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      2 LOOKS USING 1 PALETTE | Colourpop So Jaded

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here are two different looks using the colourpop so jaded palette! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I Used: Look …


        Loved this video! Pls make more of these!

        Hillary J W.

          You need to do a FaceTime with your subscribers like Jaclyn Hill did!

          Michelle Martinez

            The second look caught my attention right away. And then you used amethyst (my birthstone) and the Michelle lipstick (which I never even knew existed) and now I really need this palette!!

            Amanda Tsikas

              I love when you use your own palettes ❤️❤️
              May I request that all purple look you were wearing last week?? Xx big love


                I’d love to see looks with bold lip colors!

                Misty Parsons

                  OMGosh, such beautiful eyeshadow look..both are absolutely STUNNING!!🤩🤤😍 I’m in love with these 2 Looks 1 Palette videos..we definitely need more..keep them coming!!😬🙌🏻 Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                  Beauty By Kaylee



                      Kathleen what is the best eyeliner to tightline with in your opinion ?! Xoxo 😘

                      Ps:if anyone else knows please help! I always have my liner run or disappear haha 😂

                      Tina Pientowski

                        Great video maam hope you have a great weekend maam:))).

                        Swara D

                          Love the look!!! Please do more!! 🖤Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤


                            I love both of these looks 🙂

                            Amanda Ivette

                              Kathleen can you pls do a Florence by mills review would love to hear your opinions about the skin care and makeup created by a teenager

                              Diana Wodnoff

                                I need this palette!!!!!! Going to ulta tomorrow

                                Jazmine Pather

                                  More of these videos using your palette please! ❤️

                                  Isa García


                                    Tupou Pauli

                                      Can you do holiday looks w your So Jaded pallet 😍😍😍

                                      Mariah MZ

                                        I really love that you are doing so many tutorials with your pallete!!! 😊🤗 it makes me happy 💕💖💞💝

                                        Holly Plett

                                          I love the idea of a bold lip video! I love wearing bright lips but I have a hard time creating an eye look that suits it

                                          Lauren Gerhard

                                            I really love the fact that you don’t often use falsies and just rock mascara. Makes the looks so much more achievable for us lazy gals that are scared of falsies 😂 and while I’m on that note, please never stop doing more nude, natural looks, I have no idea why people complain about that 🙄

                                            Krissi B

                                              Loved it girl! Keep em coming!!!♡♡♡♡

                                              lime piper

                                                My goodness you are beautiful.

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