20 Actors Who Secretly Despised Each Other On Set

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      20 Actors Who Secretly Despised Each Other On Set

      20 Actors Who Didn’t Want To Work With Each Other On A Movie. Subscribe to our channel: …


        Waaaa Angelina and Johnny waaaaaaaa

        Flippingout 666

          8:25 is the thumbnail
          You're welcome

          KimAckerman 21

            I had no idea about Lena Heady😣😲

            Legazy 99

              It seems, women are extremely skilled in smacking.

              Chloe The American/Polish

                Here cause of Nina…loved her in VD..

                Asta Becker Høgsberg

                  We’re all here cause TVD

                  Sam Reilly

                    It’s not Christopher it’s Christian and Anastasia

                    Hannah M


                      Thank me later

                      m. mache

                        Talko 20 Seleberity Artists Actors it's very important to learned like you are in real life all actions scripts senarios but the most important again is your directors on the movie he play the important Role in movies are remarkable what I have descoverd of them 20 Artists Actors thank you. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?


                          It was CHRISTIAN and Anna, not CHRISTOPHER

                          Jasmine Cale

                            Okay you clearly had your rumour about Jamie and Dakota not well researched. Have you even watched any interview from the two?

                            Im Just Diva

                              It's crazy how Nina-Paul had the relationship damon and elena had (hate to love/friendship) and nina-ian had the relationship stefan and elena had (love to friendship with the male eventually getting married to a friend)

                              Elena Salvatore

                                That does not look like Nina in the pin 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s probably her cousin

                                Marija Rudić

                                  More like Nina and Ian

                                  Brie G

                                    Only here because of the thumbnail 😌💅🏼

                                    Radha Hande

                                      nina and paul worked it out in the end tho


                                        Claire living that Y/n dream😂

                                        Rumaisha Batool

                                          Just here because of paul and nina.🙈

                                          Fathima Ali

                                            Did she just say "Christopher" 😑

                                            Angelica Sundqvist

                                              I see TVD and here I am 😂

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