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      $28 Vs. $3000 Evening Gown

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      Shelby Martinez

        Stop giving Nina halters !!!

        Niambi LeeKong McLaurin

          I NEED those exclamation point earrings!!!

          Abu Muhammad

            Nina 😍 she's perfect ♥️

            Juan Hercberg

              Jasmin looks like the kind of girl who would slap you round the face if you spelt her name wrong

              Naimah Khan

                When a 50 dollars dress isn't cheap to you💀💀💀

                Angie Chicas

                  Jazmin should’ve gotten a better dress !

                  Nailah Marron

                    I actually liked the dress Jazz chose from ASOS. I thought it looked horrible on the website, but Jazz actually wore it so much better than the model and her tattooed arm gives it that little extra oomph! I hate the texture of Chloe's dress but it is definitely very flattering on her body. And lastly I feel like clothes never support Nina's boobs well.

                    RJ RQ

                      As a larger girl myself. Proper bras can help make a dress look better too as it helps with the fit

                      Miri Adamowicz

                        Again jazzmyne doesn't get the same experience as the others

                        Chica Arana

                          I gotta hand it to Siriano. He knows how to style a woman’s body and I’m talking about a womanly-shaped body. Jazz looks incredible in that dress and if she walked in heels wearing her confidence, she will command a room more than she does now (and she does now.)

                          Ayelet Yam

                            I bought my prom dress from shein for 17$, it was amazing and I got tons of compliments for it(:

                            Julia Withum

                              Who else thinks Chloe could be a model??????

                              em c

                                The expensive dress looks soo pretty on chloe

                                Beth Davidson

                                  I would like to see Nin wear something that flatters her breasts, instead of just letting them hang long and low. She's a beautiful young woman but the clothes they chose for her are not as flattering as they could be.

                                  QUAKING !!

                                    I LOVE the high end dress that Chloe got

                                    Beth Young

                                      Chloe's dress is absolutely stunning.

                                      Sarah Roudon

                                        I didn’t hate the designer dress for Jazz as much as I thought I would when she first pulled it out. I expected it to be just really plain but it wasn’t TOO bad. I don’t like either of the other designer dresses though.

                                        Katharina Schurr

                                          Tbh I didn't like the stylists pick at all! Just because it's expensive it's not pretty. And in my optinion the stylist didn't considerate the style or bodytype of the girls at all…

                                          AUSSIE OZMAN

                                            What the frick is a disco girl


                                              Chloe, check your thin-white privilege and follow the rules.
                                              The second Jazzmyne can do it we'll let it go.


                                                I think there should be more Inclusive high end designers. It was a while ago where a young woman with a physical disability won a high end dress contest in LA but since her body was shaped differently none of their dresses fit… I need to find the article again but she had won it from some boutique and wanted it for her prom… taking into account physical differences. Make dresses the “non norm”


                                                  Nina never gets something that's supports. Bad stylist


                                                    Of course a 40$ dress is gonna look cheap, it is. At least 100$ for a decent fabric and over 1000$ for a very particular design. Just pay other peoples work, from the fabric company to the designer.

                                                    Christina Haji-Georgi

                                                      I can’t believe they didn’t think to use thredUP for this that’s where I get alllll my dresses on the cheap


                                                        I thought Jazz was wearing a fancy glittery black hat at 11:46 because of the curtain behind her and honestly she would look so bomb with one

                                                        Jared Dimitri

                                                          Nina’s boobs are so disturbingly saggy
                                                          Jazz needs to loose weight! Her obesity is so painful to the eyes

                                                          rishita parmar

                                                            Try shein!!!

                                                            Astra Nova

                                                              I love Jazz's style and attitude. She is so unapologetically herself that it legit inspires me to live my own truth. Thanks for being you, Jazz.


                                                                She skinned those yep yep muppets from Sesame Street and wore it as a dress!!!


                                                                  Looooooooove the furry dress omg its so unique

                                                                  Brianna Larsen

                                                                    They are doing it wrong… go to google shopping look up long fancy cheap dresses and then narrow it down with under $50… you can also narrow it down to your size

                                                                    Moca Mochi

                                                                      just giving her a black dress? yikes

                                                                      Holle Denton

                                                                        Why do they never give Nina the support she needs 😨 girl always saying she likes support in the breast

                                                                        Bryan Vazquez

                                                                          Thousand dollar dresses on plastic hangers, yikes

                                                                          Janie Lynn

                                                                            Honest question-is this buzzfeed?

                                                                            / tamara /

                                                                              Hey Jazz, happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉


                                                                                I want a video of Nina singing opera

                                                                                Audrey Barnes

                                                                                  This stylist stays being offensive

                                                                                  Rachel Frumkin

                                                                                    Yet again Chloe got the memo and brought different shoes. I meeeeeaaaan trainers and an "evening gown" is a lewk for sure. Same with combat boots.

                                                                                    Melissa Hall

                                                                                      I LOVE the pink dress!!

                                                                                      Ashley McQuarrie

                                                                                        Do this again!!! But do a wish cheap vs expensive comparison!!!

                                                                                        Charlotte Brackenbury

                                                                                          Tell Nina to put on a bra nobody wants to see her and saggy boobs she ruining the dresses bury not wearing a bra

                                                                                          saraphina Thompson

                                                                                            Jazz is getting the unfair treatment plus size women get. she was put in all black and she had the cheapest dress like she did in the bathing suit video. Plus size women have unfair styles and cost in clothing. i mean bras for plus size or bigger boobed women are way expensive (80-90 dollars expensive) and they aren't cute. designers are lazy and inconsiderate! it is 2019 almost 2020 and designers still can't seem to considerate plus size women! Everyone still has to be skinny in their eyes i guess.

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