$150 FOUNDATION? WTF! Tom Ford Foundation Review… THE TRUTH!

Main $150 FOUNDATION? WTF! Tom Ford Foundation Review… THE TRUTH!

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      WTF! 150 FOUNDATION?! Tom Ford Foundation Review | NikkieTutorials

      Tom Ford is known for being an expensive makeup brand… but when I saw that they launched a 150 dollar foundation, I was SHOCKED. I ordered the …



        Paxit tt

          More than 13mln abonnes and less than 1mln views in 2 days. What does this say?

          Alicia Lozeau

            Looks like Lancome foundation

            summer hegarty

              I love your haarband it suits you a lot❤️


                I love dillons honesty but his love through him critiquing for her!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love wins!

                TinaMarie Chartrand

                  That foundation is stunning. I'm shocked. Would I buy it? Nope. I'm an oily girl. But I think the finish is so beautiful!

                  Glam Sammy

                    My thoughts: v pretty but $150 is my meal at chipotle 12 times

                    Dark Shooter

                      Please make a brush video. I really want to know what brushes you use here

                      L A U R E N

                        I absolutely looooveee this look

                        Adrianna Emanuel

                          Thank you NIKKIE for telling me where you got it online. Love you!❤️😭

                          Miquéias Ribeiro

                            Linda gata maravilhosa 💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕💕♥️♥️💕❣️♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕💕💕

                            Shannon Suess

                              I wear haarbands every day… gotta flaunt the ten-head 😂

                              reese chin

                                every foundation she swatched i was like yup that’s the one!😂

                                Jose Doney RG

                                  Lol she spent $450 dollars on the foundation, bus I love her so much


                                    You're Haarband got me like xoxo gossip girl

                                    GiGi Colorado

                                      Literally a disgusting human being who lied for soooo long and even FAKED A PREGNANCY SCARE…And that right there is why he's so disgusting…I cannot believe this guy still has followers!! Men can't have babies …Maybe being afraid to come out is a real thing but why the mental insanity and lies??? NO.

                                      erla wind

                                        Must have more money than sense !

                                        Chamarl Francis

                                          WHEN SHE SAID PUM PUM I LOST IT THAT SENT ME INTO NEXT WEEEEEK

                                          Blanka Garcia

                                            Nikkie hi, here in mexico is almost mother's day May 10th pleeeeeeeease can you do a video with momma tutorials!!!!????? 😀 i miss her 🙁 PLEASE

                                            Lindsey J Bryant

                                              Does anyone know where her headband is from???


                                                I never wear a haarband to bed. ~cawakitty


                                                  For 150 dollars I need a foundation opaque enough to cover up my sins.

                                                  Maria Reyes

                                                    🤔🤔🤔🤔 SORRY NOT¡¡TOOOOO EXPEEEENNNCCIIIVVEEEE¡ SWEETHEART😉 LOVE YA.

                                                    Jennifer Bowie

                                                      It is beautiful but for 150.00 it should look beautiful and put it on for me and make me dinner lol

                                                      Spicy Brown

                                                        The “brown” stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                        Aphrodite Stournara

                                                          That kind of foundation when you first put it on suits you so much more than full cakey ! You have great skin and this one Just makes it perfect

                                                          Nicoletta Dini

                                                            I’m not sure why but this was one of my favourite videos…and I think it’s because the product just looked so silky and beautiful, it was satisfying to watch for that alone. Also enjoyed the discovery…seemed like a different and more genuine review than normal because you were reacting so much to the moment

                                                            Mimi Y

                                                              I have a cool challenge video idea! Use only one brand of makeup for the whole look! Put all ur products into a basket and pick one and then u have to use that brand for ur full face of makeup( plz like so she can see) 🌈🌈🌈🌈

                                                              Josslyn Shockency

                                                                my favorite Haarband is blue


                                                                  Nikkie, remember you haven’t worn the foundation outside and doing your day to day. Maybe that’ll make a difference…

                                                                  Miss K

                                                                    If I looked like that I would have no problem spending $150.00 But unfortunately I don't. Nikkie you are breathtaking

                                                                    ATHINA MARIA VERIVAKIS CORONEL

                                                                      I love the lipstivk? Which one is?

                                                                      Sarah Davis

                                                                        Would love to hear what some of your favorite yet decently priced lash brands are! I haven't seen any specific listings but I know you'll briefly talk about the brand when you apply them. 😁

                                                                        Elisa Janssen

                                                                          Omg Nikki, je gezicht zag er in deze video heel gezond uit wouw girl, dat wou ik gwn ff noemen 😊😘

                                                                          makeup artist by Emma

                                                                            Love u mame

                                                                            Kennedy O’Sullivan

                                                                              Other people need crowns to be queens, and then Nikkie comes in pulling a Blair Waldorf with that Haarband and I know which queen I'd bow to 🙌

                                                                              Asia Moczko

                                                                                Her MakeUp after 12 houres still looks better than mine the second I'm done doing it.. FLAWLESS! FLAAAW-LESSSSS!!

                                                                                RainyDay 2723

                                                                                  i love how she's becoming an adult right before our eyes!

                                                                                  labella 1509

                                                                                    Walks out the shop with my demons screaming at me for spending 10pound on a foundation 😕

                                                                                    Briana Tricomi

                                                                                      I think this is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you look! I love this whole look on you especially the satin finish foundation!!!!

                                                                                      tehreem T

                                                                                        wonder how well this foundation would look on skin that has acne and texture

                                                                                        Gay Rain

                                                                                          My mom always says that makeup should only take five minutes. I dont know why she felt the need to tell me this because she knows that I love to do sfx makeup that can take up to 6 hours and I love to do really extravagant eyeshadow looks that also take a long time.

                                                                                          Chet Michael Shoemaker

                                                                                            No, I don't have $150 to spend on foundation, but may I say? This is one of your best skin looks ever. Have you ever tried the Hourglass Illusion Hyalaurnoic Skin Tint? And I loved the Miss Lady Kerr Haarband.

                                                                                            Etniem JR/#

                                                                                              Je bent geen echte vr..w

                                                                                              Frederika Giorgina Schilperoort

                                                                                                Ik vind de medium coverage heel mooi bij je staan!

                                                                                                Maisha Ahmad

                                                                                                  The only people I love outside my family and friends are Bernie Sanders, Safiya Nygaard and my Queen Nikkie in her haarband! 😍


                                                                                                    Love this video..! We just moved here in Germany and trying to learn the language. 
                                                                                                    Was already a fan before we moved here though:)

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