aryan

                                                                    Soo strict rulers but it worth it


                                                                      Kylie is TALL af… and the extreme measures are a headache lol, I don't know anyone crazy about them enough to obsess or harm them that's just weird

                                                                      Snigdha Dutta

                                                                        What is tyga doing in the video? 😂😂

                                                                        Amelia Marinelli

                                                                          She seems like a good mom

                                                                          Anupurba Das

                                                                            Not letting her make exposure to germs will definately weaken her immune system … Also she won't grow tuff !! Rather will act home sick

                                                                            Easy craft

                                                                              THE WHOLE LADY IS NEGATIVE . HOW CAN SHE HAS POSITIVE VIBES ONLY

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