17 Things The Kardashian Sisters Did First

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    Everything The Kardashians Influenced In The Fashion World. Subscribe to our channel: The Kardashian Jenners have been at the …

    riona roy

    kardashian klan anyone

    Carin Reyes

    How did she make long, Cher-like hair a thing when it's CHER-LIKE HAIR?!?!

    Andrea Simmons

    Why do you guys hate. BEYONCE started not the kardashian.

    Jimyr Ayson

    Cardi is a Copycat stealing their Fashion and Famous Catchphrase "Okurrrrr!"


    African Americans already done everything the Kardashians done way before Kardashian's was relevant in the world

    Fatimah Diwan

    Litteraly most of these things arent created by them… they didn't create everything don't @ me

    Chianti Hanna

    starts talking about chaing wigs and hair color

    *lil kim & nicki minaj have enter the chat*

    Kit Kat News

    Something smells fishy ask Kim she knows all about that, If she won't spill the beans ask RayJ he'll be happy to.

    Pushpa Negi

    Basically Kim made all the trends

    Alayah Battee

    werent kendell and asap a thing at one point

    Auna Kate Hale

    Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim
    All I heard


    This was just one big Ck ad!

    UnKnown 2Man

    Would be good if they made intelligence trendy.. Js

    Kida Downes

    That top knot thing and the two buns was out for a while sis.

    Zoey zoenna

    Rihanna did most of these before the KarJenners but ok

    Paulo Rodrigues

    It’s the Kardashians we’re talking about they’re suppose to start trends

    Ceylon M

    Kendall did not start the top knot nor the two side note. They are called Bantu Knots! They been out!

    Caroline Ngomba

    Dang okay

    subscribe to pewdiepie

    I find it funny how most of the trends they "started" has been happening way before they became famous, by Selena quintanilla and other people back in the days.

    MK Squad

    I love this❤️

    Arkim !

    Kris must really pay The Talko well. Unsub

    Grace Compton

    Bodycon and bodysuit are the best!

    A E S T H E T I C V I B E S

    Most of these the Kardashian’s didn’t make a trend but followed someone else’s trend but then people thought they started even though they didn’t lmao

    Tokyo Toni Blac Chyna Mom Exposed

    Let’s support each other? Sub to me and I’ll sub back ♡ like this and comment when done – I’M FAST ✅


    I thought Cardi B was in the thumbnail because someone was FINALLY calling her out for stealing that from the Kardashians, specifically Khloé.

    Jesse Paul

    Talko give me a break about Kardashian and Jenner family every day same shit over over again, talko you need to talk about another celebrity

    Dechen YAngdol

    i loved kim's body hugging snake printed dress….i loved it so much

    Mind Rules

    so much hype around this family

    Kimberly Lathan

    I am CONVINCED that a Kardashian runs this channel or a stalker of the Kardashian's runs this channel. Geesh, every other day is about this family. BYE!!!!!!!

    robin mcgregor

    They always look good. Nobody can deny it.

    A&L Gymnastics

    184th like! 👍


    i love the way kylie makes the lip filler a trend … 🔥🔥


    If only they were conscious. Inspiring charity work. Using their fame to promote good works instead of vanities. I’m not taking shots. I’m just saying…


    ALL LIES…..

    gacha god

    Ummm… I sorta think the talko highers people or puts cameras to stalk the kardashians now!!😂😂😂

    Am Just joking! Plz don't kill me talko fans!!!!😭😭😭

    Stan Sergiu


    Stan Sergiu

    The word they created momanager is the best

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